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6AA2007 - Riding Academy Alps

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 | Peter Kuhn / Christian Preining | Europe / Italy

The students, the professor and our classroom for the week

Day 1 - classroom theory and practice

Tag 1 - Theorie und Übung

The first morning of our driving academy begins with an exciting theoretical part about driving styles, physics, forces that work, what they enable us to do and why all this is important for us on the road to enjoy our journey. According to the theory, we drive to the Safty Park Bolzano to test the theory safely in practice.
First instructions from our Prof. Christian Preining
Then it's time to warm up the tyres...
...in the sporty slalom...
...and then a bit of motorcycle gymnastics to warm us up.
The stylish women's seat on the left...
...and right.
Because Gymnaszik is good for balance
Instructions, explanation and assistance for the next exercise "The Hairpin Turn"
Complementary explanation to the theory part where the best Lienie runs, how to find it and how to follow it by motorcycle...
... without stress but with pleasure
and it works!
New Instructions and the Next Level...
...swinging curves in combination with hairpins on a narrow Italian mountain road
In addition to the exercises, Safdty Park also allows us to test our ABS systems and traction controls...
... on different road conditions.
The last exercise combines all the previous ones and shows us how important the different aspects in an emergency play together "fast braking combined with dodging" in case a stop isn't possible .
A great day on a great terrain to practice the best line selection, different driving styles and emergency braking in a safe training ground.

Day 2 - Practice on the road and enjoying Italy

Tag 2 - Praxis auf der Straße und Italien genießen

Over the next few days, we will continue to work on our driving techniques on the road, always with the advice and support of our Prof. Christian By the way, the weather is at its best and we can really enjoy our classroom
Just like the roads in it
At the beautiful stops there is always feedback and tips, and then the positions in the group are exchanged so that everyone can follow the line of Christian in order to see one or the other still
The next Strop on an alpine pasture...
...with a fantastic view of the impressive peaks of the Dolomites
Before the lunch stop, the first major pass road Passo della Mendola...
... and then we enjoy a breathtaking view...
...and our food.
For dessert a few curves down and up again...
... in the Nature Park Truden to Passo the Lavaze. Already on the first day of driving it is clear that the Dolomites are an excellent practice area, which all variations of roads and curves as well as spectacular landscapes and peaks echoed for us.
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