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Best of Italy 9SI1601

Friday, May 27, 2016 | Domenico Schiano Moriello / Uwe Hausleitner / Peter Rollmann | Europe

Day 7, riding San Marino - Bologna

Last riding day of this Ducati tour through central Italy, today we rode back to Bologna and we split the day in two: a nice ride in the morning... and the visit to the Ducati factory in the afternoon! After leaving the hotel we rode through the Montefeltro area until we reached San Leo for a relaxing coffee break. After that, we slowly reached the freeway that took us to Bologna just before the Ducati Factory store opened. Then some shopping, and the factory opened its gates to our bikes!

Peter, Mark, Kayleen, Gawain, Joseph, Michael, Kirk, Judy, Keith, Michael, Marlene, Simon, Heidi, Eric, Damon, Elizabeth, Todd, Chris and Anthony, thank you for a beautiful tour together, keep the rubber side down and see you again, hopefully on another Edelweiss tour!

the view from San Leo
coffee break
back to the bikes!
four typical italian men sitting on the bench...
Ducati, we are here!
Only Ducati bikes can park inside the factory gate... so all employees have no choice!
Goodbye Borgo Panigale!

Day 6, riding Assisi - San Marino

We are leaving Italy. Starting in Assisi, we had a short stop at Lago Trasimeno and headed on to Cortona, where we did some coffee and lunch break. Once again the roads where the stars of the day, small, many curves and nearly no traffic at all. Perfect conditions to use our Ducatis! In the afternoon we entered the area of Urbino, the playground Valentino Rossi grew up an. Probably he did his first curves on these roads. On our way further on to San Marino the landscape was so beautiful that reminded us a "screensaver"!

Leaving Assisi, one looks back to this enchanting town up on the hill.
the main square of Cortona
welcome to Middle Ages...
... but the prices are modern!
Simon on the way to his Ducati Monster 1200. A great bike to ride.
our bikes parked for lunch
Arriving at Urbino. It´s just breathtaking standing in front of these massive walls.
some impressions of Urbino
San Marino from a distance
and some riding...

Day 5, riding Siena - Assisi

Today we entered the winding roads again and enjoyed the nice landscape of Tuscany first, before entering Umbria. Highlights of the day were Montepulciano, Orvieto with its huge gothic cathedral, and of course the roads themselves! Arrival in Assisi was really evocative, the old medieval town on the hill become closer and closer until finally we entered its walls and brought our bikes to sleep!

Some happy people in Italy enjoying the roads, the curves and the great weather...
From left to right: Joe, Chris, Simon, Heidi, Eric, Keith, Marlene, Michael, Peter and Kirk, one great group.
from left to right: Gawain, Mark, Kayleen, Elizabeth, Damon, Anthony, Michael
in front of the Tuscan postcard scenery
Joe and Eric strolling through Montepulciano, small alleys, great Gelato and delicious Pizza. Right behind them Keith fascinated by some shop windows...
grab a coffee beside the Duomo di Montepulciano
afternoon coffee stop near the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta in Orvieto
Tuscany out of a movie. That´s what we got to see and ride in today.
view out of the hotel over Assisi

Day 4, riding Firenze - Siena

Time to move on after the "rest day" of yesterday! Today we headed to Siena, one of the most beautiful cities of Italy, but first we had to cross the Chianti region with its beautiful hills covered with olive trees and vines, and with its enchanting towns connected by beautiful twisty roads (this is what counts the most!). Towns like Greve in Chianti and San Gimignano, for example, where we stopped during this beautiful ride! Once arrived in Siena, a pleasant walk through its historical centre... and we were ready for dinner!

nobody can leave Firenze withouth a picture from Piazzale Michelangelo...
Chris and Anthony
Joe and Keith
Peter and Domenico
First row for Damon and Elizabeth. Second row for Eric
This is how a gas station looks like when we get there!
Arrived in Greve, the sky seems a bit dark...
and after a few minutes it starts raining!
wait a minute, that's not rain, that's hail!
Blue sky again when we reached San Gimignano
Damon and Mike
San Gimignano
Lunch time
After lunch it is hard to decide between the "best gelato in the world" and the "gelato world champion". Both are here in San Gimignano!
The walls of San GImignano
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Successful arrival of the first group in Siena with the Tourguide Domenico
Play video Download
Filesize: 63 MB
And the next group also arrives successful, Tourguide Peter
Arrived in Siena, we parked the bikes and went for a walk
The world famous Piazza del Campo
The Cathedral of Siena
Tour Guides selfie
Hello from Siena

