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Rome to Sicily the other way around... RTS1602

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | Europe

Riding Day 9, Pompei - Roma

Last riding day of this beautiful tour: today we left the busy and crowded area of Naples... and reached the even more busy and crowded area of Rome! But inbetween we could enjoy a very good ride, especially in the afternoon after a well deserved lunch break in the nice village of Sperlonga by the coast.

Thank you Dagmar, Manfred, Denise, Bob, Michael, Hana, Allan, Mary, Roger and Peter for your positivity. See you around the world, keep riding safe!



First coffee break was in Baia, near Napoli. This place was beloved by ancient romans, that built here a lot of great spas and villas.
remainings of an ancient spa
on the way to Sperlonga
In Sperlonga, a very nice medieval village on the coast about halfway between Naples and Rome
the view of Carpineto Romano. As the name suggests, we are almost in Rome!
Last ice cream break. Well deserved, we made it!

Riding Day 8, Amalfi Coast and Napoli!

What a beautiful morning today, perfect weather and the Amalfi Coast waiting for us... but the perfect weather was maybe also our "problem" today, because many other people got the same idea and the area was quite crowded! Pity, so we decided to stop in Ravello for lunch instead than in Amalfi, and we had also a lot of time to see the wonderful Villa Rufolo gardens before going back to the hotel. But the day was not over, the most beautiful city and the best pizza in the universe (I know, I always exagerate when I speak about my hometown Naples!) were waiting for us!

first picture stop with a beautiful view over Sorrento
Coffe break in Piano di Sorrento
some of you following this blog might now think that I really like this little old car... well, yes I do!
Positano, one of the most beautiful spots of the Amalfi Coast
some other impressions...
the view from Villa Rufolo gardens in Ravello
back in the hotel
some impressions of Napoli
Piazza del Plebiscito in Napoli
Pier Macchiè, a popular street artist. He studied in the Conservatory of Napoli and builds his own original instruments!
the sea, the boats and Mount Vesuvius...
Christoph and Domenico
Pizza time!
some traditional sweets, so tasty!
Limoncello is never missing here

Riding Day 7, Maratea - Pompei

Leaving the hotel, we started riding in the area of the Cilento national park before reaching Paestum, famous for its ancient Greek temples but famous also for the buffalo mozzarella, the typical fresh cheese of this region. What could be better than a nice picnic to taste it? After that, the highway took us quickly to Pompei, where we could enjoy a guided tour through the famous ruins of the old roman town completely buried by mount Vesuvius in 79 AD and found again after many many centuries!

leaving the hotel with a beautiful old Fiat 500 wishes us a good day
the greek temples of Paestum
in Paestum, the famous buffalos!
Picnic ready (almost)
Michael needed a little siesta
in Pompei, entering the riuns of the old roman town, one can see the plaster casts of some victims of the eruption
walking through Pompei, with the shape of the Vesuvius constantly remembering us what he could be capable of...
a 2000 years old fresco
inside the therms
beautiful decorations
Manfred touching the symbol of prosperity, it should bring good luck!
inside the Forum, the ancient main square
some other impressions of Pompei
Mount Vesuvius again, scary but so fascinating!

Riding Day 6, Tropea - Maratea

Continuing on our way north, a quite challenging ride was waiting for us today! The La Sila mountains in Calabria offer riding at its best and so many curves that we needed to use the highway two times to make it in time! And in Altomonte what a nice lunch, just local hand made products! Today we reached Maratea, a great streatch of coastline that would be the dream of any motorcycle rider.

finally a decent group shot
first coffee and ice cream break in Amantea
an old fiat 500, what a beauty
some riding
lunch break in Altomonte
some more riding...
the town of Diamante, famous for its murals
Calabria Red Hot Chili Pepper, one of the spiciest ever!
last picture in Calabria
what a great day!

Riding Day 5, Taormina - Tropea

Good bye Sicily! Today we left this beautiful island with a lot of great memories, but before crossing the strait of Messina a wonderful ride through the Peloritani mountains was the right way to say goodbye! A nice lunch in Scilla by the beach and then we finally reached Tropea, one of the nicest villages of southern Italy, for a good ice cream before checking-in at our hotel.

our bikes did not complain about the view from the parking lot
on the Peloritani mountains
the van is in the ferry!
crossing from Sicily...
... to Calabria
lunch break
Sunset from our hotel

Riding Day 4, Mount Etna and Taormina!

