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Ultimate Alps 2202

Sunday, July 24, 2022 | Michaela Achatzi / Markus Hellrigl / Daniel Neuner | Europe

Arrival day or Edelweiss Riding School

After meeting Markus, an Edelweiss tourguide, last night we were ready this morning to hear about riding lines and technic. After the classroom session we practised what we've heard. Finally we looped through outstanding scenery up to an altitude of 6000ft. 

James concentrated doing the slalom
Chris focusing the cone
David and Thony watching
Chris documenting
On top!
Your tour guide Michaela and Daniel welcome you in Seefeld

1. Riding Day -Seefeld to Pontresina

we start our first day of riding .  the weather can't be better.  we start in Seefeld and our first goal is the Gacher Blick, what a fantastic view.  it goes on to the sunken city, you can only see the church tower in the Reschen lake.  then we go to the Highlight of the day - lasso di Stelvio.  48 switchbacks up 39 switchbacks down.  a lot of traffic but the looks are reward enough.  delicious lunch at BRUNO.  More curve , stunning scenery .  then we arrive in Pontresina, our destination today

The brief in the morning -
Everybody’s painting the map
At the skywalk -Gacher Blick
The church I the Reschen See
Bruno makes the lunch
Glacier Moteratsch and the slowest fast train

2. Riding Day: Pontresina to Brunnen

We started our day in Pontresina and our goal for today was Brunnen, located directly at the beautiful Vierwaldstätter See. Our route there took us over 5 very different mountain passes so we had all kinds of different corner today, ranging from slow switchbacks to smooth to ride sweepers.

Our first pass of today, the Malojapass was a good oportunity to take some pictures of the group.

David is admiring the little lighthouse up on the Oberalppass.

Marc, Alan and Erick enjoying their brake on top of the mountain pass.
Leon and David seem to enjoy their pizza.
Pretty busy on a sunday up on the San Bernardino pass but its a beautiful place for sure.

3. Riding Day - Brunnen to Zermatt

Today's day begins at the breathtaking Lake Lucerne with a great breakfast.  We visit that, there are passes like Susten and Furka on the plan. And  to cool off we go to the glacier.  To then arrive in the well-known mountain village of Zermatt in the late afternoon.

The Gang - Al,Marc, Eric and Peter
Jim at the ferry
parking in perfection
a welcome cool down in the Rhône Glacier
now Marc is not missing the grid girl - but at 38 degrees the idea is not bad
Lara sees double - or are they twins
which one is the right one

4. Riding Day: Zermatt to Lugano

Today we decided to leave a little bit later so we could use the opportunity to explore Zermatt in the morning.

Zermatt still has a lot of these old housed build out of wood.
From our hotel we could glimpse a view of the famous Matterhorn.
Once we started riding we went up the Simplon Pass and some of us walked up to the famous Simplon Adler.
Chris telling the rest of the group some background infos about the Simplon Pass and the Stone Eagle that guards over it.

In the afternoon we visited the Santuario Della Madonna Del Sangue which is an impressive piece of cathlic architecture.

Our goal of today was in Lugano which feels alot like Italy, but is still in Switzerland.

5. Riding Day - Lugano to Val di Sole

Today we had to leave Lugano early so as not to miss our ferry across Lake Como.  Our day today takes us to the small backcountry roads of Italy.  Before we arrive in Val di Sole

the most important thing today, after the last very hot days, was to have enough water with you
Tony uses the time at the ferry terminal for a power nap
what a fantastic place, after many switchbacks and narrow streets, we all arrived at the Vivione Pass
Al - yes he is really excited

6. Riding Day - Val di Sole to Bozen

Our 6th riding day already. Time realy flies by when riding in the Alps. 

After leaving our hotel in the Val di Sole we made our first stop in the little italian town Stenico where everyone could explore it on his own.

Some well deserved refreshment.

We even found a perfect parking spot.

Sunitta looking for the perfect angle to shoot pictures.

Anthony, our italian speaking guest found some locals to chat with.

Our next stop today was at the beautiful Lago di Molveno. Jim and Sunitta seem to have liked the view.

For lunch, Michaela had a suprise for us, and prepared one of the famous Edelweiss picknicks for us.

After lunch some of us climbed the way up to San Romedia and explored this nice little hidden pilgrim place.

In the afternoon we drove up to the Penegal, which offers an amazing view over the Etsch Valley and our todays goal Bozen. But what seems to have fascinated the guys most, was the Trabant 601 in perfect condition, parked in front of the restaurant.

On the Mendelpass Chris shot some pictures of the group riding by and they look pretty cool.

7. Day a Restday and Riding Day

the last few days have been very hot.  Some enjoyed the air conditioning in the room, others went to the museum or couldn't get enough of motorcycling.  there was something for everyone in and around Bolzano

So colorful the Karersee 

Lake de Fadaia and the Marmolada 

Chris was the one and only to riding today. 
we start 7 o'clock with 18 degrees. 

A good way to start the day is with a little birthday celebration.

The church on the Waltherplatz in Bozen is quite impressive.

While Bozen can be quite busy in the afternoon, in early morning it is very quite in the streets and nice to explore.

Waiting for the Ötzi museum to open.

The Ötzi museum is definitly worth a visit. So much interesting and well presented backgroud info about the man from the ice.

The daily food market in Bozen is also something worth checking out.

8. Riding Day - From Bozen to Mieming

Sadly our last riding day already, but with 3 more great mountain passes to ride, its a great one.

Jim was impressed that some guys managed to get up to the top of the mointains by bycycle.

When touring with motorcycles, a spare table is always nice to have.

Jim ordered the spare ribs for lunch, which were clearly a good choice.

The Sandwirt dates back to the 17th century and has not only a great history as the birthplace of Andreas Hofer, but also offers great food.

The Timmelsjoch leading us back to Austria, where we also started our tour, not only offers an amazing ride, but also some awesome views and picture spots.

If you have any interest in old motorcycles a visit to the museum on top of the Timmelsjoch is a must. Their collection is just amazing, even more knowing that the museum burned down in 2021 and had to be completly rebuild.

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Helmut Wonisch
Monday, July 25, 2022 at 14:08

Thank you for the nice blog.
Chiara Van Doorn
Monday, July 18, 2022 at 09:17

You´re looking great! Thanks for having me over, have fun!
Michaela Achatzi
Monday, July 18, 2022 at 23:43

Thank you Chiara


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