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Christopher Columbus Tour (1701)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 | Claudia Wenhart / Ursula Peter | Europe

Thank you guys it was fun guiding you. Hope we met your expectations and we hope we`ll see each other again. 

All the best from the two girls with "Pfeffer im ...."


Day 10: Cordoba - Malaga

Believe it or not - it is our last riding day. We are going back to Malaga over the Malaga mountains. Whether is perfect, streets are as well. 


the Malaga mountains

what a picnic spot

the group is hungry

... our last picture stop with a nice view over Malaga

Day 9: Zafra - Cordoba

World famous Mezquita is waiting for us today. But first we have a leisure ride through the countryside of the Estremadura.

Famous for its Mezquita, one of the most magnificent Islamic buildings,  Cordoba is one of the must-sees in Andalusia. The city was capital of Al Andalus, the Moorish Andalusia, when this region was at its political and cultural peak. Founded by the Romans in 169 BC, it became the capital of Hispania Ulterior, one of the two initial Roman provinces on the peninsula. Later it became capital of Baetica Province, (covering big parts of southern Spain) and in 711 AD, Cordoba fell to the Islamic invaders and soon became capital of Muslim Spain. In 929, Cordoba was the biggest city in western Europe (population between 100,000 and 500,000) and became a pilgrimage place for Muslims who could not get to Jerusalem or Mekka. When Cordoba was taken by Castilla’s Fernando III in 1236, much of its population fled and it fell back to the status of a provincial town of shrinking importance. Today the old city is a warren of narrow, winding streets focused on the Mezquita. Northwest of the Mezquita was the Jewish quarter (Judería), north and northeast was the Muslim quarter, and the Mozarabic (Christian) quarter was farther to the northeast. Nearly all the famous sights are concentrated in the old town.

the group is ready to go. In the back one of Spain`s famous Paradores

the Estremadura

Just a short look in the caves, Brigitte, Steve and Theresa
Nice relaxing lunch in the garden of Cuevas Romanas
Andrew taking a nap


the old Roman Bridge in Cordoba

the Mezquita

like in a fairytale of 1001 night

Day 8: Lisbon - Zafra

Get up early for a long riding day and say good bye to Lisboa! We'll be heading east towards Spain on the freeway today. Medieval towns like Evora and Elvas tempt us to take a short stop before we cross back into Spain into the province of the Extremadura. It’s a different time zone again and we will lose one hour! In Zafra we are staying in a palatial building right in the medieval city center. Everything is within walking distance and narrow, winding alleys beckon you to go for a stroll.

Vasco da Gama Bridge out of Lisbon
What a great start of the day, after leaving Lisbon!!!!
Matej ... waiting that the race starts
Garry.... our racer on the track
... and Terry
... and the winner is Garry, followed by Steve and Matej

Church of Bones in Evora - yes it is a special decoration

a weird window frame

the 7 km long equaduct in Elvas

a delayed birthday celebration - Happy Birthday Joe

Huerta Honda in Zafra

Old medical town "Elvas", our coffee stop in the afternoon

Day 7: Restday in Lisbon

No matter how many sights you will find in the suburbs of Lissabon, the incredibly beautiful city by the River Tejo remains one of the best highlights of this tour! Get enchanted by the sights you will find in the Baixa neighbourhood or in Santa Maria de Belem. You will find numerous buildings showing the unique manuelistic architecture as well as the charming old houses with the famous painted tiles. We also recommend you to pay a visit to the Castelo São Jorge and the very interesting "camera obscure". For lunch you should not miss to try one of the typical Portuguese restaurants and the Bacalau fish which the Portuguese cuisine is well-known for. You could spend the evening of your rest day in one of the bars Lisbon is famous for or enjoy one a dinner in one of the Fado restaurants. Either way, Lisbon is well worth a visit, there is a lot to discover!

starting the guided city tour with the tram up to Bairro Alto - steep

the famous tiled houses

the church with no roof - it`s closed on sunday, But we find a real treasure in the neighbourhood

view from the top to the famous elevator

"Clausi" and "Mausi" enjoying the view

Teresa is fascinated about the fortress

the famous elevator from the bottom

the "Golden Gate Bridge" of Lisbon - Ponte de 25 Avril

Praca de Comercio

some went segway tour and had really fun

some impression from Lisbon

what a view

Cristo Rei - like in Rio

Day 6: Santiago do Cacem to Lisbon

Today we are heading for Lisboa! There is only one route today, as the distance is not too far and the roads should be manageable by everyone. After a ride through seemingly endless cork oak forests, we arrive at the peninsula of Tróia, Lands End!
We have to take the ferry for the crossover to Sétubal, and from the castle we have a magnificent view over the whole town! Lots of tight curves and great views characterize the ride to Cabo Espichel before we make our way northward. Lisboa is waiting for us!

Bootbeer in Lisbon

Ponte de 25 Abril - our entrance to Lisbon

Matejo, Tatajna and Claudia at Cabo Espichel

Joe & Claudia

Terry & Andrew

Garry at Capo Espichel

... is Claus hungry????

Beautiful lunch spot on the beach
Castillo de San Felipe
Waiting for the ferry to Setubal

... Andrew takes it easy

Ursula and Joe waiting for the ferry

Joe and Andrew

Matej and Tataja at the morning coffee stop

Day 5: Faro - Santiago do Cacem

Today the Algarve coast is waiting for us! After a loop into the hilly area, we come to Lagos, a nice, busy town on the coast. Although quite touristy, we can still find some nice spots that show off the Algarve’s special feature, a rugged coastline with vertical cliffs and wind-torn scenery.
Countless beaches between the rock walls on the west coast make this place attractive for surfers and fans of all other water sports. We ride along this coastline northward to Santiago do Cacem, topped by a castle.

