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RTS1901: From Sicily to Rome!

Thursday, May 9, 2019 | Anthony Fairweather / Michaela Achatzi | Europe / Italy

Thank you very much and keep the shiny side up, it's been a blast! Michaela & Tony

Pompeii to Rome

The farewell dinner , the time to say goodbye.
Suzanne and Michael in front of the popes " Flat"
I did not do anything
Not to bad for a lunchtime

Restday Pompeii

Our restday was very exiting.

In the morning we celebrated the ruins from Pompei.

Than in the afernoon to visit the beautiful city from Napels.

Ther was typical pizza and alot of ice cream.

The narrow streets of Napoli, very interesting!!

Aquafredda to Pompeii

It's with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Aquafredda. We leave the coast behind and start climbing into the mountains on twisty roads and ride through sleepy hillside villages towards Paestum. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers some of the best ancient Greek temples in all of Italy (yes, the Greeks where here as well). But the highlight of the day ix most certainly Michaela's fantastic picnic at a local Caseficio, including of course the excellent local Mozzarella di buffola! The last few miles take us into Pompeii, where we will spend the next two nights.

Lemons as big as a melon
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shopping for the picnic with Kim
When you can't choose what to get for the picnic, just get everything!
Thank you to all buffaloes for the fantastic Mozzarella.
Modern bikers and ancient temples, a perfect blend for a ride in Italy!
JB and 2000 year old stones!
The temple of Hera.
We would like to introduce the original Edelweiss floral print umbrella! Well, perhaps not...
A special thank you to Michael for the extra protection.

Tropea to Aquafredda

We continue north along the coast towards the famous Costa de Cedri, named for the huge lemons that can grow up to 6 pounds in size. The highlight of the day is the fantastic coast road along the Gulf of Policastro which hugs the sheer rock cliffs that rise several hundred feet out of the ocean. A small side trip takes up to the top of the cliffs where we enjoy a spectacular view over the coast.

Pool or bar.....?
Tim, Tony, JB and Cynthia
Jeanette, Hugh, Kim and Jay.
Mark, Michaela, Michael and Suzanne.
The road to Christo Redemptore, a true rollercoaster!
Michael and Suzanne in front of the Redeemer, high above the Gulf of Policastro.
Edelweiss, where even the van gets to ride the twisties!
Food, glorious food!

Taormina to Tropea

Our last day on the island takes us back into the mountains. The roads are almost devoid of traffic, full of sweeping turns and tight hairpins an to top it all off, an errupting Mt. Etna in the distance. We finally arrive in Messina and board the ferry to the mainland. After thirty short minutes we land in the bustling seaside town of San Giovanni and join the coastal road north towards Tropea, our stop for the night.

What a lovely place for a lunch.
Time to say goodbye Sicily
good morning Stromboli

Restday Taormina

What to do on a day off in Sicily.... How about a ride up an active volcano! We leave the coast and start climbing through the lava fields that cover much of Mt. Etnas flanks. The roads are  a motorcyclists dream, full of sweepers, swichtbacks and panoramic views of the coast. Not a bad way to spend a day.

Cefalù to Taormina

Today we head off into the mountains that stretch across the north of Sicily. Leaving Cefalu behind we ride along the beautiful coast, stop for coffee in one of the many charming seaside villages and then head south into the mountains. We climb to 4500 ft in an almost seemless series of tight twists and turns, then ride along the flanks of Mt. Etna, before finally descending towards the Straights of Messina. Our final stop of the day is in the charming cliffside village Forza dAgro for coffee with a view, just before arriving in Taormina, our home for the next two nights.

Sun, sea and mountains, this is Sicily!
Mark and Tim, buddies on bikes!
Tim, his motorcycle and the Sicilian mountains. An excellent combination!

Agrigento to Cefalú

Today is all about the Godfather as we head north into the heart of Sicily. Our route takes through towns and villages with names such as Corleone and Prizzi, birthplaces of many of the Mafias most infamous bosses. But today also offers many other highlights such as fantastic riding, a Norman fortress and and the first Edelweiss picnic of the tour.

Cliff in the near from cefalú
Castello from Caccamo

Catania to Agrigento

Our first day of the tour could not start any better. Clear, blue skies, a snow-capped Mount Etna and perfect balmy temperatures. We hit the Catania bypass and take the first possible exit onto the small winding roads that criss-cross the hills of Sicily. After a first proper shot of espresso in a village square we head on towards our first highlight of the trip, the famous Villa Romana del Casale. We spend our time wandering around this exquisite Roman Villa, full of beautifuly detailed mosaics. Just up the road is our first lunch stop where we gorge ourselves on home-made antipasti and handrolled pasta. From here we make our way along backcountry roads towards Agricento, where we arrive just in time for a stroll through the Valley of the Temples and watch the sun set over the hills.

A fantastic shot of one of the many temples in Valle di Templi. Photo courtesy of Mark.
The Trinacria, coat of arms of the island of Sicily.
It's Sunday, and we promptly become part of the local Saint's feast-day celebrations.
A first coffee in the sun.
Rhino-loading in ancient Rome!
Cynthia and JB
Suzanne and Michael
Janette and Jay
Kim an Hugh
A perfect day !!!

Welcome Briefing

Welcome to Sicily! Our team from all over the North America has arrived to tackle some of the best riding Southern Italy has to offer!

The motorbikes are ready, we can start !
in the Italian paradise, we are curious
Everyone is eager to listen to the words of the tour guide, when will it finally start?
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Timothy DelGrosso
Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 16:44

As I sit this morning looking out into my sun burned back yard, I reminisce on the Catania to Rome tour. The route was great, the hotels very nice, the tour guides excellent and the scenery unbelievable. I can recommend this tour to anyone. As with the last tour I was on, Alps and Lakes. You will be seeing me again. To Tony and Mikaela, don't be surprised to see me in your mirror. Best wishes,

Hugh and kim
Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 03:55

We absolutely delighted with our trip. Michaela and Tony were the bomb for friends and tour guides. Edelweiss was top notch and worth every penny.. Our new friends who rode with us were the best. Lots of love .. Kim and Hugh
Judi O'Donnell
Friday, May 3, 2019 at 06:11

Fabulous pics! Looks like the tour is off to a great start. We are following this journey very closely; it is definitely on our wish list. Love seeing those new BMWs!
Michaela Achatzi
Friday, May 3, 2019 at 22:53

Hi Judi,

Thanks for your nice Kommentar .
Hope to meed you .

Cheers Michaela


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