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NSZ 2301 New Zealand Tour

Wednesday, February 1, 2023 | Axel Gert Schneider / Ted Goslinga | Pacific

14 or 21 days - doesn’t matter this place got some magic places - that’s the master plan for our tour

Welcome to the first

New Zealand Tour in 2023


Ted and Axel


Hallo from Christchurch – the place to be if you like to discover New Zealand on a motorcycle.

In the next 21 Day´s we will build up memories they will stay forever!!!
I know big words before the Tour have been started – but in this case I’m not worry at all!!!


Why? Because New Zealand is one of these places on Planet earth where you should have been once in your lifetime. Highlights like: - Milford Sound - Fox Glacier -90 Miles Beach and and and and and many more places, which are connected with Tire gripping roads, who will guide us through stunning landscapes high up in the mountains and back down to the coastlines, will make our tour unforgettable. 

How it will be, you will see here in the next day´s on our Blog. 

Ted and I looking forward to meet the group and for sure to start the Tour down here.


So if you think about to discover New Zealand on a bike!? May you stay tuned and follow us on this Tour.


Ted & Axel


Here little impression of Christchurch, which is the largest city on the South Island. So if you like to ride this tour and you arrive let´s say 2 day´s earlier here, it is on one side smart because you getting rid of the Jetlag and on the other side it is nice to walk through the city center and along the park which is on both banks of the river Avon. The City himself suffered a series of earthquakes in 2010 to 2012 and you still see the damages from these days. But step by step they rebuild the city and they use this opportunity to rebuild the city with a mix of modern art and the flair of the old Christchurch – I got to say – it is a nice mix and I like all the hidden treasures of street art in the alleys. 

It’s time for the welcome briefing

The time has come – We are meeting the Group of our Tour – Some we know already from Tours before and some we will meet for the first time.

We cached up at the Lobby at half past four and I got to say – it felt like we are knowing each other for a long time.

After a warm welcome we moved on and had the handover of the Bikes and of course our Welcome Briefing, where went through the Tour and the places where we will be going to.

After all this theory it was time to catch up for the first Dinner together and it looks like we will gain more weight on this Tour – The food was fantastic.


Well, that was our Welcome Day and tomorrow we will move on to Twizel. 

So, stay tuned if you like to see what we have seen tomorrow 


Ted and Axel


Day 2 - First riding day - Christchurch to Twizel

Terry and Julia
steve and serena
Vickie and Dane

Welcome to Day 2 

Christchurch to Twizel


What a start in our adventure!!!!

This day is already one we won’t forget. But – let´s start with the Morning. After a good sleep we met all for breakfast before we went out to the bikes for our first morning briefing. 

The story of the day: we will have a great day because we will ride out of Christchurch, and we will ride the Summit Road. Summit Road what is that!!!! That’s a small narrow road out of the 1930 but it goes up to 500m and we will ride on the saddle of this little mountain range. The benefit what you have on Top you can see on our pictures – it is a breathtaking view wherever you look. On the left you got the waterfront with all the bays and on the right, you look at our next destination of today and that is the Mount Cook National park. What I can say is already after the first picture stop that this Tour will stay forever in our mind. The beauty of New Zealand is unbelievable. After this kick off, mostly you think it can´t get better but it went better and better. Next big highlight has been Lake Tekapo and the Church of the Good Shepherd. I just say look at the color of the water – if I would have not been there, I would not believe it.

I have never seen such a bright blue Lake in my interred life!!!!

And on top we used the chance to ride up to the Mount John Observatory where we have been once more impressed of the beauty of New Zealand. The last Stop of today´s ride has been Lake Pukaki where we get a nice view of Mount Cook where will be on Day 5.


All in one this day was a start as you wish for.

Thanks to the Groupe for this awesome day


Ted and Axel

let's get reddy to rumble - Dane is just waiting for the: Let's go of Axel
It's no fake the water got this colure
I think J likes this day
We alway will be Kids
Sometimes you need a moment to lean back and realize how lucky we are
Old friend and some good chats along the way
That is our wild bunch of riders

Day 3 - riding day Twizel to Te Anau

Welcome to Day 4 

Day 3 - riding day Twizel to Te 



Let´s do it – A other Day in Paradise!!!!!


