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The Grand Alps Tour is on again! - CGA220A

Wednesday, August 3, 2022 | Ted Goslinga / Dominik Nattkamp | Europe

Welcome on the blog of the first Grand Alps Tour of this year with Edelweiss Bike Travel. We will travel through the most beautiful places and over the most awesome passes in the Austrian, Swiss, Italian and French alps and Dolomites. Along the sweetest and romantic lakes in the same countries , so we have a lot to write about and a lot of pictures tontake Today is the arrival day and the welcome briefing plus the handover of the motorbikes followed by  the welcome dinner. And from tomorrow on we will keep you updated about this great motorcycle tour!

Day 1 - Arrival day in Seefeld in Tyrol

Lined up and ready for tomorrow!
Always good when you have a great welcome dinner and afterwards find out that we have a group of cigare smokers!

Day 2 - Riding day Seefeld in Tyrol to Galtür

Good morning from a beautiful Seefeld in Tyrol in Austria. The weather looks awesome so all preparing to have a nice first riding day in the Austrian Alps. 

Today we start our big loop through the alps under best conditions......and with a birthday boy
As promised, there are cows on the road here. In the background you can see them
The weather is fantastic on the way to the Hahntennjoch. This is our first target and a very well known pass here in Austria
On the way up
Here are the riders strengthened after the coffee stop
Despite the heat, lunch on the Arlbergpass tastes very good to us
A nice group picture under the Trisanna bridge
After a great day we reach our hotel in Galtür.
Happy birthday Max

Day 3 - Riding day Galtür to Andermatt (CH)

Although last night was filled  with thunderstorms in the higher moutain areas the morning was pretty ok. And the riding began with a amazing road of the Silvrett high alpine road, which  was a great warm up for the rest of the day. And the sun broke through the clouds around noon, so we fully enjoyed our lunch at the lake side of  Walensee. After lunch was the astonishing Klausenpass with breathtaking views and roads. Finally ending  up in Andermatt, Switzerland with a super nice dinner and sharing stories of the road trip today

Splendid views on the Klausenpass
At the Wilhelm Tell statue in Altdorf

Day 4 - Rest day ride Andermatt

After a full riding day yesterday it is time for a rest day.....however, restday....the weather is too nice to sit down and rest !!

So on the bikes this morning and hitting the road again for some nice passes and as a nice surprise a picnic in the Göschener Alp 

And at the end of a awesome day we had a very nice Swiss cheese fondue downtown ! 

The Sustenpass has a tunnel with a view
Great picnic spot at the Göschener Alp
lucky guests at the Nufenenpass
some of us have power enough to go twice on one day to the top of the Furka pass !!......
The real swiss fondue

Day 5 - Riding day Andermatt to Chamonix (FR)

Today we were riding from Switzerland into France along the wonderful lakes of Brienz and Thun. And because it was a hot riding day the group wanted to jump into the Thuner See and so they did ( some even in Adam s costume !)

At the end of the day we ended up in Chamonix at the foot of the Mont Blanc having a very unusual warm evening. Having great soare ribs and good wine it was a good finish of this nice riding day

The awesome top of the Sustenpass
A nice refreshing dip in the lake of Thun
Surfing at the water outlet of the locks in the center of Thun
Old city center of Thun
Mont Blanc at evening

Day 6. - Riding day from Chamonix to Briançon

At the start in Chamonix we took a last view at the glacier
We get the first well known pass for today
At the Col de la Madeleine
After the first real pass we need a "power up" at la Banquise Restaurant at the top of Col de la Madeleine
The way up to the Col du Galibier
Stars and Stripes at the top of the pass

Day 7 - Rest day Briançon

The rest day in Briançon was used by the majority of the group as a real reat day. Means a nice sleep in, relaxed breakfast and stroll a bit through town. 
only two and tourguide Ted made a short but beautiful ride over the Col d'Izouard. 
The dinner wenhad outside at a nice and typical French litlle plaza   What a beautiful day it was!

The rest day in Briançon was used by the majority of the group as a real reat day. Means a nice sleep in, relaxed breakfast and stroll a bit through town. 
only two and tourguide Ted made a short but beautiful ride over the Col d'Izouard. 
The dinner wenhad outside at a nice and typical French litlle plaza   What a beautiful day it was!

