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Peaks and Passes on a HARLEY

Friday, June 30, 2017 | Robert Stoll / Marko Bauer | Europe

On the last day of this outstanding tour we were greeted with a dusting of snow in Livigno.....  We climbed out of this picturesque town towards Switzerland and the Bernina pass....  Where the snow from the night before was more beautiful than words can describe.....    We darted back into Italy and then finally Austria And our final destination of Seefeld...   There is so much beauty to behold on this planet....  And we enjoyed a portion of it over the last week on Harley Davidson 's...   Life is good........  " Screw it, let's ride"   

The higher we got.....the more we were in the fresh snow... Near the Italian/Swiss border.
Bernina Pass Switzerland.
Offen Pass Switzerland.
The church tower from Reschen, Italy..... They built a dumb here in 1950... this is all that remains from the 14th century village...
Pass #2, Tonale
It's Pizza-time!
Pass #4, Stelvio 2757m
Urs, Jon and Marilee on top of the Stelvio pass!
Stelvio, once again!

The area around lake Garda is simply amazing..... The villegaes, vineyards, mountains and roads make it a true Harley paradise.   We left in the morning and headed up the hill towards lake Ledro...then lake Idro, where we stopped to take in the view.....    Afterwards we hit the most challenging part of the day...up and down twistees to the shores of Lake Garda..... Beautiful sight to behols, and one of the largest and deepest lakes in Italy......the ride was capped off by a great Cliffside lunch offering breath taking views. 

Lake Idro
Lake Idro
Lake Garda
Lake Garda
Jon, Andy Joe and Urs taking it all in..
Tremosine... A splendid cliff side village on lake Garda.

Klobenstein to Riva Del Garda....  The day started with a quick visit to the Harley Davidson dealer in Bolzano, what Harley tour is complete without a new addition to the T shirt collecion.     Then it was time to hammer out some more curves in the Dolomites, buzzing up and down these roads is so much fun.  ADDICTION LEVEL on a scale from 1 to 10.....is  147.  It breaks the scale.    Eventually we had to turn the bikes to the south, leaving the dolomites behind. But also, getting into the "real" Italy...the sights, the architecture, the language......   By evening we made our destination of Riva Del Garda.....  We spend two nights here..   a fantastic little village in an amazing part of the world....      

Good times!!
Rob was thrilled to see Jon wearing a Denver H-D t shirt!!! Marilee looking on with a smile!
Urs and the rest of the gang getting ready to conquer the hills......
A congratulatory hug on top of the Lavaze Pass... Urs and Rob We ROCKED IT!!! ( I love my job!!). Seeing folks excited is AWESOME!!
A cool little church across from our lunch stop..

We woke up to a perfectly clear and blue sky - the perfect start for what was going to be a perfect day! The Dolomites were on the schedule today, probably one of the most beautiful regions in the entire Alps. Our route included 5 (!) mountain passes, including the famous Falzarego,  Pordoi and Sella. After hundreds of switchbacks - and a final goat path we finally arrived at our beautiful hotel high above Bolzanoi.

Urs, Chip, Gail and Bobby on the Staller Sattel, the border to Italy
Sella Joch
Dave, Bobby, Gail, Agnes and Andy at the bottom of the Staller Sattel
Bobby, Gail, Dave, Urs, Joe, Mariliee, Jon and Chip on top of the Lagazuoi mountain.
Marilee and our companies namesake - the Edelweiss

We started the day in pouring rain in Seefeld, that did not dampen our spirits, as we are our own little rays of sunshine.  We skirted into germany, but only quickly enough for a coffee.. By The time we were back in Austria, the weather was improving.  At Lake Aachen the rain had stopped....  We then buzzed up Gerlos Pass to Krimml falls.  The spectacular waterfalls drop five million gallons an hour to the valley below.    We missed it on this trip due to low laying valley fog.    We arrived Grossgluckner pass with dry roads, great curves and fantastic views. ........  At the end of the day rain lost the battle, and our smiles were as bright as the sun.

The welcome dinner.
Marilee and Jon
Urs, Gail, And Bobby
Krimml falls...... Uhhhh.....fog
Andy and Agnes
Lake Aachen
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