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MCT 2301 Morocco here we come

Sunday, March 26, 2023 | Axel Gert Schneider / Angela / Thomas Fellechner | Africa

Day 9: Boulman Dades to Merzouga / Erg Chebbi
Day 8: Aït Benhaddou to Boumalne Dades
Tag 6: Marrakesch - the city of crazy traffic and a market what you never forgetDay 6: Marrakech
A day in the heart of Marrakech

Day 5: Bin el Ouidane to Marrakesch
Rollercoaster – Wide Plains – Rollercoaster - Marrakech
With Miss Morocco - Angela one of the the three tour guides of our Morocco Tour from Edelweiss Bike Travel
Day 4: Azrou to Bin el Ouidane








The Bikes are here in Malaga and the tour guide team of Angela, Thomas and Axel is ready to welcome our riders for this breathtaking tour through Morocco.

During the next 14 days we will dive into the kingdom of Morocco where we will discover fantastic cities like Marrakech, Fes, and of course, we will get in touch with the beauty of the desert. And as well we will ride through the scenery of the High Atlas Mountain range.

Altogether it will be an unforgettable trip through the North of Africa.

We 3 are looking forward to showing you the magic of Morocco.

And if you are curious to see if this tour is something for you – well the easiest way to find out is to follow our blog.

So stay tuned
Angela, Thomas and Axel

Day 1: City Tour and Welcome Briefing


Morocco here we come


Tomorrow it finally starts our Morocco adventure. In the evening we will have our welcome briefing and receive the keys for our bikes.
Some of us arrived a bit earlier and used the time for a city tour through charming Malaga. Our tour guide Thomas shows us the must see`s of this fascinating city

Sunrise at Malaga when the bikes arrived for the start of the tour
The mercado @ Puerto de Ataranzanas
Kathleen, Keith and Christian @ the Alcazaba
view over Malage from the Castillo Gibralfaro
The one-handed Lady like the locals say "Cathedral de la Encarnacion"
Welcome Briefing

Day 2: Málaga to Chefchaouen


Today is the day - we start our Tour of Morocco


Good Morning – Good Morning from Málaga

After a good sleep and a big breakfast, it was time for our first morning briefing. And so, we did. Axel has been the storyteller of the day and he started the briefing with the highlights.

What means:

On the way to our ferry, we crossed the beauty of Andalusia with the goal of Algeciras. On the left side the coastline of Mediterranean See, on the right side the mountain range of the Parque National Sierra de las Nieves and on top we got a perfect sunny day.

As soon as we came closer to the Ferry Port the famous Rock of Gibralta took our breath away. Even if we don´t stop there, because we had to catch the ferry, the history of this Fortress build into a Mountain is also from the distance verry impressive.

On top we got a better view at Gibralta as we passed by with our Ferry on the way to Ceuta. The ride himself was around an hour and then well then was the challenge of the day – the border crossing – they didn’t gave us a hard time – put the speed of the officers has been the blueprint of slow motion.

Finally, we cross the border to Morocco and now we are on our destination where will get each day more and more in touch with the magic of Morocco.

On the end of our first riding day we can say for say for sure this landscape is breathtaking in many ways and the culture to.

Now it we will go out for dinner in Chefchaouen and that means it is almost time to go to bed – because tomorrow we will dive deeper into Morocco.


So see you tomorrow

Angela, Thomas and Axel

We are ready to take over the ferry
The Rock in the back (Gibraltar)
And a part of our fearless Riders
Goodbye Spain
Waiting after the border crossing for the rest of our team
Time for a coffee ☕️ to recharge our batteries after this long boarder crossing
Welcome to the flair of Chefchaouen

part 2 of day 2: from Malaga to Chefchaouen


Exploring new horizons


Edelweiss Bike Travel is constantly seeking to add new features to their tours. This time on the Morocco Tour we wanted to try out a new way to cross the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Morocco. And since we are three tour guides on this tour, Angela took the opportunity to scout the new option. Later in the day, the group met again on the way to Chefchaouen.

