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BOE1803 - Best of Europe

Sunday, July 15, 2018 | Ursula Peter / Björn Greibig / Tom Friden | Europe

What a great group of people! Thank you all for a wonderful week. It is much more out there. We hope to seeing you again. Safe travels, all the best

Ursula, Tom and Björn

Day 8: Warth-Erding

the tourguides with Jenny
We have to say good-bye to the Jägeralpe
Ron enjoys an ice cream at the beautiful Plansee.
Lizz at Linderhof
Ettal Monastery
Don't worry it was alcohol free!!!

Day 7: Schaffhausen - Warth (Austria)

We go deeper into the mountains of Switzerland - we go sloooow. On twistiy roads we reach Schwägalp and the cable car to the top of Säntis.The Rhine Valley and along Liechtenstein we reach the narrow pass roads of Furkaoch and Hochtannbergpass. Adrenalin and fun!

The Jägeralpe in Warth is a perfect finish for the day.


the old toll bridge in Denklingen
Lake of Constance
on top of Säntis
the Furkajoch
Hochtannberg Pass
Happy Birthday Val
Million star hotel.

Day 6: Ribeauvillé - Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

Three countries on one day! The route will take us from France over the Maginot Line to the river Rhine, the German/French border. After cruising on some back roads in the Black Forest we will enjoy the famous black forest cake in Hexenlochmühle, a mystic witch place.

And than we sneek in over a small border crossing into the land of milk and money - Switzerland.

The Rhine Fall in Schaffhausen is .the largest in Europe and Schaffhausen itself absolutey worth to  sit.- specially on the motorcycle

Enjoy the view from the top of Kandel!
Some black forest cherry cake?!
Hexenlochmühle - witch hole mill
Rothaus - the highest located brewery of the 1.339 in Germany
Unfortunately we couldn't drink beer in the Rothaus brewery but the food was good too.
Niagara of Switzerland - Rheinfall in Schaffhausen
on the very left you see Marita and Ron (our flee I can`t find )
yummy - good Indian food in Switzerland
Reached the Rhine Falls

Day 5: Ribeauvillé

Today we have a rest day where everybody is free to do what ever he is up to, no matter if you want to explore the area by your own, or discover the local sight by walking such as museums or wine tastings or even go out for a ride with the tour guides on our rest day route.

Todays rest day ride took us up to the most famous fortresses of the Alsace region the "Hautkönigsbourg"

Not only the castle itself is a highlight not to miss but also the view from up there is just fabulous.

After the panoramic view from the view point at the castle we went further on over several mountain passes, like "le col du bonhomme" or "le col de la schlucht".

Curve after curve we are able to improve our riding skills.

After a few hours riding it was time to rejoin the rest of the group to enjoy a nicely prepared picnic at the hotel.

Some of us finished the afternoon with a second ride, others went for shopping or enjoying the nice town by a small walking tour.

Tonight we go out for dinner and watching the worldcup game between France and Belgium.

Quick picture stop in the vineyards around Ribeauvillé.
Maretha likes the ride up to the castle!
All perfectly lined up in front of the "Hautkönigsbourg"
Rod and Maretha having a good time with Tom at the castle.
Sad memories from the past, the WWI cimetary at the "col du Wettstein"
Le lac blanc translated the white lake on our way back to the hotel, unfortunatly a little bit cold for a swim.
and after the ride a picnic was waiting for the wild riders
and after the picnic we waited for the soccer semi final - I could have been a good day

Day 4: Heidelberg - Ribeauvillé (France)

Our route today leads us through the Black Forest and the Rhine Valley into France. The roads were so beautiful we had not so much time for pictures.

a short stop at Mummelsee at the Schwarzwald Hochstrasse

Who is it? Yes - James and Catherine

Day 3: Rothenburg - Heidelberg

After a funny tour with the nightwatchman yesterday evening we started with perfect weather and good mood direction Heidelberg. Castle Langenburg was the first picture stop before we rolled along the river Jagst to Schöntal. Schöntal means cake!!!!!  Two beautiful castles in the afternoon and than Heidelberg.

Any more wishes??

The king rides Harley Davidson!
Langenburg Castle
Jenny the hard working journalist
beautiful view from the Jagst valley
the cake excess in Schöntal abbey
Monastery Schöntal is really impressive
this is a place to enjoy a glas of wine, hey?
On our terrace of our hotel - by the way the oldest one in Heidelberg - Hotel Hirschgasse
the castel of Heidelberg
Donna and Björn

Day 2: Erding - Rothenburg

We set off to cruise through the charming Bavarian countryside. We pass through Germany's most important hops-growing area, the Hallertau. The “Romantic Road” linking some of the best preserved medieval towns of Germany. Tonight we stop in the most famous and most enchanting of them: Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

first morning - everybody is busy and excited
Marita and Ron - the Australians in front of the Cathedral in Eichstätt
Marita and Ron, Tyler, Grant and Valdine, Donna, Brendon, Ron, Howard and Linda
Lunch at Willibaldsburg
all our Canadians with the Archeopteryx
Beautiful Dinkelsbühl in the afternoon
a storck is nesting up there
since 27 years from March to November, every single evening, he is guiding people through Rothenburg. Famous and funny nightwatch man George
Rothenburg at sunset
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Xgrowup funciona mesmo
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 01:55

Great trip everyone and great memories! Thank you to our tour guides. Safe travels.
Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 00:22

muito bom, gostei
Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 13:23

Great trip everyone and great memories! Thank you to our tour guides. Safe travels.
James Torgerson
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at 02:57

I am very grateful you used your persuasive powers to get me on the aerial tram to Santis. It would have been a terrible shame to miss that!
Ron & Donna Sawatzky
Sunday, July 15, 2018 at 08:17

Great trip everyone and great memories! Thank you to our tour guides. Safe travels.
Claudia Wenhart
Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 23:49

Hallo Ihr drei,
ich wünsche Euch eine tolle Tour. Viel Spaß noch und gute Fahrt.
LG Claudi
Tom Friden
Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 08:02

Hi Claudia, danke gleichfalls!
Educafit é confiavél
Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 21:05

I love motorcycles, congratulations, yours are beautiful.
Tom Friden
Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 08:01

Hi thanks, glad you like it.


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