Cabo Sao Vincente - western most point in Europe

Can you see Joe down there?


at the best picnic spot ever - at the Atlantic ocean

ok - I don`t know whether I can top it? 

Happy birthday Terry!!

Day 4: Sevilla - Faro

Today we are heading into Portugal. But first out of Seville on nice curvy roads to Aracena, were we had our first coffee stop. An old ruin of a castle sits on top of the hill.

On a small ferry we crossed the river and at the same time the border to Portugal.

Our final destination today is Faro, a small and busy town with a beautiful old town that invites you for a little walk and a sundowner on the roof top of our hotel.

Claus wanted to know how many stork nests there are - in all town 52

The gate to the old town
... on the ferry to Portugal

Steve and Teresa

Orange trees all along the way

Day 3: Restday Sevilla

With a population of more than 700,000 inhabitants, Seville is Andalusia’s biggest and most exciting city. Its unique atmosphere – stylish, confident, ancient, proud, yet also sociable and intimate - makes it an absolute must for every Andalusia visitor. A couple of other must-sees are the city’s two great monuments: The Muslim Alcazar and the Cathedral with its famous Ghiralda. Both during the Moorish occupation and during the 16th and 17th centuries, this city had its high time. 1992 - the year of the world Expo - was one of the best for Seville in the more recent past, and the results of all this would definitely require more than a day to explore!

Seville by night

Along the Guadalquivir we went downtown

Claus and Brigitte

The bullfight arena

Giralda Tower of the Cathedral

the interior is just spectacular

the tomb of Christopher Columbus

the main altar

Joe, Gerry, Teresa, Steve - exploring Sevilla

the Giralda - a copy is on top of the tower

street live

the "parasol" biggest wooden construction in the world

D2 Malaga - Sevilla

 Ronda is a must for every Andalusia visitor, and it is easy to reach from Malaga or Seville and offers both typical Andalusian sightseeing and good shopping facilities in a spectacular mountainous location, where everything is within walking distance.
The afternoon brings you on smaller roads with some twisters through the backcountry; olive trees are everywhere and you might even spot some of the famous Spanish bulls from a safe distance. Towards Seville the area flattens out, and after a coffee break you approach our hotel on the A 92 from the southeast. Seville, with a population of more than 700,000, is Andalusia’s biggest and most exciting city. It’s unique atmosphere, famous past, and bustling present makes this place well worth two nights – tomorrow we will have the whole day to explore.

Matej and Andrew at the morning coffee spot
Garry from Australia
Mateo & Tatjana
Lunch in Ronda, Claus and Brigitte enjoying Spanish Jamon
Our group in Ronda
Cool guys
Puente Vejo - the old bridge
Puente Nuevo - The new bridge

and a spectacular road

Claus und Brigitte am Aussichtpunkt nach Zahara

The first "pueblo blanco" in the afternoon - Grazalema

Zahara - one pueblo nicer than the other

our hotel is directly at the Guadalquivir

we had to a special briefing with Terry. His flight came in late...... and its luggage didn`t arrive.

Guess where he flew out from??? Yes, Rome, Italy! Thanks god it was not Naples, otherwise maybe he by himself would have got lost.

We waiting for our guests of the first Christopher Columbus Tour in 2017. Quite an international group - Australia, Canada, Germany, Slovenia and US. 

Everything is set up

Tatjana and Matej are enjoying already the first Spanish "hamon". Matej road all the way from Slovenia to Spain and arrived in Malaga on his own bike!! And we will find a nice route for him riding back to Slovenia - promised!

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Julie Nagel
Saturday, April 15, 2017 at 08:36

Hey ladies! Miss riding with you both. Hope you will be guiding with Ted on our Morocco trip in October!
Joe Tindale
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 23:57

Awesome tour ladies!! Geat guides, perfect weather and awesome rides. Hope to see you again soon.
Theresa Leslie
Monday, April 3, 2017 at 18:48

The go cart raciing was a hit. No competetiveness at all (haha)
Claudia Wenhart
Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 18:04

Thanks Teresa for your comment, yes the cart race was really fun!!!
Theresa Leslie
Monday, April 3, 2017 at 18:43

Fabulous day in Lisbon. What a beautiful city
Joe Tindale
Sunday, April 2, 2017 at 00:39

Heladerio grail fulfilled in Sevilla, Awesome!!!
David Carmichael
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 00:19

Great scenery I rode Spain 6 years ago love the culture I could live there
Andrew Carmichael
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 21:11

Keep an eye out for all the top stories from this trip, things are going to get nasty.
Angela de Haan
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 00:35

Hey ihr zwei, viel Spaß euch auf Tour!
Genießts die Tapas, den Flamenco und den Portwein

Liebe Grüße,
Claudia Wenhart
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 08:16

Hallo Angela,
Danke Dir, heute Abend gibts Flamenco in Sevilla .
Viel Spaß Euch
LG Claudia & Ursula
Ted Goslinga
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 00:06

Hallo ihr zwei!
Ich wünsche euch auch eine gute Tour und viel spass in das schöne Portugal. Und sofort nachdem: Ausbauchen )
Claudia Wenhart
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 08:15

Hallo Ted,
Danke Dir, viel Spaß Euch in Marokko.
LG Claudia & Ursula
Manuel Marabese
Monday, March 27, 2017 at 22:37

Have great tour, you two ladies tour guides are top notch, it's gonna be fabulous!
Claudia Wenhart
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 08:14

Hey Manu,
thanks for your comment, we have rest day in Sevilla today


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