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From Vyshney Volochek to Moscow

Sunday, August 9, 2015 | Steve Beck | The World Tour

..." Na zdrov`e" !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers !!!
After 5600 km from Munich to Moscow we are just arrived at the Marco Polo Hotel and having our ice cold reward beer.
Otto and David are having a amusement chat with the locals
Tchaikovsky wrote in this room at that table Symbhony No 6 which he considered his " best and most" elaborated composition"
David on th Bench together with Tchaikovsky
on our way out of Vishney Volochek we passing the weekly morning market.....with the sunny in our face we heading on the M 10 to Klin where we going to meet Tchaikovsky
...our last riding day on the Europe Section from Munich to Moscow. We are just pack up our bikes....
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Tante Heidrun
Monday, August 24, 2015 at 16:35

Hallo Jungs, Ihr seid ja gut drauf, ich wünsche Euch weiterhin viel Glück und Erfolg bei den üblichen Problemlösungen. Holger (mein Neffe) hat ja schon viel Erfahrung damit, aber es passiert auch immer etwas Neues.



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