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From Croatia to Greece

Saturday, October 22, 2022 | Jan Van der Jagt / Maike Effing | Europe

Welcome to Croatia!

The bikes are ready for departure!
Maike has created a beautiful drawing of our tour. Many highlights and countries lay in front of us.
During the welcome brieving you can already tell that there is a nice interaction within the group.

First riding day: from Dubrovnik (Croatia) to Kolasin (Montenegro)

Tour guide Jan does the welcome briefing and explains to everyone what the day will bring to us that is beautiful and exciting
On the ferry at the bay of Kotor
And lunch in the mountains, with a view on the bay....
And that looks like this. A picture tells a thousand words, but in real life it's even more beautiful

Second riding day: Rest day: Kolasin (Montenegro)

The daily brieving conducted by Maike shows that we have a great day ahead
And when one is treated with views like this during the first coffee stop you realise that live is good!
The dear devils Maike, Marc, Rob, Mike and Jan did the 824mtr/half a mile long zip line
Just before lunch we stopped at this gorgeous gorge
This is how lunch looks like in Montenegro!
The bikes were garded by the local gang of cows
After a day riding thrue one of Europa's most beautiful countries this is what you get; a group of happy bikers!

3d riding day: From Kolasin to Shkodrë (Albania!)

After an exiting route thrue the Montenegro mountains we arrived at the boarder of Albania
Meeting the locals in Albania

4d riding day: From Shkodré to Ohrid (North Mazedonia)

As on every riding day, the route with the highlights is explained by the tour guide in the dayly briefing. We hope the weather stays good today.
everyone is in a good mood and looking forward to the tour.
The first stop today was actually only intended for a coffee, but the culinary delights look so good that you just can't ignore them.
a truly breathtaking view of the mountains of Albania
Everywhere along the route we meet many animals and sometimes we even get closer to them

5d riding day: from Ohrid to Gjirokastra, Albania

Nice pieces of marble!
Meeting local Albanian girls
And enjoying local Albanian food
The next generation biker
And when a cement truck blocks the road one waits
And finally we arrive in Gjirokastra, what view!

6th riding day: from Gjirokastra to Meteora (Greece!)

the hotel staff are also hoping for good weather
Border crossing to Greece
Foto Stop: the view into the depths of the Vicos gorge is spectacular
Um ein gutes Gruppenfoto zu machen muss der Tourguide auch manchmal in die Höhe klettern
Group Foto at the Vicos Gorge. What a view,
Foto stop with a great view to the pindos mountains
we ride through wonderful Greek landscapes past old stone bridges
another passenger wants to ride

Rest day in Meteora

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View from one of the famous monasteries in Meteora overlooking the valley and town of Kalampaka
Maike had prepared a very tasty lunch in the mountains
No comment
What a lovely dinner we had! Great local Greek food in a cosy setting
This is how Meteora looks at night, under a starry sky

8th riding day: from Meteora to Delphi

Again, a very professional briefing by Maike. And who has such a beautiful background at his office?
Coffee Stop at the Plastiras water Reservoir.
we continue through endless mountains and winding roads
After a long day of driving, the experiences of the day are exchanged over a cold drink
at dinner we are rewarded with this sunset

Time flies, already the 9th riding day!

What a beautiful day lies ahead of us, the sun is just getting over the hills
And everybody is getting ready for the brieving
one of the highlights today is the ancient site of delphi
Known for the oracle
And temple of Apollo
You can feel history is staring down at you
On top of the hill there's the theatre
After a lovely ride along the golf of Korinth we crossed the 2600 meter long bridge towards the Peloponnes
Coffee stop at the golf of Korinth. Thanks Mike for finding this place!
And when one arrives at the hotel in Olympia and this pool awaits you, one can tell that it was a fantastic day!
Dinner on the slopes of the mountains
Finally the sun went down and we're all looking forward to tomorrow were another adventure awaits us

Riding day # 10: from Olympia to Kalamata

Daily breefing in the morning sun
we visit the birthplace of the olympic games in olympia
part of the group explores the coastal road towards kalamata on their own today and finds a nice lunch stop on the beach
During our photo stop in the mountains, locals asked us to help chop wood: well done Isabel and Daniel
at the end of the stage we stop at this inconspicuous looking little chapel. It's built into the mountain.
We thank today's sweeper Stefe. Weil done.

Riding day 11: kalamata to Nafplio

Because we're going to have a stop in Sparta, Tourguide Jan is impersonating a Spartan warrior. Dutch style
Actually, the lunch stop was great! What a view!
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And off course, the ride!
To finish a perfect rising day there was the traditional boot beer!
That's how happy bikers look like!

12th and last riding day: from Nafplio to Athens

Last breefing of the tour
Epidaurus, large amphitheater
We ride the coast road to Athens an have this wonderful view of the blue sea.
Kanal of Korinth
After crossing the Korinth Canal, Jan surprises us with a fantastic picnic
Thank you to the whole group for a great time. This photo is from our first day in Dubrovnik. We could only guess how fantastic the tour will be. Jan and Maike wish you all the best and see you next time.
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Dieter Arnoth
Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 12:03

Hi Barbara, Mark,

have fun and enjoy the trip...

All the best
Barbara and Mark
Friday, October 14, 2022 at 18:34

Hey, Dieter. Good to hear from you! We're having a fabulous time: Jan and Maike are taking good care of us, but we miss you. Hoping to encounter you again--perhaps Morocco next spring.
Best, Mark and Barbara
Dan McPherson
Saturday, October 8, 2022 at 19:21

We haven’t even started and we’re having fun!


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