So, what have we been doing today. At first it was time for a nice curvy road – called Lindis Pass. As you can see on the pictures this landscape is just…… - I put it this way – you must be once in your life here to feel and see what we see. Sometimes there are no words what can describe these moments what we got over here.

The next highlight of today has been the place of birth of bungy jumping Kawarau Gorge. That is the place where everything has been started. 

The place was full of people which has been on the way to jump down from the bridge and we – well, we just enjoyed the show. The ride through the valley was nice and on top we were riding along the lake Wakatipu which was once again – sooooooo nice!!! The reflection of the water the mountain range in the back and a winding road along the water – perfect -life can be so nice.


And now? Now we are and Te Anau and looking already forward for tomorrow – because that we be a day what we might remember for a long time.



Ted and Axel

Kawarau Gorge
Lake Wakatipu

Day 4: Te Anau to Queenstown

Welcome to Day 4 

Te Anau to Queenstown 

The Day of Milford Sound 


What a great Boat ride today!!! Yes Boat ride – we went out today in the morning towards the world famous Milford Sound. That means we started in Te Anau and we had 120 km to our place to be for today. The ride towards the Boat ride was for sure one of a kind – we can´t get enough from this breathtaking nature down here. For Ted and Me it is a kind of crazy - it feels like we are back in Norway where we have been on tour together. The road through the rainforest was nice and curvy and the scenery has been not one second boring. The weather in the morning has been not the best but we got a joker on tour – Serena – doesn’t matter what the weather forecast says – if she says it is not raining, it will not rain! Perfect for us, and as she promised, we came out of the tunnel and the sky was blue and the sun was shining. It could not be better than this. Arrived on in Milford we parked the bikes, and we went out on the Fjord – As you can see on our pictures this was for sure one of the best moments on this tour. Well, we said that also the days before – it looks like – we should not say that anymore, because every day we got again surprised by this beauty of New Zealand.

After the Boat ride it was time to move on towards Queenstown where we will stay for the next 2 days. It is a long ride from Milford to Queenstown but with this impression of the boat ride – we managed it and tonight we will sleep well after this long day of riding.

Now we are in Queenstown and the next adventure is already organized!!! What it is? You will see tomorrow.


So come back tomorrow to see what we have been doing down here


Ted and Axel

Milford Sound at his best
Meet the Locals

Day 5 - Queenstown - rest day

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Filesize: 50 MB
Lethes rock the day in Queenstown

Our first rest day of this fabulous tour we have in Queenstown, the outdoor event capital of New Zealand. 
Since we had already a lot miles behind us, the majority of the group didn't went out for a ride but took the opportunity to sleep in, do some shopping, or went out for a relaxed stroll around the harbour area. 
Only Jay and tourguide Ted went out for a ride along the beautiful lake and up to the ski area at mount Coronet. 
after coming back the group went for a adrenaline boat ride with super fast jet boat on the lake and on the shotover river. Fantastic day with only sunshine. Could you wish for something more?

Great rest day ride !
Our boat driver with a double Chevrolet v-8 6.2 litre engine! What a blast!
The adrenaline junkies!

Day 6: Queenstown to Fox Glacier

Welcome to Day 6 

Queenstown to Fox Glacier



Goodbye Queenstown and we are one the road again.

This day will bring us to the west coast and also north, towards wellington, because it is almost north island time.

But not so quick – let’s talk about today.


If you take an sunny day + the Crown Range Road + Lake Wanaka + the Haast Pass + riding along the coastline = a perfect day


That has been actually our day – The combination of dreamlike roads, which has been surrounded from mountain ranges where crystal clear lakes invite you all the time to jump into the water there we have been today and if I look at the faces of our group this day was a pleasure in many way´s. And now I let the pictures talk for them self.


So have a nice day 


Ted and Axel from Fox glacier

Spotting a very rare Edelweiss kiwi !!
Smooth group riding !

Day 7: Fox Glacier to Punakaiki

What a blast we had again today! Leaving Fox Glacier in the early morning to catch a helicopter flight in a place called Frans Josef. It was first waiting for the green light of the pilots before we could go. But finally we were airborne and after a spectacular flight we landed somewhere on top of the glacier. After some foto shooting we went down to the village in a rollercoaster like ride down again. After that we paid a visit to the Wildlife center and learned everything about kiwi's.  Then there was still another 400 km to cover. But besides one heavy rainshower, the rest was pretty much ok and pulled us through the rest of the day !

