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4AE1704 - Alps Extreme Tour

Monday, August 7, 2017 | Tom Friden | Europe

Day 6: Dobbiaco - Mieming

Today we ride back where it all began, yes it's true, unfortunatly we are already at our last riding day, but it will be a great one. Weather conditions as well as the road conditions are perfect for another long stretch back to Mieming.

About 300km on the best roads in this area, we will chase another bunch of passes to add to our collection, Timmelsjoch will be the highlight of today.

So see you later...

Lane and Bob enjoyed this perfect view for breakfast, would be hard to beat such a view...
What an early morning view from our hotel in Toblach (Dobbiaco)
Another fabulous view from another amazing pass, this time from the Penserjoch.
Fantastic pasta made in Italy.
Debbie is trying some typical tyrolian food for lunch. Very delicious by the way!
The view from the Jaufenpass back down the valley we came from.
What else do you want, perfect weather, amazing scenery and curves all over it. You're heartly invited to join the next Alps Extreme Tour.
Switchback nr2597
Another selfie with my fastest granny of all time!
The road where we came from...
We love those switchbacks...
We made it to the top of the Timmelsjoch, the last pass on our tour, now it's about time to head back to Mieming for the farewell dinner!
Selfie time at the Timmelsjoch! WOW what a ride!
Another pass branded with an Edelweiss sticker!
Vintage motorcycle museum at the Timmelsjoch! really rare and interessting bikes up there, worth a visit if you pass by.
Very special collection of motorcycles...
5 Cylinder front wheel engine!
A really nice museum!
Brandnew factory kit of a Piaggio Vespa.
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Day 5: Levico Terme - Dobbiaco

Debbie's hitting the apex very tough at the Manghen pass.
Lane's right behind... well as Bob, who is improving the new techniques learned last week.
The Manghen pass has some really nice and also very technical curves to offer.
Bob's riding through hairpin nr268 on todays route, another 1634 to come...
Some local visitors at the Manghen pass, not always a bikers best friend when it comes to keeping the roads clean....
Bob's just loving the curves at the Manghen pass. And what the weather to ride them....just perfect!!
Hairpin nr289
Passo di Manghen, the first pass on todays menu is branded with an Edelweiss sticker, can you spot where it is...
Selfie time with the tourguide!
Perfect lined up bikes with a stunning scenery of the Dolomites at the coffee stop at passo di Rolle
Another pass into our collection
The Dolomites, the perfect postcard-like picture.
Edelweiss meets Edelweiss!
Next pass is branded can you see where, this time it's passo di Giau.
And one more branded, guess it's easy to see where... The Falzarego, probably one of the most famous passes of the Dolomites.
Bob, Lane and Debbie at the top of the Lagazuoi, special moment for Lane who did some stunts here for the film Cliffhanger in the early '90s, he spended almost 3 month here during that time.
Lane did some stunts right here and on the mountains around.
The Misurina lake, last photo stop before we reach the hotel, another fantastic riding day comes slowly to its end...
Everybody had a great riding day and a fabulous time.
Wow what a view from our hotel in Dobbiaco.

Day 4: Levico Terme rest day

What s stunning view over Levico Terme and the valley around, That view just left us speechless....
Debbie, Lane and Bob are really excited by the view we got on the way up to Lavarone!
What an unbelievable view from the Kaiserjägerstraße over the valsugana valley, with the Caldonazzo lake at the left and the Levico lake at the right.
Lago di Garda
And once again we had a breathtaking panoramic view over the lake Garda.
Debbie and Lane can't get enough of the curves and the scenery.
Lanes favorite road sign of the day. The group agreed totally on that, we probably saw it a 50 times during the day.

Day 3: Monte Penegal - Levico Terme

Incerdible view from our hotel at Monte Penegal over the valley of Blozano!
Lunch stop at lago di Molveno. AMAZING!!
Our view for lunch time could it be any better? This tour is a blast...
Lunch time selfie! we have a great time all together.
Group picture with an amazing scenery!
Selfie time!
The landscapes on our tour are just beautiful!
A stone's throw away from our hotel in Levico Terme, lago di Levico. Just the perfect way to end up an amazing riding day.
Lago di Levico!

Day 2: Fiss - Monte Penegal (Peters Stelvio Expedition)

The sunken church of the old village Graun. A popular photo stop however the story behind this postcard-like picture is far less idyllic.
Group picture at one of the most famous chuch towers.
At his third attemp the weather was on Peters side and he finally got the Stelvio pass out of his bucket list. Congrats for your personal Stelvio expedition.
The group is supporting their local sausage dealer! )
Bruno is doing his best to make the hungry group happy! They loved those sausages.
Group photo with the best sausage dealer of the Stelvio pass, thanks Bruno!
There it is the mother of all passes!
Lane, Debbie and Bob celebrating Peters Stelvio expedition with the right background scenery! Unfortunatly we still have to wait 'til we reach the hotel to celebrate it with a beer.
We branded the Stelvio!
The group is enjoying the southside landscape of the Stelvio pass.
Yeah! More curves are waiting for us. we'll be there in a minute.
The "fastest granny" i've ever met in my life. Debbie just leaves us speachless with her riding skills. Just wow!
Lane is trying hard to keep up with his wife...
Bob is so happy about the experience he had on his riding academy, it helped a lot as he said. Good job Bob!
Peter is adding some more passes on his list, here he's just on the way to climb another tough one, the Gavia pass
The views of this tour are just breathtaking!
The top of the Gavia just offers another perfect spot for a group picture!
Wow! Just when you think you had an incredible scenery, there is another one just waiting around the corner...we can't get enough of this!

