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Tourguide Training 2018

Sunday, March 18, 2018 | James Ashton / Malcolm Brunelli | News

The final day of 2018's Tour Guide Training 

First aid training

It's been another fantastic training weekend, or week for the rookies! There have been a lot of new things to learn, and some exciting changes within the company too. But most importantly it's been fantastic to meet our colleagues once again, all together in the same place. Great fun was had by all, but sadly all good things must come to an end - and so today concluded the 2018 Tour Guide Training 

The tour guides are practising how to correctly remove a helmet
Ted's getting the hang of it!
Resuscitation is another skill we're taught
Of course, we're all hopeful that these are skills we never need to put into practice in the real world. But it's always best to be prepared
Bandaging wounds is yet another skill to master
How many tour guides does it take to remove a gps?
Rainer gives his closing remarks to finish another fantastic tour guide training weekend

Training and year statistics

The saturday has been a full day, a lot of new informations, some repeats and at night a sum of the 2017 year.

Workshops, jokes and fun...that's Edelweiss Tour Guide Training!


Mieming in the morning. Wonderful!
Bjorn is resting from the exhausting training....obviously on a motorcycle!
Dinner time in Kranebitterstadl....mexican-tyrolean food!
Ursula is telling the other tour guides how the first E-Bike tour was! Amazing
The first awards are given...the group of Sarah won the yesterdays competition!!!!
It is incredible how many days some tourguides spend on tour! EXPERIENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM
Tour guides of the year: Manuel Marabese, Marko Bauer, Michael Goebel und Malcolm Brunelli (rookie)
Are we at the Oscars? No, but the emotions are the same! Claudia won the award for best blogger of the year!


How quickly can 10 people make a puzzle?

In the afternoon the old tour guides start arriving, and team building games are prepared. A great way for the new tour guides to get to know the old. In the evening all are invited to the Weinfest in Telfs - what a great start to the weekend!

Target practise!
Bulls eye!
Rob measures himself up
Construction is underway
And now we're ready for transport!
The ball is loaded and we're ready to go
The first group takes their ball around the garage
And here comes group number 2
The competition is hot!
Somebody must keep score - such attention to detail
Uwe takes a lucky dip
The suspense!
And the next word is???
But who had the answer?
Such eloquence
The office staff try some real work!
Harder! Stronger!
And finally those with experience are allowed to help
Rainer introduces our Chinese guests
And finally we can relax and enjoy the Wienfest in Telfs
Great that everyone meets again
Smiles all round!
I've no idea what Markus is up to here?!
Oh dear - the Schnapps has arrived
Cheers! Maybe some tour guides will feel a little sore tomorrow


Malcolm shows Michaela some tips

We've had two full days of learning and now it's time to put our skills into action. All new tour guides must prepare a presentation for a tour, and of course the pressure is on to impress! Thankfully all was successful and the first nerve racking hurdle of becoming a tour guide is behind us

After another day of learning the team relaxes over dinner and enjoys a well deserved beer
A spiritual moment as the sun rises over the church, and the new tour guides make their way to the office to make their first briefings, after a late night of preparation
Malcolm and James the 'old' new tour guides make a Welcome Briefing in front of the 'new' new tour guides
Mike and Dieter aren't nervous at all!
Mike 'senior' puts his skills into action
Markus gives Chris some helpful tips
Johanna gives a fresh presentation - creating her artwork on the fly!
Wouter presents his masterpiece - Belgium's Picasso!
Mike 'junior' has his daily briefing


The formidable GS greets the new Tourguides at the beginning of the training

A new season has begun, and so comes with it the season's new tour guides. In total 10 'rookies' have joined the team, and they've been joined by the two 2017 rookies to make a team of 12 enthusiastic participants. But that's not all - there are also some fresh faces in the Edelweiss Office and Garage, and it's been great to see these newbie's also learning the ropes of life as a tourguide. There's a full week of training ahead, but all are looking forward to the weekend when the complete team of Edelweiss Tourguides descends on Mieming for the annual event. Stay tuned for more!

Tales from the 'old' new tour guides
Smiles all round
Malcolm getting a feel for the new BMW GS Rallye
The training begins!
Dieter is super excited about Markus' thrilling presentations
The garage is looking a little empty - the touring season is only just beginning and there are still lot's more bikes to come!
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Wim Doms
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 15:14

You know what the problem is with tour guide training? Once you get back home, you feel SO much like riding a bike that I commuted mine to the normal job office this morning in Belgian sub-zero temperatures.
So thank you, Edelweiss, for making my b... freeze off
(B... elgian fingertips I meant, of course, or what were you thinking?).

Been a great weekend, with even greater people, once again. Have a great season everyone!
Claudia Wenhart
Monday, March 19, 2018 at 16:18

Thanks Malcom and James for your great Blog!!
Have a great season!
Michaela Achatzi
Monday, March 19, 2018 at 08:59

I 'm back at hom
It was a gerad week in the Edelweiss Garage. It was lot of Input and a lot of fun.
See the Rookies Go the Modultour .
Markus Hellrigl
Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 20:51

Thank you uMalcom and James for the great blog! It was a fantastic week (end) with all of you folks and Edelweiss is proud to have you all in the team. Especially the ¨rookies¨ were exhausted - but believe me too.
Hope everyone made it home safe - see you during the season
Perry Cogburn
Friday, March 16, 2018 at 16:23

Mike W - King of Boot Beer!
Claudia Wenhart
Friday, March 16, 2018 at 11:48

Hallo zusammen,
ein herzliches Willkommen allen "rookies"!!! Hey und super, dass wir die Frauenquote steigern
Freue mich Euch kennenzulernen, bis später
LG Claudia


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