Day 3, Race day, Mugello MotoGP

Beautiful weather, exciting, action-loaded races, good chances to get a sun burn and people, people, people... 130.000 motorsport enthusiasts in Italy, at one place, all the same time. Great event, kind of adventure to get in and out of Mugello, best dressed policemen in the world.

Play video Download
Filesize: 25 MB
Arriving at Mugello Circuit, one of many test tracks of Ferrari, looking forward to 3 races and also seeing the great Valentino Rossi, Number 46.
The Mugello Circuit was packed!
Everything becomes yellow when Valentino passes by...
Race has started!!!
the engine of Valentino's bike broke down, what a pity
Original Ducatisti
Ducati parking... well leaving it after the race was not an easy task!
a well deserved tuscan dinner!
bistecca e vino rosso
cantucci e vin santo...

Day 2, riding Bologna - Firenze

not many pictures yet, the internet connection is quite slow, but... the tour has started!!! Today we left Bologna and after a great ride on the Appennines we reached Firenze, Florence for the english-speaking people... and tomorrow we are going to watch one of the most beautiful shows on the planet, the MotoGP race! The Mugello circuit is waiting for us, stay tuned!

first coffee break and first group shot
lunch time, waiting for the food...
bike parking in Firenzuola

Day 1, Welcome to Bologna

 Everybody made it to the hotel and we met at the Welcome briefing, wich was followed by a nice dinner. Interesting conversations and shared interests were the real spice of the meal.

Everyone was very keen to get to know everything on our Tour at the welcome briefing. You see Domenico at his best, talking about italian driving style...
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Kirk Jordan
Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 02:21

Having returned to work several weeks ago and having time to reflect on the tours that Judy and I took with Edelweiss this summer; I now realize the experience, regional knowledge, and knowledge of just how to get things done by the guides greatly influences the tour. Peter Rollmann and Uwe Hausleitner are new to Edelweiss this year, but they worked as a well-oiled machine with Domenico Schiano. At the time of the tour, I did not know the depth of Domenico’s experience. When he said “try this dessert, buy these cookies (Siena is known for them), here is the piling for the portion for the cathedral that was never finished (now part of a parking lot), etc.” he was always right and informative. How long will the cookies last I asked. He translated for the clerk: “several months” but they were all gone by San Marino. That’s how good they were. Judy and I decided to go to Rimini and Ravenna on the last riding day instead of the Ducati Factory. Domenico said "go see a many of the World Heritage sights as possible". We are so glad we did. He took time to get tickets to the Galleria dell Accademia for those interested in seeing “Michelangelo’s “David” and getting them there on the Sunday after the MotoGp before the museum closed. Wow!! You would know how impressive this feat was if you saw the traffic. During this trip the Ducati Factory and Museum were closed. This greatly disappointed some of the clients. However, between the home office and Domenico’s work; all that wanted to go the Ducati Store and Factory had the opportunity to do so. I have reviewed multiple Edelweiss blogs since returning home and seen Domenico in South America and other places in Europe (many in Italy). Experience by the guides is a blessing to the clients. I am starting to wonder if his legs are grey with yellow stripes. Painted on? We have seen him in jeans. I will have to email him and ask the brand of the riding pants. The pants and not just him have been on several continents and innumerable tours. These riding pants must be of high quality, tough, and comfortable. Maybe he should be the company’s spokesperson. Is a sponsorship for him in the near future?
Great trip made even better by GREAT EDELWEISS EMPLOYEES.
Thanks Judy and Kirk
Simon Levett
Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 16:59

Fantastic tour, great roads, beautiful scenery and good company.....home in Colorado after an unplanned detour to Iceland !


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