Day 1: Mieming - Fiss

The Alps Extreme Tour is on the way to start.

Our first riding day will take us from Mieming to Kühtai, a ski resourt and a passroad with the same name.

It´s the perfect way to get introduced into alpine riding through the tyrolian countryside.

Before we get to the riding highlight of the day "the Kaunertal glacier valley" we will buy a ticket for the longest alpine rollercoaster, a unique experience is garanteed.

After that we will continue through breathtaking landscapes and amazing curves ´til we reach the way to the Kaunertal glacier.

5 Bikes for this ride for fun tour, that will feel like a private tour through the alps!
Everybody's ready and excited to get the wheels spinning!
Our first coffee stop with a fabulous view at Kühtai!
The first surprise of the tour as Tom kept the secret during the daily briefing! Everbody loved that ride on the longest alpine scooter.
Everbody can't wait to get down! Just waiting for the green light and then full throttle.....
As always during a free ride section the Tour Guide goes last to collect the pieces... Hahaha! ))
Lane felt like christmas when he noticed the new electric powerd GasGas trial bikes. there was no way around without testing them... where is that wheel to turn for full power....
That's what happens when you get a couple of professional Stuntmen on tour...
Lane is showing us some skills on the trial bike...impressive!!
He didn't took long to get the feeling for that bike, nice move by the way!
...and as soon as Lane went off the as soon went Debbie on it, nice performance!
Unstoppable woman! )
Very nice view just before reaching the Kaunertal valley.
Peter, Bob, Lane and Debbie enjoying the scenery and the perfect weather.
Debbie are you posing for the next BMW stunt commercial?? =))
View of the Gepatsch lake at the south end of the Kaunertal.
Debbie leading the group on the free ride at the toll road up to the Kaunertaler glacier.
Lane trying to catch up with his wife.
Peter's doing a good job at the toll road with it's 29 switchbacks, almost ready for the Stelvio tomorrow.
Bob is showing what he learned last week with Christian at the "Alps Riding Academy"
First view to the glacier from the valley, isn't it fabulous?
Group picture at the bottom of the glacier.
Well deserved some relaxing time on the top of the glacier, what an amazing ride up here!!
The Kaunertal glacier.
(Unfotunatly) it's a dead end road so we had to go back on this very nice and super maintained road =)) yes and fun again on the way back, this tour is definitly a ride for fun tour.
Nice view and a nice bike as well...
Isn't this beautyful??
Tom's meeting the locals of the Kaunertal. =))
Looks like someone's interessted in this red Ducati.
Some nice woodcarving at the road up to the glacier...
Last view before we leave for our final stop in the upper Inn valley.
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 12:14

Thanks Edelweiss Tours, on another great tour. We chased Tom, and captured a great adventure. Great weather, fantastic riders, and endless twisty switchback roads.
Extreme understates our tour, can't wait to do it again. I Love the Alps.
Just did it.
Tom Friden
Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 15:49

True words Bob! Can't wait also to do it again!
Maybe we'll meet again! would be great!
Debbie Evans Leavitt
Monday, August 7, 2017 at 13:31

This was the Best Vacation Ever!!! I love the blog Tom! The scenery was spectacular, food was excellent and the roads are never ending fun! Turns, turns and more turns. Great people and now great friends
Tom Friden
Monday, August 7, 2017 at 15:35

Thx Debbie for the kind words, i can only agree on that 100%.
Peter Alderson
Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 06:59

Back at work after my ''Stelvio Expedition''. Thanks to Edelweiss, especially Tom Friden, for making this possible. Awesome roads and great company of fellow bikers. It was a blast!!
Tom Friden
Friday, August 4, 2017 at 07:25

Thanks Peter, it was definitly a blast of a tour and i'm happy we made it to the top of the Stelvio this time, Best conditions for your Stelvio expedition. Hope to see you again maybe for the rest of the tour or another one.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 23:18

Hey Bob, Tom, and the rest of the group,

I wish you a fun tour and more great rides!!! Enjoy Italy and the Dolomites! I am curious Bob if you will find a lunch that beats our last year's improvised picnic in the Dolomites

Safe travels
Tom Friden
Friday, August 4, 2017 at 21:55

Check out where we stopped for lunch at day 3, see if you can beat that...


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