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Thursday, July 7, 2016 | Thomas Hölzl / Angela | Europe

Time to say goodbye.
A great tour comes to an end.
Thousands curves, over 30 passes and more than 2,000 kilometer are behind us - it was a trip of a special kind!
Thanks to our great guests from the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico - hope to see you again soon on a Edelweiss Tour!
On the way to dinner in Bolzano!
This time not with the bike but the gondola!
A very special highlight of our Tours is always the picnic! Good food, great scenery - the right to be fit for the afternoon!
Fog - the Dolomites not show themselves in the best light!
A small coffee at Passo di Fedaia!
There is great espresso!
Rest day in Klobenstein!
But all sit on the motorcycle - the Dolomites are just too tempting!
At an excellent dinner in Klobenstein, the day of driving sounds of relaxing and cozy!
Passo di Mendola - a dream for every biker!
For us, the conclusion of a super fine day on the bike!
Tour Guide Angela studys the line of our guests!
On the way towards Bolzano!
The beautifully on a hilltop situated church of San Romedio is one of the highlights on this day!
Another great day takes us from Val di Sol to Bolzano!
It is just an enjoyment to be traveling by motorcycle in the Alps!
Also on the 5th day we went up and down constantly and there were curves without an end!
The monument for fallen soldiers in World War I.
A not so sunny day takes us from Lugano to the Val di Sole!
With the Passo di Tonale we cross again the former border between the Empire of Austria-Hungary and Italy.
With Sean, we have a very special guest on this tour - the Canadian is driving his fifth tour with us!
For those Angela handed over to him a personal gift.
Dinner at the Park Hotel Continental in Lugano!
By ferry we cross the Lago Maggiore - the destination is Lugano!
Lunchtime on Lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore - after the 4000-meter high mountains in Switzerland, the next wonderful spot on our tour!
Simplon Pass - a nice place to enjoy a coffee!
The last pass in Switzerland - Simplon Pass
But this morning it was worth taking a little walk through Zermatt!
The Matterhorn was presenting itself in full splendor
The Matterhorn!
Unfortunately, we saw it today only in clouds!
Tradition and tourism united!
The main street of Zermatt
After our morning ferry ride we challenged Sustenpass - one of the passes of the figure eight pass roads around Andermatt.
Here are Victor and Jahaira from Puerto Rico
The area around the Damma glacier is simply stunning
We enjoyed a healthy Swiss lunch up there
Natali and Matthew from the US on their 1200 RT on top of Furka pass
At the Furka pass you can also visit and even walk inside the famous Rhone glacier
Jahaira, entering the mouth of the Rhone glacier
Amazing blue ice inside!
Of course, they make sure you know in which country you are
inside we found some wine barrels... Sean, you can take a look as close as you like, unfortunately they are not for us to taste
Curves, curves and curves again!
Switzerland is a paradise for bikers!
The Totsee at the Grimsel Pass!
It is like an reminiscent to the Antarctic!
On the way to Grimselpass!
Just do not get sea sick!
On the ferry over the "Vierwaldstättersee"
The daily briefing - with a difference!
We are waiting for the ferry over the "Vierwaldstättersee" and use the time!
Angela explains the route and the most important things for the day which brings us to the Matterhorn!
Good morning mood at the "Vierwaldstättersee"
Driving day 3 waiting - we go to Zermatt!
The Matterhorn is waiting .....
The statue of the Swiss national hero Wilhelm Tell!
It was a long day! But the trip over the Gothard was worth it!
Surprise of the day!
A view of the valley to our guests normally can not enjoy sightseeing!
The Oberalppass was closed!
The alternative route led us through the Gothard pass ......
In this typical Ristorante there was the lunch!
Spaghetti and pork with fries! Delicious......
Fog of horror?
We have enjoyed the trip to the Passo San Bernadina and the way down also!
My Schuberth helmet must wait outside! Like a dog!!!!!!
5 large passes wait on the second day for us!
On the Splügenpass there the first coffee of the day!
Albergo Posta - here there is a wonderful Esspresso!
Early morning in Pontresina. It promises to be another very nice and sunny day
The chase vehicle driver of the day chose the route via Albula pass.
Our tonight's location at the Vierwaldstätter See
Fantastic views of the lake
The combination of sun and rain produces this rainbow. Listening to the national music of the Alphorn somewhere in the background gives you the real Swiss feeling
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The last stop of the day on the Bernina Pass!
The view on the Passo di Stelvio is stunning!
This dog has also managed!
We did it!
Passo di Stelvio 2760 meters above sea level!
It is great!
Our coffee stop in Glorenza!
The latest strengthening before we master the 48 hairpins on the way to the Passo di Stelvio!
Lake Reschen with the sunken church! Always impressive again!
Our two guests from Puerto Rico enjoy the great view!
The impressive view from "Gacher Blick" into the Inn valley!
The last checks before we start.
The route leads from Mieming to Pontresina in Switzerland!
The highlight of the day is the Passo di Stelvio!
Alps pur!
8 days in the most beautiful motorcycle region in the world - that is exactly what our group from the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico rejoice! The first dinner will be used to get to know each other. The dessert was a "Kaiserschmnarrn" - an Austrian specialty! Just the right strength for the Stelvio Pass - which we will beat on the first riding day.
Let´s have fun!
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Friday, July 8, 2016 at 00:11

Best trip ever, thanks so much to Angela and Thomas - you guys really made this trip so special
Victor Salgado
Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 00:47

Big shout out to all participants!
"Fast lane" Bill
Mike "the Blue Baron"
Paparazzi Joe
"Pinky Bear" Lance
Frank "Shades"
Mat & Nat
"U-turn" Thomas
"Black cloud" Angela - ps. The curse is broken
And of course..."Wikipedia" Sean...
From "Slow ride" Vic and Jari.
Pleasure meeting you all!
Unbelievable trip!
Friday, July 8, 2016 at 00:19

You and your nick names - I love it! And agreed, such a wonderful experience with such a wonderful group, I will miss you guys!
Viktoria Neuner
Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 16:34

Eva Köfler
Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at 17:03

.... have fun at those curvy roads


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