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Tuesday, August 2, 2022 | Ramon Christ | Europe

Next Day was our last riding Day! We stoped for Coffee by the Lake "Plansee" not far to the Castle "Linderhof" - one of "King Ludwigs" (the fairy tale King of Bavaria) Castles!
The Tour ended - with another stopover - in the "Biergarden" of the Aying-Brewery!
Don't worry, no Alcohol Drinks over the Day
Then - after a nice Icecream Stop- the next "Challenge" was waiting for us!
The "Furka-Joch" (Joch = Pass) and the "Hochtannberg-Pass"! We and probably our "Bikes get"dizzy of all the Curves and Switschbacks!
So we came save and "with a smile in our Face" to our Hotel in Warth and enjoyed a cool "Boot-Beer
Now we stop our great "working" Bikes for parking by the "Saentis"!
A 2500 Meters high Mountain and a from far away visible "Landmark"!
We "enter" a big "Cable Car" and need only 10 Minutes for the ride to the Peak! From here we had a awesome View over the Swiss Mountains! On the way down we recognize that the Weather in the Alps can change very fast!

Thursday we start one hour erlier as usual, a longe way to our Hotel in Warth, Austria!                          A short Picture-Stop on an old "Wooden Bridge" - on that way, close to the Border,  we "jumped" several Times between Germany and again Switzerland! 

Our Day finished by the "River-Rhein-Waterfall" in Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Everybody had great Fun!
Marco made us another excellent Picnic - Thanks a lot Marco!
Our first Stop in the Black Forest area "Hexenlochmühle"!
The best Place for a delicious "Black Forest Cake", Yummy!
After Restday we start today our way to Schaffhausen in Switzerland!
First Stop in France by a Memorial of WW II - a very quiet Place!
Restday In Elsass - that means riding Curves and Curves and Curves! First Stop was visiting „Haute Koenigsburg“! From there we had also an beautiful view to the „Black Forest“ over the River Rhein Valley!
We continue and after some more curved Roads we hit the „Route des Cretes“, made a Coffe Stop - actually it was a bit chilly in 1100 Meters! We finished with the traditional „Tarte Flambé“ (kind of a French Pizza) in the Village Munster - of course with Munster Cheese, Mmmmhhh…..
Next overnight in Heidelberg, very busy on Sunday late afternoon! Our Dinner was excellent with Fun and fresh, cold Beer!
Motorcycle riding makes tired, a little Nap in the Shade is welcome!
Our way though the Tauber- and Jagst-Valley brought us to the Monastery „Schönthal“ where we visit the Tombstone of the Knight „Götz von Berlichingen“!
Lunch was a nice surprise, Marco served us a perfect Picnic! Thanks Marco, we’ll Donne!
Next morning - a good start is a good Breakfast!
After Lunch we continue the Ride through the „Altmühltal-Vally“! But first we did a Foto for a (almost) Group Picture with the Willibalds-Burg in the Background.
Lunchtime in Eichstätt! After a lovely Ride on empty Backroads we get Lunch in Eichstätt- some „extra“ Loops are needed to find a good parking spot!
By the Welcome Briefing Marco gave us a good overview of the Route, the Scenery and some more Information!
We visited the famous „Viktualienmarket“, „run all the 299 Steps up and down on the Church Tower of „Old Peter“, saw the crypt of the Bavaria King and Family, went into the “Frauenkirche“ the landmark of Munich and after more sightseeing in beautiful Sunshine we endet up in the „Hofbräuhaus“ for Lunch!
A Fun Day!
The „Best of Europe Tour“ 2203 start with a „Guided City Tour“ in Munich! The Subway brought us 10 from ERDING to the „Isartor“ Station!
Our first Stop was for a typical Bavarian Breakfast! White Sausage, sweet Mustard and Brezel!
Of course with a Wheat Beer, a good Start!
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One of the Jersey boys
Thursday, December 15, 2022 at 05:15

Ramon, Marco and Tom were fantastic. It was a very enjoyable time. Our whole group got along and knew how to ride. We did not hVe to worry about our bags as Marco took excellent care of all our belongings, that we did not carry with us on our rides. All the different models if bikes, had everyone feeling comfortable. And what a great time was had by all. Really enjoyed ourselves . The whole team did an excellent job. Would love to do another trip. I'll put it on my wish list.
Monday, August 8, 2022 at 15:44

Looks like fun


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