Day 8: Punakaiki to Nelson

Welcome to Day 8 

Punakaiki to Nelson 


Hallo again 


SOooooooo…. What happened today we are on step closer to the north island of New Zealand. 

The ride today has been a nice fun ride with some nice stops along the way. First one has been just up the hill from the Hotel – called the Pancake Rocks – why this name !!!???? – just have a look at the pictures. Afterwards we started riding up north, along the coastline and the road was constantly going from a left into a right turn – actually all what you need to be happy. As a topping – we followed Buller river and this road is made for riders like us.


All in one an easy day and tomorrow will be the theme of the day:

North Island here we come 



See you tomorrow

Ted and Axel 

Day 9: Nelson to Wellington

Under a blue sky we left the hotel in Nelson for a very nice leisurely ride towards the ferry  terminal in Picton, since this is the last day on the South Island. But before we boarded the ferry we had a very scenic and curvy ride along the sounds towards Picton. Beautiful bays and places we went through with at the end the Charlotte drive

After we checked in and walked a bit through the lovely place of Picton we hit the ferry for a super relaxed boat ride of 3 1/2 hours through the Marlborough sounds , crossing the Cook strait and landed just before 6 pm in New Zealand's capitol of Wellington. Just a 10 min ride to downtown where we will stay two nights

Day 10 - rest day Wellington

Rest Day on Day 10 

Here in Wellington



Rest Day number 2 on this Tour and some can´t get enough from riding.

Jay and I went out today and discovered the backyard of Wellington. It has been just 160 km – but, I got to say this roads has been narrow and good fun!!! The rest of the Team took it easy today and recovered. But that means not that they just have been in bed – Wellington himself is a colorful city with street music and heaps of opportunities to eat. So, if you are here – you got to walk through the streets.


Ted and Axel 

Day 11- riding day Wellington to Napier

After having a wonderful restday in Wellington with nice dining, great museums, tequila party, gorgeous walks, we headed out northbound to explore the Northern island of New Zealand. Riding about 2000 curves today we mainly rode through farm area’s Because of the cyclone which hit North Island, there was pretty much road damage we encountered during our ride. Bit we did it, and even with a flat tyre reparation in between , we reaches the small city of Napier at the eastern coast.

Day 12 : we going North - It´s time for Rotura

Day 12 we going North 

It´s time for Rotorua



So – what we have done today!?


First, we had to change a tire so that we can start our day. Because yesterday, we had on our final kilometers a nice puncture. But this was quick fixed in the morning and then we went back on track on day 12.


The theme of the day road wise was for sure Gentle Annie which is one of the best roads where you can ride on down here – if its dry!!!

I got to say Serena did at again – somehow, she managed it again, that it rained overnight and only the roads has been wet on the start of the day. So, let´s do it – The road himself is really nice to ride and in our case the clouds has been hanging deep so that we get along the way slightly wet. But for the rest we have been pleased with the weather. First Coffee Stop which we needed has been also National Army Museum. So if you are interested on Museums like that, then you should go in. In our case – we just had an coffee because Ted was waiting for us on the Lakeside. It was Picknick Day as well today. So we moved on and passed the famous and still active volcanos, which has been covered in clouds today, and here we go there was Ted – that would been have nice – Well in our case we faced a loooooooonnnnnnng

Road Construction section where we have been lucky that we are on motorcycles and that we could sneak through. Finally we met Ted had a snack and well then it was one more time -let´s go – And here we are in Rotorua.


That was our day 12 with Ted and Axel

Play video Download
Filesize: 58 MB

Day 13 - Rotorua to Auckland….(.Last riding day of part 1

...And then there was a clear blue sky again in the morning. We started our last riding day of part 1 of the tour towards Auckland in Rotorua. A city that is well known for its sulfur wells everywhere, which leaves a bit of a rotten egg experience

Day 14: Rest Day in Auckland

Day 14 – Rest Day in Auckland



Today is a real day off ( no riding)

That means not that we are just hanging out in the Hotel Room!!!!


