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CCC1901 - Flamenco and port wine - The Christopher Columbus Tour

Saturday, April 6, 2019 | Dieter Arnoth / Ursula Peter | Europe

9. Day: Cordoba - Malaga

Last not least this is an awesome riding day through the Montes de Malaga, the Malaga mountains, down to the beach. Thousands of curves and no traffic and a delicious picnic high in the mountains awaits us.Lets see....

finally we managed it on the last day to get a group pictures. It is difficult with these big groups
married for such a long time and still "love birds"
Bernd und Evelyn
Riding fun to Malaga --- Ralf and his GS
Bernd and Evelyn
Bob and Beverly

8. Day: Zafra - Cordoba

Famous for its Mezquita, one of the most magnificent Islamic buildings, Córdoba is one of the must-sees in Andalusia. The city was capital of Al Andalus, the Moorish Andalusia, when this region was at its political and cultural peak. So we tried to be there early. And getting there was not easy, because our hotel was next to the Mezquita.

just incredible
the Roman bridge over the Guadalquivir
the Estremadura is famous for a special breed of pigs and the Jamon Iberico
the entrance doors to the Mezquita - pure art. And our hotel is just next toi it.

7. Day: Lisbon - Zafra

Get up early for a long riding day and say good bye to Lisboa! We'll be heading east towards Spain on the freeway today. Medieval towns like Evora and Elvas tempt us to take a short stop before we cross back into Spain into the province of the Extremadura. 

Being one of the oldest trading places on the Iberian peninsula, it was of great importance under the Romans. Almost 400 years under Moorish rule left traces, too. UNESCO declared the city center of Evora to be a World Heritage Site in 1986. The bone house is a must, but a bit weird.

Being one of the oldest trading places on the Iberian peninsula, it was of great importance under the Romans. Almost 400 years under Moorish rule left traces, too. UNESCO declared the city center of Evora to be a World Heritage Site in 1986. The bone house is a must, but a bit weird.

6. Day: Lisbon

Located at the bay of the river Tejo and built on and around seven hills, this city can be counted among the most beautiful in the world, and will leave you breathless in every way, due to its beauty, and also the steep alleys and constant ups and downs! The Phoenicians laid the cornerstone of Lisboa with a settlement at the River Tejo (“Alis Ubbo”); the Romans took over and fortified it (“Felicitas Iulia”); and the Moors conquered it and led the town to its economic and cultural high time (“Lischbuna”) until 1147. The big discoveries and expeditions of the 15th century made it to one of the richest towns in Europe. And we have the whole day to enjoy it! 

the famous tramway 28 for a ride through the old town - the Alfama.
Castelo São Jorge. You should not miss to visit the Obscura
awesome views from the castle
Jerónimos Monastery in Belem - the monastery is one of the most prominent examples of the Portuguese Late Gothic Manueline style of architecture in Lisbon. It was classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983

5. Day: Sines - Lisbon

Today we are heading for Lisbon! After a ride through seemingly endless cork oak forests, we arrive at the peninsula of Tróia - Lands End!
From here we take the ferry to cross over to Sétubal to enjoy the magnificent view over Setubal's bay. The winding road through the Serra da Arrabida leads us to the Cabo Espichel at the coast. At the end of the day Lisbon welcomes us with an impressive ride over a bridge similar to the Golden Gate bridge.

Ralf und sein dickes Mädel
Sines in the morning
Vasco da Gama
Ferry to Setubal
Golden Gate ??? No the bridge to Lisbon...
Lisbon --- what a beautiful town...

4. Day: Faro - Sines

Heading out of Faro, we hit the road inland, getting to the foothills of the Monchique mountains. A steep climb takes us first to the village of Monchique, and later further up to Foia, one of the most spectacular viewpoints on our tour at almost 3,000 ft. The group wanted everything - so we rode out to Cabo San Vincente - the South-Western most point and had a delicious picnic afterwards, overviewing the Atlantic ocean.

Beverly and Bob
it is simply too early for Evelyn
Bernd und Evelyn
he definitely has the best spot. He is there every year and I bet it is every year the same guy
what a spot
delicious treats at the Atlantic ocean
Sines is famous in Portugal because of beeing the birthtown of Vasco da Gama. In 1490 he sailed to India without GPS and cellphone. He made the Portugese Empire rich. What a brave guy! He is still looking west.

3. Day: Seville - Faro

Everybody is well rested. A beautiful day ahead of us. We are heading for Portugal! Northwest of Sevilla, we get to ride wide and open roads before we hit the motorway to reach the country of portwine and fado, endless beaches and rough coasts, traditional villages and booming cities like Lisbon.

Columbus monument in Huelva
Arrival in Faro
a well deserved beer on the roof top terrace of Faro Hotel

2. Day: Seville

With a population of more than 700,000 inhabitants, Seville is Andalusia’s biggest and most exciting city. Its unique atmosphere – stylish, confident, ancient, proud, yet also sociable and intimate - makes it an absolute must for every Andalusia visitor.

the good thing on a restday is, that everybody can decide what they want to do. Some went riding, some slept in, Bob and Bev went on a Segway Tour. Gary and me started early for the highlights frontdoor
we started with the bull fight arena, the oldest one (1761) and the biggest one.
If you stand in the center, imagine that 14.000 spectators looking at you and the bull is entering the arena - quite some adrenaline is coming up

A must-see are the city’s two great monuments: The Muslim Alcazar and the Cathedral with its famous Ghiralda.

we managed the biggest challenge - to go in. We had a fantastic guide for 1 h for a reasonable price

some impressions of these treasures

the swimming pool of Maria de Padilla - perfect temperature all year round in the underground of the palace

We were hungry. But as we passed by the Cathedral there were for what reason ever - no queues!!

In we went and up the tower as well

the tomb of Christopher Columbus - 1492 he wanted to sail to India, but America was in this way
the main altar
It is the biggest Gothic church on this planet and maybe one of the most beautiful ones as well
we climbed up the Giralda - a Sevillian landmark
2/3 moorish architecture, the top Catholic, horses could ride up and of course we walked the 35 stories
views from the top
next to the tower in the back is our hotel directly on the river Guadalquivir
the Parasol - constructed by a German architect for the Expo 1992
while Ralf and Dieter took a great Restday ride
and after some delicious Tapas we had a fantastic Flamenco performance

1. Day: Malaga - Seville

A short morning briefing and on we hop.Everybody is quite excited. We`ll cruising along the cost to get used to our bikes and turn in than to the back roads and up to Ronda. We will explore some to the "pueblos blancos" the white villages before we end up in Seville, the capital of Andalusia.

Ronda is most dramatically located on top of a sheer limestone cliff. The nearly unconquerable town was one of the last Moorish bastions in Spain. The Puente Nuevo, a bridge spanning the 300 ft. Tajo gorge, connects both parts of town.

It is the cradle of bullfighting and its bullring is one of the oldest in Spain. Every ambitious matador dreams about fighting here in September,

Arrival an Tourstart in Spain

The bikes are ready for tourstart
Best weather - warm and sunny
Welcome Briefing

Bike transport

Bike transport from Austria to Malaga/Spain
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