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High Alpine Tour - Riding the Heart of the Alps

Sunday, September 11, 2022 | Markus Hellrigl / Felix Gregor Huber | News / Europe

Arrival day in Erding

Waiting .....

Twenty travellers coming from USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia meet in Erding, just North of Munich to explore the best roads in the Alps. Barbara and Garry startet allready in 2018 to see a bit of Austria and the Alps with Edelweiss - it looks like they got a little bit addicted and want to see more. All the others are most welcome novices, ready for the adventure to come.

To all of you a warm welcome to this tour, we cant't wait to show you one of the best playgrounds for motorcyclists!

What a teaser! The tour guides showed on their drawing what to exspect on our ride during this week. Lake Chiemsee, Großglockner High Alpine Road, the Dolomites, Passo di Stelvio....just to mention a few of the highlights.

Riding day 1: Erding to Lienz (Austria)

Everybody being full of expectations of what to come was in time for the first morning briefing of our High Alpine Tour. Markus gave us a short overview of the geological formation of the Alps before he was diving into the facts of today. Lake Chiemsee and Großglockner, the highest mountain of Austria were our main attractions today. 

It was even better than exspected! riding through lush and green farmland, allready getting a glimps of the mountains in the far distance on our way to Chiemsee, getting closer to them, riding in between and finally climbing them - the dramaturgy could not have been better. But before the major climb on the Großglockner High Alpine road we stoped for refreshment at Pillersee for lunch. 

Todays ride will be spectacular!

... and Raj is ready to go!

Motorcycle Line Up at the hotel in Erding.

Gery and Elaine - the Alps are waiting for you!


Team New York - Gary & Barb.

Juan Re - you defintely will have a good time!

Last instructions for Tilman and ...

... off we go, Richard!

German at Lake Chiemsee.

After leaving Chiemsee - the bavarian ocean - we arrived at tiny Piller See. What a jewel! Cristal clear water  under blue skies and surrounded by green mountains.

Richard, John, J.B. and Raj enjoy the lunch break at Piller See
Our Mexican family, nicknaming themselves "the Primates", are definitely having a good time.
What a combination - Mexico and Edelweiss!

Leaving the main valley we headed for the highest point you can reach in Austria by road. The Edelweiss-Spitze offered an outstanding few! you feel like on the top of the world! unfortunately the peak of Großglockner was hiding in clouds - but nevertheless the mountains left an unforgetable impression.

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Climbing Edelweissspitze
Großglockner hiding in clouds
Love is in the air
Primates were here

Juan Manuel jun. and Felix enjoy the breathtaking panorama.

Father & Son Team John and JB at Edelweiss-Spitze.

The worldfamous Großglockner-Hochalpenstrasse.

Juan Carlos sen. hunting those unique mountainous impressions.

Elizabeth and David on the top of Grossglockner Hochalpenstraße.

At the Hochtor: 10,5° C !!

Elaine and Gery with Markus at the Hochtor. From there our route lead us down through wonderful valleys via the smalll Mountain-Climbers village of Heiligenblut and the Iselsberg-Pass to our hotel in heart of LIenz i. Osttirol. Well done everybody - We had a great first day!

Riding day 2: Lienz to Klobenstein (Italy)

Tilman loading, there are some heavy ones
Everybody is listening to Felix's informations for the day - the Dolomites are waiting for us

First we took the spectacular Pustertaler Höhenstraße, crossed the border into Italy at Sillian and rode up the curvy road to Lago Misurina at the feet of the breathtaking mountain panorama of Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Karen and Juan Manuel sen.

Los Primates taking pictures.

Our Motorcycles at Lago Misurina. 

Having a good time at Lago Misurina! In the background the most pictured mountains in the Dolomites, the Tre Cime
Well done Tilman!
The group loves the excellent picnic

... and the breathtaking views here and there and everywhere.

Gery & Elaine, Elizabeth & David, Raj.


From left to right: Richard (the man from Down Under)), John, JB, Barb, Robert - the cool-guy with the shades hiding hiding behind Gary.

Karen and Juan Manuel sen.

After lunch our way brought us up the Passo di Gardena  - another great mountain pass in the Dolomites. We rode through the Val Gardena and over Passo Pinei to Castelrotto - enjoying the warm summer sun and the curves trough the vineyards around Bolzano, the capital of the italian region Alto Adige. 

At Passo di Gardena/Grödnerjoch.

Klaus in front of Gardena-Mountain Panorma.

Gary at the summit of the Passo di Gardena/Grödnerjoch.

Riding day 3 & restday in Klobenstein

Taking an easy start we climbed Mendelpass first and continued to the very top, to Penegal. unfortunately the clouds from last nights rainfall and fog were still hanging in, so the view down to Kalterer See was a little restricted.

The weather continued to be unpredictable, but we were lucky - no rain, partly dry roads and no traffic. so the ride into Val Ultimo and further to Lana became probably one of the best ride on this tour.

St. Pankratz in Val Ultimo

Riding day 4: Klobenstein to Pontresina (Switzerland)

The day everybody was waiting for! the Queen of all passes, Passo di Stelvio is on the schedul!

When we got up in the morning the weather was not made for this exceptional ride and everybody was pulling a long face in expectation that we cannot do the pass due to the conditions. At the coffebrake the tour guides discussed the situation and after checking webcams and consulting locals it was decided that we will climb Passo Stelvio. What a ride! 

Passo Gavia was covered in rain, clouds and faog so we took the shortcut through livigno to get to our final destination, Pontresina.

Juan and Karen in Glurns
The Canadian crew
Excellent view from the top, it was definitely the right decision to do it!
Pics, pics, pics!
Gary and Barb
Richard from Australia
JB - there is no Cuckoo Clock on Stelvio
Bob enjoys his coffee in Livignio
Juan in front of Murteratsch Glacier
Mexico and Kuwait meeting in Switzerland

Riding day 5: Pontresina to Warth (Austria)

Same every morning! Pouring rain while the tourguides are giving their briefing, which means: Rain gear again. So we take off in the wet, but as soon as we are on top of  Albula Pass blue spots apear in the sky and the sun is blinking from behind the clouds.

At the Heidiland we decide to take off our rain gear for the rest of the day. Going through Liechtenstein we cross into Austria, ready for two more passe on the way to Warth.

On top of Albula Pass
Elaine and Gerard framing Heidi and Peter at Heidiland
Vaduz: in front the Museum of Art, but more important the Principal of Lichtenstein is at home bcause the flag is on top of the pole. Find out where!
On top of Furka Joch

Riding day 6: Warth to Erding (Germany)

We have got on more highlight to check off the list - King Ludwig's Castle Neuschwanstein. and just to mention it - of course it was raining in the morning. A few of our Mexicans took an early start to visit it, it turned out in the evening that they visited both, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau! And made it in time for dinner! We were content with having a look at it from the distance with a cup of coffee in the hand.

Up to lake Starenberg it was cold and wet, after the lunch break it was only cold. But the closer we got towards Erding the better it got, so finally our last riding day ended in dry cloth.

The farewell eveing became a nice party, everybody filled with the past adventures, talking about the experiences made within the last week. A great group, good spirits, alot of fun!

Juan expressing his feeling for the tour and the friends he made
Thank you to all of you!
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