Auckland is a city which offers a lot of things what you can do. This city is somehow special!!!! If you up for history then you should go for sure up to the War Memorial and learn about the Maori history. On the way back you should walk towards the harbor where you will find heaps of restaurants and bar´s and on top you will get a nice view at the harbor. From there you can decide if you like to spend your money in several shops or you might like to dive into sea life from New Zealand at the Kelly Tarlton Sea Life Aquarium or you like to go into the Zoo. If you are sporty and like to see a lot of places in a fly by? Well, then you put on your running shoes, and I promise you, it is nice to do it in this way.

Plus - as reward you burn some calories which you have been collecting in the last 13 days


For the evening you got again the choice between let´s say around 100 restaurants and I bet you – you will find one – if steak or Asian food they got it all over here.


So far so good that has been our Rest Day here and tomorrow our journey will go on towards east – right – east where we came from the day before – but there are some places where you should go if you are down here.


Soooooo - Ted and Axel over and out for today

Day 15: Auckland to Tairua

Day 15: Auckland to Tairua


Coromandel Peninsula – that’s what we are up to day!!!!!


It is Sunday and that means for us – easy exit from Auckland because on Sunday is it here like in Australia – there is almost nobody on the road. The only handicap – all the traffic lights. Well well well, it took a while to get out of town and but the ride along the harbor and the little beaches in the morning has been nice. Later on, we have been back on a road where we have been days before and that made it to a fun run because if you know the curvy road it is always good. 

Know it was time to move north at the Coromandel Peninsula which is a nice place to be !!! The road is almost in the water and follows the coastline and is bending twisty …. Doesn’t matter which word you are looking for a perfect road, this one got it. And because of the famous Mussel kitchen of the Coromandel, we stop there for lunch. The weather today was mixed and when it was close to start raining we let Serena taking care of it. So on the end of the day we got Sun Sun + a little Spray + Sun so I would say that was a great riding day.

The way over the Island was nice and then – well then, we went to the Hot water Beach –  If you got the low tide than you can go here with your shuffle to the beach and dig a hole and it will fill himself with warm spring water – crazy or and also a kind of strange if you look at the pictures and see all the people in his pots. After this little adventure we went on to some picture stops – before we went to the Hotel close to Tairua. All in on this day got some really nice sections where your rider’s heart will be happy.



This has been Day 15 and what’s going on tomorrow

That will you see when you come back on our Blog


Ted  & Axel 

Day 16 - Tairua to Whangarei

Today was the last day with a long distance. But what a day! Nice temperatures throughout the day between 20 and 24 degree Celsius, wonderful roads, super curves, what else do you need? Maybe a good lunch, great coffee? We had it all 

Riding from our secluded mountain resort towards the beaches at the westcoast took some time and hundreds of awesome curves and switchbacks. But we arrived in the wonderful city of Whangarei. But on our way we had a nice visit at Piha beach and after that we visited the great Kauri kuseum. Worthwhile a visit for sure!! Great riding day at the North island of New Zealand

Day 17 - riding day Wangharei to Karikari

Day 17: Whangarei to Karikari Peninsula


Result off the Day: This Day with these roads are my Favorite!!!! (Axel)

Usually I start with what we have seen…..


But not today!!!! Already the way from Whangarei to the Westcoast has been fantastic – But than it was a fun run up north – If I could ride it tomorrow directly again. There is no way to put in words – and Videos no time for that because I was completely enjoying this road from one edge to the other. And Yes the Group as well – you could see in the mirror how good they have improved over all this narrow roads off the last weeks. For me as a Tour guide it is a pleasure to see how our Group is riding together – this feels like – I´m riding with my buddy´s !!!!

Thanks for these moments what we have been charring on the Road today. 

But anyway – besides riding there have been also big highlights!!!

And if I say big – I mean big!!!

Around 3000 Years old, 51,2 m tall and a real legend of New Zealand – The Name is: Tane Mahuta or better known as Lord of the Forest.

When you arrive at Tane Mahuta after the 66 miles Beach, which is already impressive with the shire endless looking Beach, you feel like you are from one second on the other in the forest of Avatar.

This Kauri trees and the shape of them/ how they are growing, and the feeling of how beautiful mother nature can be is unbelievable and for me a must do for everybody out there.

Just on side, before we arrived at the Kauri Trees, we went to one of the rare Kauri carving places – where you could find – kauri plates which are made out of 4000 year old Kauri Trees – That is unci I would say!!!


After our Avatar moment we went on to a little ferry which brought us to the other side where we started part two of our curvy day. 

And again I can just say this day is riding wise like a playground for bikers. 