Very nice to wake up on the reat day with a view like this !
The famous col d’Izouard from the tour de France

Day 8 - Briancon to Aosta

The lake at Col du Mount Cenis
YESSS we got it....more than 9.000 feet! The highest pass in Europe. The Col de L´Lisèran
The Americans are everywhere
A view in to the Iseran Valley
Lunchtime in Val d´Isère
At the Col du petit Saint Bernadino
we don´t found the old stonering but a very nice custom officer

Day 9 - Riding Aosta to Lugano (CH)

Beautiful view on Bard Castle
In front of our hotel in Aosta. Goodbye to Mark!

Day 10 - Lugano to Livigno

Today we had a relaxing day. From Lugano we drove past Lake Lugano in warm temperatures to Lake Como. Then we went back to the mountains. Again we enjoyed an infinite number of curves. 

Lake Lugano in the light of the morning
The group at the Maloja Pass
You need another lake? Here we are at the lake Silser near St. Moritz
waiting for the lunch
Oh yes we get a beautiful lunch......
A place to be......St. Moritz
The stunning Morteratsch glacier........
......and the group in front
Finally we reach the passo del Bernina at 7644 feet
Of course Max was also up there

Day 11 - Riding day Livigno to Bolzano

What an absolute fantastic day we had today!! Because of the altitude in Livigno we started with a nice fresh temperature towards Switzerland again for the last time. And right after the toll tunnel we rode  our first pass out of five today: the Ofen pass. This was a nice warm up for the next two epic passes: the famous Stelvio - and the Gavia pass! At top of the Gavia we had a nice lunch outside and enjoyed the stunning views if the Alps. And just to be sure we didn't go out of practice we had the Tonale pass and to conclude this Pass day a great finale on the Mendola pass with brandnew asphalt   
and after a well earned beer and a great puzza in downtown Bolzano we called it a day! 

.....a long way home

Day 12 - Rest Day Dolomites

Yes we did a rest switchbacks....ore maybe a little

Coffee Stop at Passo San Pellegrino
The Lago di Alleghe
some of us...never get older......but the toys geting more expensive....not in this case
.......some animals in the desert
This could be.....Cloude in Heaven
Great stop, great picture
we are waiting.....for the feeding
...the long way down

Day 13 - Bolzano to Kaprun

What annelic day we had! Riding the last 5 passes in the Dolomites before we entered Austria again, before we disnthe last highlight of the day: The famous Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Spectacular curves and sweepers up to a level of 2571 m towards the Edelweiss spitze. Great day !

Day 14 - final riding day- Kaprun to Seefeld

And then suddenly it is the last day of the tour! Under a steel blue sky we started our riding day from Kaprun. Through the beautiful Zillertal and the Inntal we rode our last curves, switchbacks and sweepers of the Mother of all Tours. What a great finale of this two week adventure in the Alps and Dolomites: 67'passes, numerous curves and switchbacks !!

Thank you Brad, Max, Claude, Ron, Mark and Fred for the unforgettable two weeks in bikers' heaven.! We have had a lot of fun, great food, good wine and fine cigars! It was a pleasure to ride with such a group of great riders! 

We really hope to see you guys somewhere on another great Edelweiss tour

Ted & Dominik ( the Deceiver)


crazy guys before we start
at the point of the best view to the "Krimmler waterfalls"
at this point with the group too
at a stunning coffee stop
you need the view? get it
everybody want to see the stunning view at the "Zillertaler Höhenstrasse" is still a "5" road...and you did it!!
we took pictures........
..and more....
....and more... someone kicked out....
....and at least a picknick in the shade
everybody enjoy the cold drinks and some food prepered from Ted
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Monday, August 1, 2022 at 05:44

Happy to see lots of smiles after both Stelvio and Gavia passes.
Dieter Arnoth
Thursday, July 28, 2022 at 15:04

Hi Brad, Claude, Max,

have unforgettable Fun on that impressive Alps tour with Ted…. what a scenery … enjoy every turn …

All the best on that trip
Cornelia Grant
Sunday, July 24, 2022 at 21:16

So happy to see my little one had an unforgettable birthday! Loved the photos, thank you!
Many more happy returns Max in a Million!
Love, Mam
Ted Goslinga
Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 17:54

Thank you Mrs Grant ! I’m sure your “little one” is having a good time
Bob Elson
Friday, July 22, 2022 at 17:09

Hello SLOBs-wishing you all a fabulous tour. Hopefully your ‘rest day’ in Andermatt was spectacular…we want pictures!
Angela de Haan
Thursday, July 21, 2022 at 20:27

Hey Ted and Dominik,
What a great tour the Grand Alps is !!! I wish you guys an amazing time out there - have fun
Ted Goslinga
Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 17:53

Thanks Angela
Dominik Nattkamp
Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 17:14

thanks Angela...see you soon at the HAT


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