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Monday, February 3, 2014 | Markus Hellrigl | Africa

Second half and it is hard to believe it is over

The second half of our trip was as exiting as the first one. After leaving Shakaland we haded fo rthe coast - awaited by a perfect beach and an even more perfect picnic prepared by Bethuel.

Marianne and the Zulu chief

At the blacksmith

Uschi did a perfect throw.......

....but the result was not so good

The following two days through the Transkei showed us a diffrent side of South Africa. Houses spread out in the countryside the Transkei seems to be one big settlement interrupted by fields with straying animals like little dots. Some of these "dots" came close to the road, so you had to keep an eye on them.

A perfectly located overnightstay at Mpekweni - is there anything better than walk directly from your hotel room onto the beach?

The Big Pinapple, Badhurst's Agricultural Museum and Grahamstown's "Camera Obscura were other stations along the road.

Boys and their toys.......

......but not only boys

Grahamstown and its....

...Camera obscura

After riding along the Garden Route we went inland. The Little Karoo with Swartberg Pass, Kangoo Ostrich Farm and Ronie's Sex Shop delighted the day - but an absolute one was the Winetasting at the hotel in Montague.

Bethuel's famouse picnic

Along the Garden Route

Wadim at Meirings Poort

At Die Top and Thomas on the road of Swartberg

Winetasting in Montague

Heading for Cape Town some of us went through the mountains, others took the costal road. We all ended up in C.T.

The final riding day took us to the Cape of Good Hope. It was like South Africa wanted to show it's perfect side - is was an absolute perfect day.

Good bye South Africa, we might see you again!

Halftime (Part one)

Once upon a time a group of  international riders meet in Johannesburg....... It feels not like only one week with all the adventures we had, it feels like an eternity. Starting out in Jo'burg heading for Kruger Park with an overnight stop at Misty Mountain we experienced wet weather in South Africa. Warm rain, brought in by thick clouds from the Indian Ocean in the far distance.

Misty Mountain is realy misty

Still cloudy at Blyde River Canyon At Kruger Park the Weather God showed mercy and the Lord of Animals too, we got to see some but not all of the "Big Five". Even Lion King gave us audiance.

Swaziland surprised with its beauty! Seeing the workers at the glass factory doing the artistic handcraft fascinated everybody.

  At the glass factory in Swaziland Back to South Africa we ended up in Kwazulu-Natal, the home of the Zulu warriors. At Shakaland we learned about there history and tradition, including the taste of the Zulu beer.

Mbuso is explaining the homestad Yesterday we had an easy day - a few hours at the beach plus one of the famous Edelweiss picnics. Now we are looking forward to the second half - may it last as long as the first one. More to follow...........

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Uschi Piatnik
Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 15:02

Greetings from The "Queen of the Zulu warriors". My left hand is still in plaster but only till next week. Today MRT of my left knee. It.'s going better! It Looks like "walking"...
Looking foreward to go on bike again and to the next edelweiss tour!
Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 14:01

what a great pity - the tour is over. We found a lot of new friends at this outstanding tour. Thanks to our tourguides Markus, Axel and Bethuel. I want to use this opportunity to greet them all and wish all the best for the future - maybe we meet at another edelweiss tour.


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