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Grand Alps 2016 (CGA 016A)

Thursday, June 30, 2016 | Paul Kustermann / Lukas Schiebe | Europe

If one picture could say it all....

Below you can follow our trip in etappen...
Just click on one of the folders and browse your way along.

Returning from our furthest point... Briancon France / Aosta Italy / Lugano Switzerland / Livigno Italy

The Bernina glacier and just a jaunt from our evening base.
On our way to Livigno Italy, with a stop at St. Moritz.
On Lago di Como / waiting for George Clooney to come by...
What a little bit of luxury can do for the soul...!
Continental Park Hotel in Lugano.
Part of the original city wall in Aosta (built around 25 b.c.). Here Willie gets the feeling of being a roman emperor.
...and on the way to Aosta, an unexptected view of Mont Blanc (from the back-side)
Inside viel of the tour-guide's orientation.
Bike line-up to see the falls.

Water gushing from the Col d. St. Carlo

Les cols des Alpes-Maritimes

Our group at the top of the world! Col de L'Iseran (2764 meters and the highest driveable pass in all the Alps).

How to keep compfy at 2700 meters? 
Try the "little blue riding hood" style to defy the elements ;O)

Brian caught in a moment of sheer bliss.

And another of those legendary Edelweiss Picnics, this time at unreahable hights. 

The hills are alive with the sound of water.

on our way up to Col de L'Iseran
Briancon in the morning sun.

After an exciting two nights in Briancon, it's unfortunately time to leave. Here is a glance back at this charming jewel - at 1400 meters the second highest City in Europe.

Spooky crazy landscape at Col d'Izoard just south of Briançon.

Fort Queyras: a footprint of Medieaval times

Oh what a view...

Robin and Brian in their famous twin-look...
We shared this awesome road with a Porsche rally. This one was trying to catch us.
Mont Dauphin. Just one of many completely walled and fortressed towns in this region where the military architecht Vauban had such a large influence.
Briancon - our home for two nights where w make a rest day along the the famous route of the Tour de France "
Last col of the day up to 2642m on Galibier. How is it Joop? Kom... high?
from curve to curve and col to col
breathtaking landscape
Slowly but surely, Edelweiss groups are leaving their impression by kneeing down on this humble sign.
A monumental moment...!
Our man Pierre decides to join the bicyclists, and doffs a hat to disguise himself as a sportsman.
Best apple pie!
Best pizza in France
Yes Inge. Live is good!
and Robin just to fast for the cameraman
followed by Vanessa through the curve
Pierre in action
On the way to top of col de Madeleine
looking back to Mont Blanc

Through Switzerland to Mont Blanc

Can you believe it... Wine with ice! That's a South African invention and a tradition which accompanies us all the way. "Vous avez un peu de glacon sil-vous-plait?"
Just don't tell the French before hand, what you intend to do with it or you'll be in for a discussion!
Our evening backdrop ist just beyond words.
The mountains are glowing for us on one of the longest days of the year
...and Willam realy happy about that
...with an amazing view...
Delicious dinner on feet of Mont Blanc...
Still in Switzerland but it´s already a col....Col d Forclaz on the way to the boarder
lovely Switzerland
Going up Furka on the traces of Goldfinger
The beautiful way of our luggage

After making it to Andermatt, a day for cruising the passes and another of those legenday Edelweiss picnics! This one at the foot of a glacier on the Göschenralpsee

And one last impression of the day... Rapids running up to the famous "evil's Bridge" just 10 KM north of Andermatt.
Backdrop to the Göscheneralpsee and our humble little paradise picnic.
Jup & Willi also having their moment in the sun.
Gerhardus in utter bliss... literally moved to utter astonishment
Tes & Vivienne
Pierre & Vanesse in their very own "Sound of Music" setting.
And finally we meet for the picnic.
Glacial Ice at Sustenpass
The Canadian Sout-African summit at Sustenpass
A moment in Glory. Again only a select few on this excursion (Willam, Guide, Robbin & Brian).
And then it's up to Sustenpass where we even catch a glimpse of glacial ice.
Willi contemplating his good fortune!
This is NOT Mount Rushmore.
Hier on the way to Sustenpass... as one can see, a veritable pilgrimage for bikers
Natural spectacle of Water & Stone
More of Nufenenpass
First pass today "Nufenen"
Brian & Robbin... a proud lovely couple
Asphalt spaghetti if you look behind them...
Willi is trying to capture the magic of it... but living it is simply the best!
Here a look at the old Gottard road
Hospiz St. Gotthard / a refuge spot since hundreds of years and we are still appreciating it even though we didn't come by mule.

First Riding Day

Finally on the road after months of preparation, untold sleepless nights full of anticipation, now on the road on our NEW bikes and weathering the incliment climate which greeted us the first day.

The following day, over the Bieler-Höhe. The group is ahead while the van slowly wind its way through this laborinth of stone and trees and water.
A passing tourist snaps a shot of us... albeit a select litte group that did this excursion!
Brian & Robin sharing a moment...
Going up to Galtür water-reservoire..
Vanesse leading the pack
Hahntenjoch / our first pass
Dorfstadl - best Strudel of the world
Near Galtür - an ancient Castle now in private ownership

To get ourselves oriented, a daily briefing with a "heads-up" on all the most important details for the day.

Seefeld to Galtür
Team dressed up and ready to roar..!

Welcome to the Grand Alps Tour! This is a grade-A premium-top-sirloin cut of Europe's most spectacular mountains. A stunning mix of rugged prisitne alpine magic, highly developed agriculture and horticulture, broad ethnic diversity and over 2000 years of intense historical development. Touch the magic and view the blog

Gettin' ready (stuff for picnics and other calamaties
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Susanne Berg
Friday, July 1, 2016 at 08:09

Regards to you Lukas. Obviously you and Paul make a great job! Everybody looks always happy...
Susanne Berg
Friday, July 1, 2016 at 07:25

If two words could say it all, Paul... awesome pictures!
Brian ward
Monday, June 27, 2016 at 06:26

Terrific pictures - what a trip!!!
Ursula peter
Friday, June 24, 2016 at 00:28

Hi collegues,
Beautiful pictures
Paul Kustermann
Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 21:40

Thanks for liking the blog. Often think of you. Just did the last CAL of the year and in honor of you I did a short history of Austria for the welcome Briefing. How you doing? Love and laughs. Paul


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