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Unpaved Tuscany UPT1901

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 | Pablo Piferrer / Mike Woltering | Europe / Italy

Welcome to the first of its kind in Italy, the Unpaved Tuscany tour is about to start and we are all ready to ride, learn and enjoy, because after all, it's what we love doing. 


The guys are full of energy and ready for ADVENTURE!

Arrival day

Unloading and prepping the van
Good Job Miwo!
Cleaning and organising the van.
TG bike, Check!!
Shuttling the bikes
Like Xmas presents
Briefing time!
Fikret was quick to see me take the picture, but if you look behind, Jari was quicker
When in Italy, enjoy pasta!!

Day 1: Riding Academy

Riding Academy


The day starts with refreshing rain, but that doesn't stop the smiles on these warriors' faces. We do a short ride down to the training ground and begin our day with some exercises, it's all about weight balance!


The afternoon takes us through some beautiful roads and amazing forests up in the mountains before returning to Barga for a well deserved dinner.

That's a lot of paper for (believe it or not) the route that is planned and drawn in there.... Short, yes, intense, you betcha!
We weren't lying!!
The training ground
Quick explanation about the exercises
And off we go!
That's Pablo giving more explanations on how to go about
A well deserved coffee before more training
Randy, always a smile on his face!
Tristram and Goliath
Training finished, now, let's park nice and neatly... and play with the drone
All toys parked and out the way to get some well deserved lunch!
Wonderful off road tracks
All ready to go to dinner
The old town of Barga has some beautiful streets
L'osteria in Barga, great food!!

Day 2: Barga - Viano

Barga - Viano

 As expected, a bit of rain to come our way and a long day to see plenty of things. First stop, Grotta del Vento, or cave of wind. Very cool cave formation used as a fridge back in the day.

Uh oh! Need to fix some stuff before we leave!
Our tour guide Maria gave an outstanding visit of the caves
Left to right:
Walter, Florian, Randy and Mickey
Timo and Jari
The menacing image of a huge bear's skeleton marks the start of our tour
Bacon style stalactites
Pay your coffee in Modena and drink it in Lucca
What an awesome road!!

Day 3: Viano - Loiano

Viano - Loiano

After a couple of hard days between the riding academy and the first ride through into Emilia Romagna, we continue through this beautiful region of Italy, the longest straight might just be 50m long as Mickey well mentioned!

Aerial view of our hotel for the previous night
Scared the drone, so it took a picture
Believe it or not, some people were swimming in there.... with pouring rain!!
Randy with his favourite rider, at least in number at the high tech café
What a view
Nice decoration on our overnight stay at Palazzo de Loup

Day 4: Loiano - Santa Sophia

Loiano - Santa Sophia

Day rises with more rain, but high spirits. We're looking forward to our ride as it is full of unpaved sections. Some fog here and a temporary river there don't stop us from having a great ride.

Walter enjoying as always
Jari, push him!!
Where's the toilet?!
Dashboard view of the guide
We're here!!
Tristram changing pads, hard at work
The bikes need some TLC from time to time

Day 5: Santa Sophia - Barga

Santa Sophia - Barga

After a long week riding through Tuscany and Emilia Romagna we cone to our last day. Two groups would leave with both guides to get to see some beautiful scenery. This region has so much to offer. Some went up to Passo Muraglione to enjoy a coffe in one of Pablo's favourite places. 

Coffee at Passo Muraglione
Wonderful view, but cold as it gets!!
We all ask if the models are for sale before reading the sign...
Yea we are!
Mickey with ponte della Maddalena
Play video Download
Filesize: 9 MB
Quick video of our warriors coming back
Boot beer!
Well done! The whole team after a long week.
Patate con pomodoro
Farewell dinner
Florian, with his 5 tour polo
Mickey, as well, with his 5 tours
Randy... With a 10 tour but already on 15! He has toured with the big ones as guides, including Mr. Wachter... in the 80's!
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Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 08:04

Randy! Hey hey!
The always smiling man from my very first Edelweisstour. Five years later and not only am I still around, but more importantly: is Randy still smiling all the time!

Take care guys, have a great trip on the little backroads.


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