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4CI2105 The last loop befor Christmas on the Canary Islands

Sunday, December 12, 2021 | Peter Kuhn | Europe

the last riding day in perfect sunshine, it's a shame that we have to go home
Rain, sun, fantastic landscapes and all at the same time in the same place - Gran Canaria
Line up with the highest mountain of Spain
We are on the Top
The last sunset before a new tour get stareted on the Canary Islands

Day 05 - "The last Day is always the best" our sunny way home

Our last day on this tour welcomes us again with wonderful sunshine and we have enough time to enjoy it in the mountains of Gran Canaria before the ferry
and after crossing the island ridge for the first time, we enjoy fresh Spanish coffee and the Canarian sun
here Birgit and Henry enjoy the second crossing of the island ridge
Arrived well in the port of Agaete we can enjoy the flair a bit ...
... and take the last photos in Gran Canaria or ...
... discuss the impressive views and roads of the last hour
After the ferry, Tenerife also welcomes us with sunshine and we drive back to our start hotel through the mountain villages of the south
enjoy the last corners ...
... and having fun riding a motorcycle together, Edelweiss connects people

Day 04 - "The mico Continent" a loop on Gran Canaria

Today we have the whole day to see Gran Canaria. We start in the north of the island, where it is beautifully green but also very humid ...
...aber zum Glück hat die Insel so viele verschiedene Klimazonen, dass man sich nur die richtige Seite aussuchen muss...
... and it's the best day for motorcycling
Birgit stows the rain gear back in the motorcycle because we will only need it on the way back north
We visit a small bakery in Santa Lucia ...
... and enjoy fresh coffee with fresh almond cake in the warm Canarian winter sun
Marv and Marcello are delighted with the landscape and the roads
Birgit is enjoying the ride
and is already looking forward to the next section of the route
At lunchtime we let ourselves be pampered with Canarian specialties, what a beautiful day...
...everyone agrees on that
At the end of the day we climb through the Barranco Aldea back to the center of the island ...
... and admire the impressive gorge ...
... with the small mountain villages all around
A few last photos ...
... and then it's back to the green and humid north

Day 03 - "Dia verde" The green north of Tenerife and Gran Canaria

A new sunny day in the Canary Islands begins
Helge enjoys the view
... below to the Atlantic Ocean and the coastline of the Orotava Valley
and here we have our riding queen on the Top again
Then we rode through countless curves up the Orotava Valley to get a fantastic view of El Teide
The tour guide is always happy to explain something about the best driving technique and give tips
and there it goes down again through the ash fields of the slumbering volcanoes
until we enjoy a coffee in the Corona Forestal Nature Park
shortly afterwards the ferry is waiting again as a lunch stop and we travel on to the next island of Gran Canaria
and there we are in the beautiful green north-east of the island
one last look over the new landscape and then it's off to the hotel

Day 01 - La Gomera "Welcome to Paradiese"

Breakfast at the port with a nice sunrise
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