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Best of Europe (BOE1901)

Sunday, May 19, 2019 | Marc Adamiak / Mike Woltering | Europe

Maivember here at Säntis in Switzerland

Welcome to Erding, Germany

When you arrive at the hotel of a Tour and you see such a motorcycle with a flag, you know that you are at the right place!
Everybody is listening to our description of the tour
Definetely not a Picasso...
Finally: the bike handover
Our guests from Brazil, Hong Kong, the Philipines and the USA are complete and while having a warm welcome (dinner), looking forward to the next exciting days

Erding - Rothenburg

Tour start with daily briefing
For lunch, wie stayed at this restaurant in a nice castle ruin.
Typical bavarian dish: white (pork) saussages, sweet mustard and a pretzel (actually, the wheat beer is missing...)
Our brazilian guests are happy...
...so are the others
Quick foto stop at the spot, where an Archaeopterix was found (skelleton of a flying dinosaur)
Coffee break in the pitoresque town oft Dinkelsbühl.
After we arrived in Rothenburg and after a delicious dinner, we participated in a guided city tour (the nightwatch guy was our guide)
One of many undestroyed parts of this medieval town.
And a lot of exciting stories told by the nightwatchmen.

Rothenburg - Heidelberg

The attraction (US?): Rothenburg market square
And off we go for another great day
Langenburg ruin
Schöntal monestary
Guests happy... Mike happy!
In our hotel, there were a welcome drink and some nice stories about the history waiting for us.
The worldwide known and famous Heidelberg castle ruin.
Heidelberg at night

Heidelberg - Ribeauvillé (France)

How to start a perfect day?
...with a great breakfast!
...then daily briefing in the sun
Ready for take-off
Coffee stop in the northern Black Forrest: Bad Herrenalb
Parking 1: brazilian style...
Parking 2: the american way
We took some nice curvy roads and bot rewarded with such views: Valley of the river Murg...
...or on the high Black Forest road...
...into the Valley of river Rhine
For lunch, we visited the restaurant of an Edelweiss customer...
...and saw our first cocoo clock, for which this area is famous for (besides other things, like ham, cake and more)
Ribeauvillé, impressions...
The town is located in well known wine area.
Look at the statue
French dinner

Ribeauvillé, rest day

On a sunny morning, we took the bikes for a nice 155 km loop.
First visit waa the old castle of Haut Königsburg, which partly dates back to mid 12th century.
Form the castle, one has a good view over the (river) Rhine valley - with the Black Forest in the distance.
Walking around the trenches of the first World War memorial
Please don’t leave the marked pathes as there are still some leftovers in the woods
Coffee break in Munster, which gives the local cheese its name
Little panorama picture of Lac Blanc
Back in Ribeauvillé, we had some good and typical dinner...
...tarte flambeé (with munster cheese) and a red wine

Ribeauvillé (France) - Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

Crossing the border back to Germany, the first stop was at the lock, to watch it in action...
Climbing some winding roads up to Kandel...
...we got this beautiful view over the Rhine valley, with the Vosges mountain range in France in the background.
In the Black Forest, one has to eat the delicious cake and to buy a cuckoo clock...
At this wonderful and quite hidden spot...
...well, guess what we did....!
Black Forrest cake at its best...
Black forest and its famous cake
...and maaaany clocks (handmade and original)
For lunch, Mike prepared a wonderful picnic!
Continuing (with our bikes, of course! ) to Switzerland and.....
...one of the 3 biggest waterfalls in Europe: the Rhine fall at Schaffhausen

Schaffhausen (Switzerland) - Au (Austria)

Hope we didn’t gain too much weight during this trip after all that great food so the bridge won’t collapse.
Carol and Jim are enjoying the great view over Lake Constance all over to the German side from Switzerland.
And so is Raphael
Nope, this is not a Fata Morgana. We actually found some snow here at Säntis. Luckily the roads were clear.
Even tho we didn’t go through Liechtenstein, at least we had a great view of it.
Happy birthday to our beloved birthday girl Lynnet

Au (Austria) - Erding (Germany)

Time for one last briefing in the morning for another great riding day!
Waiting in line to visit the Linderhof Castle
Another great picnic - and no, we had no beer during the day!!!
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