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Pearls of the Adriatic Sea -CAS190b

Thursday, May 30, 2019 | Ted Goslinga / Malcolm Brunelli | Europe

Day 8 - final riding day - Vodice - Split

And just like that, the tour has come to an end! The last riding day feom Vodice to Split ended with sunshine and that s the way it should be ! Although the weather was not as it should be in Croatia at this time of the year, the fantastic mood of this group made every day sunny! Thank you all  for a week full of fun, good riding, great food and good cigars!

Have a good flight back to Sai Paulo and hope to see you all on another Edelweiss tour anywhere in the world!

Muito Obrigado!

Ted & Malcolm

Day 7 - Restday Vodice

On our second restday the weather wasn't the best towards the mountains, so we decided to leave late and to go to the beautiful town of Zadar. An ancient city with a lot of old and recent history, being populated by different peoples (croatian, italians, etc) and being also destroyed up to 80% during the second world war.

We also didn't miss the incredible "morske orgulje", the sea organ that creates incredible sounds!

Day 5 - rest day Mostar

A nice "rest'day in the vicinity of Mostar was on our program today. Leaving around 9 a.m after a relaxed breakfast we did anice, leisurely loop south of Mostar. `we visited the beatiful spot of the Dervish at the Bune river, the ancient village of Pocitelj, followed by a voluminous lunch at the Kravica waterfalls and last but not least: the pilgrimsplace of Medjugorje. A well spent day on the bike , now time for a stroll in old downtown Mostar!!

Riding day 4 - Kotor to Mostar

Today we head from Kotor and it's beautiful bay to Mostar, city famous for it's historical bridge! As soon as we want to leave the coast it started raining for 20 minutes, but it created an incredible rainbow over the Lady of Our Rock church that is built on a little artifical island!

As soon as we start climbing into the mountains the weather gets better and soon we pass the border between Montenegro and Bosnia. We take our time for a very good coffee an Jaznina before heading towards our lunch stop. We ate in a Serbian restaurant since in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina the majority of the people are Serbian and in fact we hare in the Srpska Republic. Great lunch and soon we ride towards Mostar. The weather isn't the best, but the roads and the views are perfect! 

Riding day 3 - Dubrovnik to Kotor

A long but very nice riding day from Croatie into Montenegro. A lot of bad weather was predictes but we had only great riding weather. After the bordercrossings and a nice morning coffee, we made a very nice loop along the Montenegran coast and then up into the national park of Lovcen where we paid a visit to the Mausoleum of prince-bishop Negosj. After the nice ride down we  rode to our very nice hotel at the bay of Kotor. Great riding day!!

Negosj mausoleum on top of Jezersk mountain
Relaxed lunch along the Montenegran Riviera

Riding day 1 - Split to Hvar

And so we started today! Finally after a week of bad weather, the skies opened up today and give us perfect conditions for a ride along the Cetina river, the Makarska riviera  and last but not least: the beautiful island of Hvar where we will stay overnight in the city with the same name. An entire group of friends from Sao Paolo in Brazil this time. Almost everyone with his girlfriend/wife as a passenger. And what a lovely day we had!. Well paved , winding roads through mountains and along the crystal clear Adriatic sea: it was all a treatment for the senses. Arriving in the lae afternoon gave us time enough to stroll around the nice walking boulevards into th pittoresque capitol Hvar

The first ‘Pearls of the Adriatic’ spotted from the airplane! Looks very promising!

Riding day 2 - Hvar to Dubrovnik

Today we went from Hvar to one of the most famous croatian cities, Dubrovnik.

Our daily route was 230km long and it started very early to ride all the way from Hvar to Sucuraj to get the ferry to the main land. The first part on the main land took us through Ploce to the beautiful Neretva delta, an extraordinary mixture of rivers, channels, fields and houses! Soon after we reached the croatian-bosnian border and we passed Neum and it's 5 km long coast (the only coast strech that Bosnia-Herzegowina has). Back in Croatia we rode to Ston, a village famous for his 5,5km long defense wall, where we had a tasty lunch! Soon after we left the coast to reach some narrow mountain roads from which we had in amazing view over the island in front of the Dalmatian riviera!                                 We reached Dubrovnik soon enough to reach the hotel and get started to do a walk around the old city of Dubrovnik, an UNESCO World Heritage site, famous also for being used in the tv-show Game of Thrones!

Just an amazing day!

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James Ashton
Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 19:41

Hey guys, looks like you had a great tour! So sorry I couldn't be there to enjoy it with you

Hope Malcom and Ted treated you just as well as Thomas & I would've

Safe travels!

Juliana Pigozzi
Friday, May 31, 2019 at 19:55

Hi James !! the tour was very good and Ted and Malcolm were very good !! but we missed you and Thomas! On the next tour, it would be great if it were you 4!
Andréa Parrillo
Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 21:34

Hi James, we missed you and Thomaz !!!
Ted and Malcolm took good care of our group !!!
Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 17:33

Hi James, it was great, Ted and Malcolm are great.
We missed you and Thomas.


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