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2TU150B Tuscany by Scooter

Friday, September 25, 2015 | Pablo Piferrer | Europe

Day 5: Arezzo

Our last day, the Consuma Pass is ahead of us before the city of Arezzo. Since it rained the day before, the temperature went down quite a fair bit, but that didn't stop us! We went up and enjoyed the city of Arezzo with soup for some and pasta for others.

Overall, an amazing trip with a group of amazing people. Hope to get to ride with you all again. Thank you all for such a fun time. Keep safe!!

The views at the top are outstanding
Feels like on top of the clouds
Passo della Consuma, we made it!
Lon enjoying the architecture
What does the weather say?
After the long and hard ride, a bit of a rest is more than necessary

Day 4: Loop to Pitiana

During our first days, we were all concerned about the weather and hoped that it would remain hot, sunny and dry, but, there was always Wednesday menacing with rain. So, we decided to change the order of the days... and it was a good call!!

Not only we would go for a ride, we would be able to enjoy the afternoon walking in Florence!

Inner courtyard at Villa Pitiana
Beautiful views from the garden and pool
On our way back we got a couple of drops
As we stoped for lunch in a little pasta restaurant...
It started pouring down really hard!
We decided to swap the bikes for a walk and see the beautiful city
Martha and Lon with the Ponte Vecchio and Vasari Corridor
The three rider walking away in the distance.... to the restaurant
Great company and a great dinner!!

Day 3: Siena

After a day as Mugello and the single lane roads with loads of turns, the day ahead to Siena seemed much more relaxed. The menacing clouds, fortunately disipated and gave way to sun and clearish sky.

As we left for Siena, we came across a very nice spot to park and see ther wonderful countryside and talk and breathe in the wonderful tuscan air.
One of those is Lon's future house
This happened so often, they are showy!
We found a vineyard open and we tried for luck to get a peek
Aaaahhh... Siena, so picturesque, so full of history.
Piazza del Campo
Il Duomo, where we were fortunate to have a wonderful private tour by Lon, showing us every little detail

Day 2: Mugello

We took a ride to Mugello. Where we got more than we expected. The weather was excellent, the tarmac dry and the riders eager to enjoy the day!

On our arrival at Mugello the entrance is inviting.... we hear motorcycles on the track.... let's ask if we can go in!!
Well, we certainly did!!
So far in, that we took our own parking spots
We eventually left the track, and after 20 kms around the hills, we could still see the track, and hear the bikes!
All 3 deep in conversation while Martha took a wonderful picture
We all celebrated Lon's first pass!! Good job!
As he comes round the corner on his flaming red Vespa
A well deserved rest to get our energy back.
See, that's more like it!
The wonderful Passo del Muraglione, where on the weekends, it's like a motorcycle cataloge!

Day 1: San Gimignano

First day of our tour and the weather is fine!! Good light, mild weather, no rain, no problem. We ride to San Gimignano, known as the Medieval Manhattan (due to the number of towers overlooking the city), but first stopping to admire the views of this wonderful terrain awaiting ahead of us as we get used to our new Vespas!!

First stop and the guys seem to feel really confortable with their Vespas.
(Pablo, Alfredo and Lon)
Certainly we are a head turner with all the Scoots the same colour.
(Alfredo, Martha and Lon)
Oh look, it's the bikers we overtook!! The way these roads are chisled, they seem made for two wheels.
A relaxing coffe and gelato in Greve in Chianti
Heya Lon!
Entering San Gimignano by the big gate
See the towers?! Each family had to make it bigger and better than the rest
The wonderful thing about having an architect in the group, you learn a lot from someone with a passion
After Lunch and seeing the town of San Gimignano, we made our way back to Florence, but first we took a ride to....
...Piazzale Michelangelo, where the breathtaking view of the city awaited
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Alfredo Malo
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 14:51

This tour was great, we booked it with high expectations and we got even more. The route was perfect, as we stayed away from the main roads, and doing it in a Vespa allowed us to watch many things and catch moments that otherwise would have passed us by without notice. But what made the journey really special was our guide Pablo, a really nice and easy going tour professional who speaks perfect English, Spanish, Italian and French, and who was able to give everyone exactly what we wanted, even though our interests and level of riding skills were quite different. It was like taking a sightseeing tour, a motorcycle culture tour and an architecture tour all in one, and he managed to do it in a way that looked natural and simple but always with a sense of freedom and security for all. Thanks a lot for this great experience, now we are totally in for the next one!
Martha Huerta
Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at 05:13

Thank you Pablo, this trip was amazing. Our vacation was beautiful and unforgettable.
Best Regards!


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