Now we are at the Tokerau Beach where we stay 2 days and will discover the north part of New Zealand.

This journey is long and eve if the last 2 days has been for some of us a little exhaustive – today I can tell you seeing them riding they all back on track.

Well, what else:


I am crossing my fingers right now that Serena our weather oracle on tour keeps on managing the weather like she did the last weeks. So that we are save for the last couple of riding days, and if it comes like I hope – well then, we have been almost 100% on the sunny side of live on this tour – Not bad or!?


So time to get ready for Dinner 


Ted and Axel


Day 18 - Rest day Karikari peninsula

So after almost three weeks of riding the South and the North island of this beautiful country, we finally ended up in the most northern area of the North island. And of course is it like visiting the North cape in Norway: you want to be on the top of that! But since itnwas a rest day, most of the group took the opportunity to take it easy today and enjoy to the most all the amenities of our beautiful resort and spent the day by hanging out at the pool, hiking or simply do nothing. But Ted and Dane hopped on the bike after a nice sleep in, and headed to Cape Reinga. All though rain was predicted it stayed dry and most sunny throughout the day. Only with a strong side wind they reached the 'north cape' of New Zealand. And what fantastic view we had seeing the Tasman seanand the South Pacific ocean coming together. Always a special feeling being at the 'end of the world' !

On our way back we visited some big dunes where people  were sandboarding at high speed. Around 3 pm we were back at our resort were Axel prepared a fantastic bbq/lunch/dinner. A super nice end of a super nice day!!

Day 19: Karikari Peninsula to Russell

Day 19: Karikari Peninsula to Russell 



Here we go again!!!!

Last Day with Axel in front.

One more time we met for the morning briefing. So, what´s going on today, Axel!? Well, we ride a bike I would say from A to B to C …..

Just joking – Our Plan for today has been – surviving the wind, which is been blowing quite hard today and we will ride the Coastline down on the eastside of New Zealand. It turned out that this day has been as curvy as my last riding day to Karikari! Did we liked it – of course – it was like a rollercoaster – up and down – right left – switchback, sweepers….. I say it straight I liked it right away. On top we stopped on Māori Museum in Waitangi which is quite famous, and we spend some time there - my hint for you - if you are once there spend at least an hour it is worth to see it!!!

After this unexpected highlight we split up – some of went to the Hotel and the rest took on the last 132 km because we stay for the night here in Waitangi. So if you are at lunch still fit and looking for some more twisty roads, then you should keep on riding and I promise this will be fun.

Well well well – this has been my last day and now may I find some video´s from this fun run from the end.


Stay tuned for our last riding day with Ted


Ted and Axel 

Day 20 - final riding day ! Russel to Auckland

Unfortunately at our last riding day, the weather got bad, so no chance to make any pics of the riding. Coming closer towards Auckland , it even got so worse in the evening and night that the flight terminal of Auckland airport got completely flooded. So for most of us this means a couple of extra days in Auckland before the airport is back on line again. 
But in the meantime we are all very thankful that we had overall very nice weather during this epic motorcycle trip over the South and North island ofnNew Zealand. 
And of course: there is no nice motorcycle trip without a nice group of riders!!

So thank you Dane and Vicki, Terry and Julie, Steve and Serena and Jay for your great company. We sincerely hope to see  you all at a next Edelweiss tour in the near future!

We, as your tourguides, had a great time with you with countless good memories!

Take care and untill we meet again!

Ted and Axel

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Jan van der Jagt
Friday, January 13, 2023 at 19:12

Hi Ted and Axel! Have fun down there! Stay save. Looking forward to see you next month
Ted Goslinga
Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 19:59

Tks Jan. See you next month!
Michaela Achatzi
Sunday, January 8, 2023 at 10:56

Hallo Ted und Axel
Hello to the group
Habt eine super Tour in meinem Lieblings Land , ich habe euch ein paar Straßen im November übrig gelassen .
Freu mich auf die Bilder
Lg Michaela
Ted Goslinga
Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 11:00

Danke Michaela. Es ist wunderschön hier
Michaela Achatzi
Thursday, January 12, 2023 at 00:31

Ich weiß
Friday, January 6, 2023 at 11:09

Habt eine klasse Tour und viele bleibende Erinnerungen!
Ted Goslinga
Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 11:01

Danke Marc!! Kein Problem


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