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The Canary Islands are back

Saturday, November 20, 2021 | Peter Kuhn | Europe

Day 01 - La Gomera the small beauty


Autumn and winter slowly settle over Central Europe and the time has come to put the motorcycle in the garage. Just the right time to extend the season with us, where? On the Canary Islands in endless spring on endless winding roads.

Our first stop on La Gomera with spectacular view back on Teneriffe, the island we started from in the morning
Lisa and Lance are already enthusiastic after the first half of the island
one last look down to the colorful village of Agulo and than we cross the island again to the south for lunch
and there our lunch place is waiting, right on the beach
Christa and Markus with Valle Gran Rey and the Atlantic Ocean
Lisa ejoys the view down in to the Valle Gran Rey with its beautiful gardens
look for new horizons
after lunch it goes up and down again on the south side of La Gomera...
...through rugged gorges with tropical vegetation until we reach our hotel in the heart of San Sebastian, the island's capital

Day 02 - Morning loop La Gomera and the peaks of Tenerife

Better than any coffe is to climp the jungle roads of La Gomeras north side
There is Lance coming out of the laurel forest
and there we nearly reached the top
to enjoy the view back down to the coast
or the view up Christian looks already happy abou it
after some more twistys in the Gomeran joungle we reach one of the most famous heritages of La Gomera the magma structure of Roque de Agando
Björn und Stephan enjoy there holidays and the roads
this Tour is so cool that even tourguides book in
and after a ferry ride back to Tenerife and an 2000 m climb we reach the most famous heritage of Tenerife El Teide and his volcanic landscape
Markus and Lance with the volcano in the back
Lance and the Tourguide Peter at the Ucanca plains
the whole group ready to go and looking forward to more curves
after we have mastered the narrow and winding Mascaroad, we enjoy the look back and the warm Canarian sun
some more curves and we reach our fantastic hotel in Grachico with an traditional flair...
...at the city center...
...next to the church

Day 03 - The green north sides

Vili starts into the day
and marveled at the Valle de la Orotava
Christian is looking forward to the climp up through the vally
Christa and Markus enthusiastic about the green north of Tenerife
a last loop at the coast of Teneriffe
Christa and Markus in the perfect position
a coffe on the beach and...
...there we are on the ferry
and on a new island Gran Canaria
the canyons at the coast are amazing views and to ride
a short stop at the famous spring in Firgas

Day 04 - The micro continent Gran Canaria

What a beautiful morning to ride around on an tropical island
our first stop on Pico de Bandama has a great view to the islands capital Las Palmas
and the area were we will ride around the next hours
Markus and Vili
halfway to Pico de las Nieves
and on Pico de las Nieves the highest point of Gran Canaria
first we are wrapped in clouds...
...and in the next momet we have a perfect view around
Brigita climped the peak
a little later we site in the warm sun and enjoy a coffe
andmire the bikes
the last turns down before lunch
Christa marveled at the size of the Christmas Stars
Christian is happy after climbing the Barranco de Aldea
also Brigita and Vili
Roque Bentayga the heritage of the island
and there we are already at the last stop of the day...
on the balcony above the Caldera the Tejeda

Day 05 - Back home to Tenerife

Unfortunately the last day of our beautiful tour has already come and we have to go back to Tenerife. Gran Canaria gives us another wonderful sunny morning, which doesn't make saying goodbye any easier.
we ride through the lake area in the north-west of the island and ...
... and can admire the mountain dwellers' cave villages
We stop in El Hornillo for the spectacular view and a fresh orange juce...
...and to have a closer kook at the cave houses
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