Mount Etna, the highest active (very active!) volcano in Europe at 3,340 meters, called "the  mountain of the mountains" by the locals, is also a great playground for motorcycles. Beautiful curvy roads surrounded by woods and lava fields, the environment changes so quickly that one can feel like inside a videogame! After coming back to the hotel, some relax and then we took the shuttle bus to the old town of Taormina for a very good pizza... the best until we will reach Napoli!

looking at mount Etna with its snow capped top is always amazing
the famous Michele of the Rifugio Bruneck, where we stopped for coffee
appearently we are not the only motorcyclists coming here!
the lava field
The colours of the day: black, green and blue. And also some white.
The centre of Taormina
going for the pizza!
Trinacria, the head with three legs, symbol of Sicily
citrus fruits, another famous symbol of Sicily!

Riding Day 3, Cefalù - Taormina

Leaving Cefalù, we started to explore the Madonie mountain range in the north-eastern part of Sicily. Very little traffic, beautiful landscapes and curvy roads, what else could we ask? Well, the asphalt could be a little better! A first break in Castelbuono, then lunch in Sperlinga by the castle, then passing through Cesarò we reached the coast again near Taormina. What a beautiful day, and tomorrow the huge Mount Etna is awaiting us!

Leaving Cefalù, a picture by the beach is a must
Allan and Mary
in Castelbuono
the coffee break turned into an ice cream break!
Gangi, what a nice view
Dagmar, Denise, Mary and Hana
find the Edelweiss sticker...
Dagmar and Manfred
Michael and Hana
The view from the castle of Sperlinga
going down from the castle
and after lunch... cannolo!
Isola Bella in Taormina, what a view!
some riding...
the view from the hotel

Riding Day 2, Agrigento - Cefalù

Crossing the whole island from the south to the north was quite an experience. From the crowded coast of Agrigento we started riding northward and soon we landed into the middle of nowhere. A very rural area where time stopped, and older people are sitting in front of their houses, talking to each other or playing cards. Really authentic! And well, we passed also through the famous villages of Prizzi and Corleone, where many important Mafia familes came from! Who would ever imagine that, just passing through this area?

what we call a goodmorning here!
Michael, Ana, Peter, Dagmar, Manfred, Mary, Allan, Denise, Bobby and Roger. Missing Christoph (taking the picture) and Domenico (in the van!)
and here we are, paying homage to the Godfather
Cefalù from a short distance, what a view!

Riding Day 1, Catania - Agrigento

We wanted to take it easy on our first riding day, but the rain and the wet roads challenged us! After a visit to the famous Roman Villa with its beautiful mosaics, we headed to the Valley of the Temples to feel like in ancient greece. Definitely a day dedicated to archeology!

the view of the Etna from the breakfast room
ready to go
on the way, Domenico had time to enjoy a nice Cannolo Siciliano
inside the Villa Romana, mosaics everywhere!
one of the most famous mosaics, the bikini girls. Hey, when was bikini invented?
the historical centre of Piazza Armerina
in the valley of the Temples in Agrigento
the Concordia temple, one of the best preserved of all the ancient greec colonies
nice shot
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Roger Pivonka
Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 18:16

This was a Fantastic tour. Esp with the guides Christoph and Domenico. The first day set the tone with "the Flying Pig" incident. Mama Mia. And every day was better than yesterday. It was also wonderful to be with riders from 5 different countries.
Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 07:23

I like the coffee break turned into the ice cream break and wish to taste it. Nice collection of the ancient places pics!
Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 09:23

Hey hey!

An RT, Winston (If I remember correctly), and a bunch of wonderful smiles... That can only mean one thing: welcome back Mary and Allan!

Watch out for Domenico... He loves his Italy so much that he has already converted dozens of bikers into eating nothing but pasta, pizza's and veeerrrrry sweet desserts Have a great time and a wonderful safe ride!

(Oh, and guys, take it from a Northern European: the bikini is not Italian, even though Domenico would really want it to be... It was presented in Paris, at the Molitor swimming pool - now a wonderful hotel -, just after WW2)... But i'm sure pasta is still from Italy, let's not take everything away from them

See you down the road!
Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 16:31

ueeee guaglio,
nice blog! nice photos!
ti auguro un buon tour e spero di rivedervi tutti e due presto!!


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