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Scooter riding through Tuscany

Friday, May 25, 2018 | Pablo Piferrer | Europe / Italy

Thanks for sharing your holidays. It was a pleasure. Safe travels!

Day 1 - San Gimignano

San Gimignano and the strada Chiantigiana

As the day begins the dark stormy clouds from the previous days daym to give us a rest so we can enjoy the ride. Sunny and hot dor most of the day, untila light rain that gives us the opportunity to enjoy Piazzale Michelangelo to ourselves.

TG Pablo tightening a mirror after our first quick stop to see the beautiful panorama!
Statue of Giovanni da Verrazano
A nice panoramic picture of the square at Greve in Chianti
The mascot at the famous Maceleria Falorni
Keeping with the Vespa spirit
First gelato...
Licher beer in a small pizzeria in Florence!!
Porcini pizza!!
Mike and Lauren enjoying a "light" dinner

Day 2 - Mugello race track and the Tuscan Apenines

Off on our second day we go towards the north, the more mountainous and curvy area of the region, to the race tracks, new and old, with a lucky visit to the paddocks as they were open. What a lush day for riding!

Cappuccino for breakfast to start the day!
Silvia enjoying a selfie with the beautiful towb of Florence in the back
Pablo preparing a picture...
This picture!!
Parking right in front of the boxes!!
What a roaring sound!
And we got to ride around the outside a little bit!
First pass of the tour!
These roads are made for our Vespas!
Porcini. Both dishes are a single ration!
Almost at Muraglione
Yes, great pass!!

Day 3 - Siena and Radda in Chianti

Tiday we retake the starda Chiantigiana all the way to Siena and on our way back we get to visit the old town of Rada for a walk and a well deserved coffee.

The Chianti rooster
Siena Cathedral is simply amazing!
May not look it, but it is veeeery steep!
Reenactment of a picture
Trying to take a picture of the guys and didn't realise the cammera was on selfie mode!
Where's Pablo?

Day 4 - Arezzo and the Consuma Pass

A very narrow street takes us up to an overlook of Florence and straight towards the Consuma Pass. The highest pass of the tour. From there, the road takes us to Arezzo for a quick visit of the town. A town, known for it's jewelers, making up to a third of Italy's produxe!

Mike: "Harald, since you are the tallest, can you put the picture up?"
Harald: " Sure, where?"
Mike: "..."
Mike: "at the top!"
Rhe highest pass of the tour
Pablo trying to learn how to open a beer with another beer, Harald made it look easy!
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