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Classic Cuba: special Chinese edition (CKU190A)

Friday, March 29, 2019 | Manuel Marabese | North and South America

Day 10: Varadero - Havana

Here we go: last riding day! Another sunny day and a medium long route that brings us back to Havana. Late start, a stop by the Casa of Al Capone (he used to store rum there in the 1920s during US prohibitionism). We ride the Via Blanca, the coastal road, and then we take a tour across Havana downtown with our motorcycles. This city is always so special, and in the evening we will take a stroll with the old cars along the Malecon and the Prado.

Thanks to everyone who joined our tour, see you soon!

Day 9: Remedios - Varadero

The tour slowly goes towards the last days, and today's route is a fairly short one. The weather this morning is fantastic and we can enjoy a morning of beach vacation in Cayo Santa Maria. The powder sand and the turquoise water is surely a good way to unwind and take a break from riding.

In the afternoon we stop by to the museum of sugar cane and old trains, before reaching the quiet and charming Remedios for the evening.

Lunch in Finca Luna

Day 8: Cayo Santa Maria - Remedios 

Very short ride for today's route, allowing us to indulge in some beach and relax at the resort. After lunch we ride back to the mainland and we stop for a cultural visit at the museum of the sugar cane. The destination today is the laid back and pastel coloured Remedios. 

Day 7: Trinidad - Cayo Santa Maria 

Today we cross Cuba from south to north, stopping first in Iznaga and then in Santa Clara, where we salute Che Guevara and its mausoleum. Here it was fought the decisive battle of the Cuban Revolution on the 31 December 1958. Afterwards we ride the 45km long road on the water, connecting the mainland with the Cayos.

Day 6: Rest day in Trinidad 

It's already half way through the tour - time flies - and today we take a break from riding. Staying two nights in Trinidad gives us the chance to explore this very picturesque colonial town with its pastel coloured houses and the smooth cobble stones alley. 

Day 5: Cienfuegos - Trinidad 

Another fantastic blue sky today, perfect weather since the beginning of the tour. Today the route is much shorter than yesterday, which allow us some time for a walk in the parque central of Cienfuegos. We ride through the Sierra the Escambray today, stopping in El Nicho for a refreshing little hike to the waterfalls.

Day 4: Havana - Cienfuegos 

It's time to move towards the southern coast now, crossing entire Havana in the morning with a stop in the famous Plaza de la Revolución. We visit a small paladar for lunch, the Teraza de Mily in Playa Larga. We stop by the museum Girón in the Bay of Pigs and then we reach Cienfuegos, our destination for today. 

Not too much traffic on the autopista.
Relax time at the Cueva de los Peces in the Bay of Pigs
Cienfuegos has some great architecture, tomorrow we will discover more with a short walk in the centre.

Day 3: Viñales - Havana

The area around Viñales and Pinar del Río is famous for the perfect soil for tobacco plants. Here the finest leaves are harvested and used to produce the best Cuban cigars. In the morning we visit Quemado de Rubi, a very green and relaxing tobacco plantation.

Day 1 and 2: Havana - Viñales 

After a very long flight crossing half of the globe our guests from China arrived in Havana! In the next ten days tour guides Kim  Arnival and Manuel will do their best to let them discover this very unique country. 

Today we are heading west, towards the green area around Viñales, surrounded by the so-called mogotes (karst formations). On the way there we visit the park Las Terrazas, offering us a lush coffee and lunch stop. The afternoon is very curvy, with some bumpy roads ad well. 


Ready to ride!
Our newest addition to Edelweiss fleet, we like especially the tank, surpassing our usual safety standards.
The Río San Juan is a refreshing stop before lunch
Time to relax before checking out Viñales by night. Today the main street is closed for traffic and the atmosphere is fantastic!
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