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Alaska-Yukon Tour AYT1801

Friday, July 20, 2018 | Marko Bauer / Milan Haase | North and South America

Denali in all its beauty!

Back in Anchorage! As usual, time was flying on this seems like we started just a few days ago. 2500 miles through Alaska and Yukon- and the final riding day had plenty of new highlights for us! In the morning we had a couple of stunning views of North America‘s highest mountain, Denali! Riding-wise the final highlight was definitely the ride over Hatcher Pass - not very high (<4,000ft), but extremely scenic!

The perfect end for a great tour with our new friends from Australia, Europe and the USA!

Luke, Robert, Roman, Jan and Rudy in front of Denali
Fabio riding up to Hatcher Pass
Our last day of riding took us over Hatcher Pass- by Anchorage. What a great way to end a great tour!



The Denali Highway.... simply stunning!
Ken, Luke and I rode out the Denali Highway to see this place- the clearwater lodge. Middle of no where. This ol boy - Lee- had some great stories. He was a Bush Pilot his whole life and lived to tell the tales. The ride out and back was spectacular - to say the least...
Dawson City - Home of the Yukon gold rush

Rest day in Dawson City, Yukon...after one week of riding, we definitely deserve a break! But in a beautiful region like this, you really have to ride even on a rest day. So four of us took off to explore the gold mines in the area, including the „Discovery Claim“, where the first gold was found in 1896!

A scenic gravel road lead us back to Dawson, leaving enough time for a walk through the old gold mining town!

Maybe there is some gold left!
Luke and Ken at Dredge No.4
Ken, Luke and Fabio at the origin of gold rush - Discovery Claim


Skagway from above

The day began with blueberry pancakes - the perfect start for an incredible day! In the morning we split up in two groups- one going for a helicopter flight landing on top of a glacier, the other group going for flightseeing into Glacier Bay National Park. Crystalclear blue skies, white glaciers - words can’t describe the beauty!

And the following ride back into the Yukon Territory was just as spectacular! White Pass, Tagish Lake, Carcross and finally Whitehorse were the ingredients for a very memorable riding day!

Our group at breakfast in the Sweet Tooth Cafe
Roman, Marko, Luke, Rudy, Jan and Ken ready for takeoff
Glacier Bay National Park
Fabio testing pure glacier water
Back in Yukon
Tagish Lake - correct or upside down, who knows...



Downtown Skagway Alaska is just like 100 years ago...
Skagway Alaska is an awesome spot!! Upon arrival we did a short dirt loop to some nice lookout points
The group at the Tetlin Refuge

We are leaving Alaska today - Yukon is our destination! Under a clear blue sky we headed south on the famous Alaska Highway. After a short, but amazingly beautiful stop at the Tetlin Refuge, we crossed the border to Canada. Our first lunch in Canada was accompanied by the soccer semifinal between England and Croatia (1:2) - what a great start into this beautiful province (or territory to be exact). A gigantic mountain range and Yukon‘s largest lake led us to today’s destination, Haines Junction. And evenings in Alaska can be quite warm, so we could eat outside on the patio, in bright daylight and sunshine at 9pm!

Fabio and Robert at Pickhandle Lake
The yellow-helmets, Jan, Rudy and Marko at Kluane Lake


Leaving Anchorage - Alaska here we come!

Paperwork is done, the bikes are ready - and so are we! Our international group from Australia, Czech Republic, Italy and USA is on its way to discover Alaska and its Canadian neighbor Yukon. After leaving Anchorage we followed the Matanuska valley. The river took us all the way to the huge glacier which gave valley and river its name! And we saw our first moose - what a start. After lunch we continued south towards Valdez, the town at the southern end of the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline! Here we stay overnight, we‘re ready for dinner!

Fabio and Milan playing corn-hole in the Matanuska valley
Robert and Roman in front of the Matanuska glacier


Summer in Alaska is short - let‘s ride!

Just one more day until our international group will get together to explore this magical part of the world. Alaska, Yukon, the gold rush and last but not least North America‘s highest mountain are waiting for us!

Summer in Alaska
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Ben Sharp
Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 07:46

Beautiful country up there! Slippery roads I hear! Rubber side down! Enjoy the ride.
Ben Sharp
Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 22:06

Looking good! Wish I was there! Where is the rest of the group? Did my dad (Ken Sharp) get trampled by the moose!
Marko Bauer
Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 05:22

Hi Ben - too bad you’re not here! But your dad is - and the moose we have seen so far were not interested!
Mark Allen
Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 20:47

Nice van. Wish they had that last year!


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