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Training Tour - EBK16TG

Sunday, April 17, 2016 | Laurens Corijn / Danilo Perini / Lukas Schiebe / Björn Greibig / Jonas Stecher | News / Europe

A small supplement...

Last day of the tourguide training. 

The transport back to the center of universe via Passo di Pennes.
There were only 1,5°C on the top, but it was f*** awesome (insider ).
The final picture stop of our Tourguide trainee tour 2016 at Monte Penegal
Meanwhile test laying at the grave yard with Alberto the undertaker from Sao Paulo
A big screw in the brand new tire.... can that be an coincidence???
We got lost,.but found this amazing landscape!
I think Rob misses his HD
Ride of the Day
Happy B-Day Stephan!
Picnic before more riding
And now in action.....
And the birthday of Stephan our Tour Operations Manager....
Van Instructor "Gottfried" with all the patience to support the Rookies on Riding day 3 from Bolzano to Levico Terme.
Arrival at Castle Toblino on Motorbikes.
The travel group on Mendelpass with a awesome view on the flowering Etschtal and Überetsch.
At the Mendel Pass close to Bozen/ Bolzano
Day 4 of the Modul Tour in Trentino, during a coffee breal in Castel Toblino
Yum! Yum!
Always busy

Day four....we started from the lovely lake side town of Levico Terme..... Pierre was the leader this morning.  The group headed for Lago Di Molveno. We enjoyed a nice coffe stop there and the splendid scenery.  Simply breath taking.....however this tour is not just about riding gorgeous country side... the Edelweiss powers that be put pressure on the new tour guides to see how they can deal with real life tour pressure. Trust me, they certainly know how to do this.......missing passports, lost customers, missing cell phones of the tourguides....anything that you can imagine. It is all good, for this will make us a l better tour guides. After an awesome picnic lunch prepared by Peter and Rob it was off for more riding. Jonus then took over as tour guide, and for sure he was tested too.......angry lost customers and you can only imagine what else.  the group made another coffe stop, and had a late arrival in Bozen, where everyone enjoyed a first class dinner. 


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The end of the first great riding day: Arrival at the hotel in Levico Terme at the lakeside. All challenges and adventures of the day are mastered successfully. Time to relax, have a nice dinner and maybe even an evening beer.
Group Picture at Lago della Seraia, 967 Meters above sea level. 20 Degrees Celsius, great weather, bright sun and the snowy mountains in the back. Edelweiss Bike Travel at its best.
Time to party. Markus, from the United States celebrated his 60th birthday with us at the famous Edelweiss picnic. Of course we also served a small cake. Our cooks today: Uwe and Thomas.
First Highlight of the tour: Church of St. Helena. Beautiful frescos, which are the oldest surviving in Alto Adige, South Tirol. Werner and Pierre wanted to have a portrait with St. Helena herself.
Ready to ride the bikes up the first curves into the Dolomites, South Tirol.
Start of the wonderful and challenging first riding day with the mandatory daily briefing, conducted by Peter. He started the tour with all the great tour members successfully.
This saturday, a very special tour started in gray, cloudy Mieming. No customers invited, just staff and tourguides. We're talking about the yearly training tour for the newest batch of tourguides!
Every new tourguide received the schedule for this week, making it obvious this is no ordinary tour. Everybody has a different task every day, a different bike every day, and quite a few staff members are playing the role of customer, to prepare the new guys.

The focus of the tour is not really on riding that much, because of that we will only be riding a few routes between Bolzano and Levico Al Terme, switching hotels every day, back-and-forth. The main goal is that every tour guide gets to practice every aspect of guiding tours in a setting that is as realistic as possible!

While Pierre, Jonas, Stephan, Rob, Peter, Werner and Tobias took off on their motorcycles to Bolzano, the others stayed behind to practice loading the bikes and preparing the van. We immediately faced some unexpected challenges, just like it could happen on a real tour!
On sunday we then drove to Bolzano, with new tourguides taking turns driving the big van+trailer, while the others followed in Edelweiss' Ford Galaxy.
The motorcycles are unloaded to be shuttled to the hotel in the centre of Bolzano.
Tourguides having a little break in front of sunny hotel Scala Stiegl Bolzano (much better weather than Mieming!).
In the evening, tourguides for the next day Rob and Peter do their Daily briefing, under close scrutiny from experienced staff members.
Markus giving feedback. Rob and Peter got an "OK-plus" rating from Markus for their presentation!
This evening, some tourguides are working hard to make last minute changes to their bikes, working with their new GPS, or writing blog entries even
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Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 20:49

I had a great time with all of my fellow new tourguide! And a huge thanks to our "customers", the grumpy old guy from Florida, the crazy undertaker from Sao Paolo, the mad banker from Israel, the high roller VIP from Tirol, the pro rider from California and our alcoholic van passenger
I hope to see them all again on some tour in the future!
Pierre Baumgaertner
Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 20:32

let me please thank the entire EBT staff for the time and dedication to the very intense Trainings Module Tour. The future TG"s have been trained and guided through all types of difficult and realistic situations. It has been quite tough and stressy, however with constructive feedback and support of all it gives us an excellent preparation for the upcoming season.... Thank you Edelweiss and good luck and success to my team members and collegues......
Björn Greibig
Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 19:30

Hey guys, staff members and Alberto thank you for the great week. It was sometimes really hard, but I think we are well prepared for the season 2016!!! Have a safe trip home.
Markus Hellrigl
Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 23:55

A lot of stress for the rookies, a lot of work for us
Manuel Marabese
Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 19:01

Falls ihr oa Fake Carabiniere findet, lass er do alloin :P
Monday, April 11, 2016 at 23:58

Hallo nach Südtirol,
sieht nach viel Arbeit aus ....
wie bei uns letztes Jahr auch. Habt Spaß und genießt die Zeit
LG aus Andalusien
Ursula Peter
Monday, April 11, 2016 at 22:40

Hallo Kollegen,
nehmt doch dem Ami in der ersten Reihe mal die gelbe Sonnenbrille weg, der sieht ja nix auf dem Moped
Viel Spaß Euch
Tobias Wachter
Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 20:58

Der hat alles gesehen, der Ami...


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