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Alps Fun Pure a special tour for Chinese friends

Friday, August 7, 2015 | Angela / Alan Magnoni | News / Europe

A bunch of Chinese friends decided to challenge the Alps on motorcycles - hey, this is a good plan guys


Still at home, they got connected to Edelweiss Bike Travel asking for a tour that would just be tailored to their wishes. A couple of emails later everything was set up and the journey could begin...


Our Alps Fun Pure Tour started in Seefeld, Austria. Alex and his riding buddies were excited to finally start out. Seefeld is located right at the door to the Austrian Alps. But before we climbed up the first pass there, we roared with our BMW 1200 GSs, RT and the Ducatis for a loop into Germany and the on the Kesselberg road.

Passing by King Ludwig's hunting castle Linderhof we crossed the border back into Austria and towards the Lech valley and our today's destination Warth.


The second and third day led us onto Swiss passes such as Klausen, Gotthard, Spluegen, Maloja and Bernina.

Since fog and rain were our companions on most of the third day, there are no pictures available

But anyways, the route brought us into Livigno, a beautiful and quaint mountain village at the north Italian border to Switzerland.
Most of us were enjoying a rest and the good shopping opportunities.

And what great fun evening it was in the local micro brewery
Up up and away again on the following morning from Livigno to Bozen!

The challenge of the day was the Passo dello Stelvio. The "Queen" of passes has some challenging hairpin turns on its eastern side - 48 to be precise
But this was no point to argue our Chinese friends out of taking their bikes up to the Tibet restaurant which sits at an exposed spot on 2700 m on top of Stelvio pass.

Alex and Li Wei roaring up the western side of Stelvio pass
Steven and Rick right at their back tires
Alex is flying around the corners
Rick enjoys the road very much on his 1200 GS
Bin, Yang and Sunshine and Zhen are making their way up the challenging 39 curves, too...
... together with Liang and his wife Guangru
And among all these guys there is the mastress of riding - Dingding our brave chinese lady rider!
The mountain hut on the very top of Stelvio (2757 m)
Whoow!! We made it! The 48 switchbacks on the eastern side of Stelvio
Sun Yue, smiling over the victory
So does Steven
Guangru and Liang
...and the rest of the group with Peter who joined the tour as a visiting tour guide
After Bozen, Kals at the Grossglockner was our next destination. Back in Austria, the Grossglockner is the highest mountain of the country. Why this is of interest for us? Well, there is also Austrias highest pass running over the mountain - the Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

But for today, we'll stay in one of the most beautiful hotels you could wish for - the Grandonna Alpine mountain resort. No question, everyone was enjoying the amenities of the hotel
The Großglockner from its southern side, close to the mountain village Kals. Pure fun to ride the Multistrada up there
On the next day, of course, we took our bikes on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. The highest point here is the "Edelweissspitze" on 2570 m. A side trip from the main road on a tiny cobbled switchback road leads you up there.
Alex is fascinated by the winding roads and I guess he would love to ride up and down all day long
The Grossglockner High Alpine Road
He really is a sunshine
The Edelweiss Huette was Steven's goal for coffee...
... so the rest of the group joined in
The "Edelweissspitze" - the highest point!
And what a coincidence at lunch!
A 1200 GS was passing by while we were sitting on the restaurant's terrace - guess which country the number plate is registered in? Right - it's China! And the big surprise was that the guy, who rode in 50 (!) days from China to Austria, was from Sunshine's neighbourhood. Can you imagine the big hello?
After lunch we climbed up the Zillertaler High Alpine Road, another one of the tiny winding paths uphill
Yeah!! We made it! ...
... and we like it

Too sad that this was our last riding day! Hard to believe there is already an end to it. Time always seems to fly when we're doing something we enjoy ...

... which, for us, is taking out our motorcycles on roads that are made for riding and that lead us through great landscape.

But who says you can't do it again  

Angela, Alan and Peter are saying thank you for a most enjoyable time with the Chinese gang, we had great fun with you! 

Take care! We are looking forward to riding again with you any place on the globe

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