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BOI2202 Best of Italy - the second

Monday, May 23, 2022 | Angela / Michaela Achatzi | Europe / Italy

Before the tour start: A sightseeing walk through Rome

Patricia and John from the USA have arrived in Italy a few days ahead of the start of our Best of Italy tour. They are both pretty tough as they walked the city of Rome already 2 days before. And since they had seen many sights already, we planned on finding some out-of-the-normal things to see. And indeed, we did.

Starting the city tour at the Castel Sant'Angelo ...
... the first sight we got to see was a motorcyclist's delight. We were passing by this beautiful Royal Enfield motorcycle.
Another hidden highlight we discovered was the Chiostro del Bramante, featuring some unusual art work. Here you could walk on the mirrored floor to deliberately crack the mirrors.
Hmmm... what does the artist want to express with this piece of art??
We took a break at the Piazza Navona ...
... before we continued to the Pantheon. Another surprise was waiting for us there. We were lucky to just enter the Pantheon when an American choir startet to bewitch everyone in the building with their singing.
One of the numerous beautiful churches in Rome
Finally, we reached the Spanish Steps, which became famous through the movie "Roman Holidays", starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck
At the end of the day, the whole group met for the first joint dinner.

First riding day - Rome to Assisi

As soon as we left the greater Rome area, we hit some nice country roads
During coffee break in Narni, Oliver from the United States walked the medieval village with tour guides Angela and Michaela.
This must be the shop for non-iron clothing all travellers are looking for
Our lunch break took us to the picturesque little town of Montefalco.
Bob, Oli, and John at the piazza in Montefalco
Extraordinarily good food in this little restaurant
Tasty lamb chops
with delicious truffle pasta
A must-have picture at the Cyprus alley. This kind of tree is so typical for Tuscany and the neighbouring regions.
Assisi, our today's destination
A walk of the city gives you a good impression about the life of Franz of Assisi.

Second riding day - Assisi to San Marino

What an exciting day !! We started from Assisi to San Marino, the oldest republic.  The 5th smallest country in Europe.  We were looking for a mobile phone-found, we see the way to the goal - found, we missed a wallet - Italy are very honest people - thank you!!!  a very eventful day.  with wonderful impressions of urbanien and Tuscany.  tomorrow we continue

The best - sweeper
A wonderful group
Trish and John enjoy the “coffee” stop
Ups- it is true?
The last 23 km, come on, no problem for these cool drivers
Yea , we did it , Olli is happy
A digestive walk after dinner in San Marino. It is quite an experience to walk a complete republic on an evening stroll.

Third riding day - San Marino to Florence

A long riding day was promised to us in the daily briefing. But it wasn't to bad in the end anyways as the weather was very nice. And the roads along the coast and over Passo Muraglione made time flying by. However, it was a Sunday and thus, we had to share the road with more people than there are usually out there.

Sunday morning in Italy ... you are asking why we are stopped in the middle of the road? Watch the video below for the answer
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Apart from us, a gazillion biciclysts and even more motorcyclists have enjoyed today's sunny weather.
Staying overnight in San Marino, it would be a sin if you didn't stop by in Tavullia. Every Moto GP Fan knows Valentio Rossi's home town.
What a great view from our coffee stop overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Just before we enjoyed a fantastic ride along the "Strada Panoramica Adriatico"
Oli and his BMW = happy camper
Michaela surprised us with a fantastic picnic, a always welcome lunch for the riders.
To be on top of Passo Muraglione on a Sunday was absolutely great! The atmosphere with hundreds of other motorcyclists was impressive.

Fourth riding day - rest day in Florence

Today is our rest day in Florence. The majority of tour members wanted to go and see the city of Florence and its sights. 

But we had two motivated riders who wanted to spend the morning with riding the half-day loop into the near-by mountains.

On our way to the mountains we passed by the race track of Mugello. Lucky us, we arrived at the race track right when the training session was running.
This rest day has as good as no stretch of straight roads. So the quaint little Italian villages in the mountains serve as a welcome stop for a coffee break.
Dizzy from riding the seemingly endless curves today, we returned back to Florence in the early afternoon. The view over the city from the Plaza de Michelangelo was our reward.
And here is Michelangelo himself
In the late afternoon we went into downtown Florence for a walk and dinner

Fifth riding day - Florence to Volterra

Today, the city of Pisa was the highlight of our day, respectively its famous leaning tower.

the Leaning Tower of Pisa was built in 1173 and the foundation was stabilized in 1990, since 2020 you can climb it again
Clark and I climbed the 56 m high leaning tower of Pisa, a great view
the view from the tower
we have earned the boot beer and it feels so good
our fantastic view at the hotel in Volterra in the evening with a fantastic dinner
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Claudia - Nicole Wenhart
Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 19:47

Hey Angela, Michaela and the rest of your group,
a good and safe tour for you… weather looks perfect, have fun and enjoy the curvy roads!
Michaela Achatzi
Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 22:41

We have a lot of fun



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