Safely strapped down - and off we go
The Strait of Gibraltar is a pretty busy place.
Arriving at the port of Morocco
Along the way south there are so many fantastic photo opportunities.
Spring is in full blossom currently in Morocco. Everything is coloured in a lush green
The ride along Morocco's coast line is a colourful experience.
Everywhere the Moroccan farmers are working on their fields
Obviously my arrival in Chefchaouen is not a secret. These cute little girls know very well that I am hiding candy in my pockets
But to my surprise, for this girl the candy was only second choice
Crazy confusing and bustling Chefchaouen

day 3: Chefchaouen to Azrou

Yesterday was a long day. So we took it the relaxing way this morning.


Continuing south


Hello Again From Day 3


Today no Border Crossing that means we had a riding day with the as you wish for. The Day started as usually with breakfast and our daily morning Briefing. The story of what we will has been told by Thomas and Angela managed that our language will be delivered to the Van – you may wonder why I write this!?

The reason – simply our hotel from last night hast been in the heart of Chefchaouen were dived into the flair of Morocco. Little Shops all the way up to our hotel and no cars because it is all pedestrian zone.

Well, enough with yesterday – let´s talk about today!!

The first part of the ride has been through the Rif Mountains down south and the road has been a curvy pleasure for all riders. Up and down for at least 70 km – It was just what we have been looking for.

But you got to watch out – because there are a lot of shopping Donkeys along the way! Yes, Shopping Donkeys – here in Morocco the people do more than less everything with a Donkey (work, shopping, transport of everything what you can think of). Besides this the landscape along the way is just fascinating – on top there are heaps of Olive trees, which cover almost the complete mountain range. And, as we dropped down on the south side of the mountains, it was time for a mint tea and our first break. From there on we have been riding through the farm land and onion fields has been all over the place. The next stop for lunch and for the next highlight has been Volubilis – a old roman capitolin temple and fortress of Mark Aurels from 168/69 AD. 

The next 80 kilometers we have been riding through Meknes and other little villages where we get more and more the feeling how the live works out over here. Several coffees, butcher along the road + the smell of all the street food places let us definitely feel Morocco lifestyle.

Our final destination for tonight is clos to Azrou where will sleep and tomorrow our journey will keep on going.




So see you tomorrow 

Angela, Thomas and Axel

Goodbye Chefchaouen and hallo day 3
Thomas and his part of the group on the way down from Chefchaouen direction Ouezzane.
This is Cindy our brave lady rider from the USA
Riding into Ouezzane, it is just nice to stop at the outskirts of the city and watch the Moroccan life going on.
There are several coffee places next to each other and our bikes perfectly fitted in front of one of them
The Moroccans are happy people and always good for a little joke
Amber from the States and Gilberto from Mexico are enjoying the break.
So does Martin from Switzerland
Robin and the to tour guides of the day Axel and Thomas
The Roman Ruins of Volubilis were our highlight of the day
Volubilis – a old roman capitolin temple and fortress of Mark Aurels from 168/69 AD
in the afternoon we get a taste of typical moroccan city traffic
Shopping Donkeys along the way
Endless wide farming area of Morocco

Day 4: Azrou to Bin el Ouidane


Morocco's heart land


Europe is far away!!!!


Today we have been riding to Azrou and I can tell you this day was awesome!! The reason starts already in the morning.

As we took off, we reached our first highlight just an half hour later – the place what I mean has been the Cedar forest with the Babary Apes.

On the road in in all the trees surround us you could see them. After this highlight we just went on through the mountain range atill it was time to drop down towards Kenifra. All along the way we crossed several smaller and bigger towns where you felt the street live of the Moroccans. Everything what you need you can buy at the road – from drilling machine to food – it is a kind of crazy. In the town himself you should be verry awake because the Moroccan traffic is challenging and people just crossing the street without paying attention to the traffic.

Down in Kenifra we crossed the flat farming arear where they grow from oranges, onions almost everything ells as well. The weather on the other hand as been such a pleasure today and was also the first day where we reached the 30 C. From Kenifra we had to cross one more mountain range to arrive at our hotel and the road just went up and up – it was almost like in the alps for us tour guides. On top we get surprise with a view at the Atlas Mountains which has been still covered in snow – it was a breathtaking view. Well and now we had the last pleasure of the day with a freshly paved road down to the Hotel along the Bin el Quidane water reservoir. 


Another dreamy day in Morocco is coming to an end.

It was a pleasure to ride with all of you


So let´s see what tomorrow brings


Angela, Thomas and Axel

Cedar forest with the Babary Apes
hmmm... interresting motorcycle riders
beautifull Marocco
first coffee in the morning
Houston we have a problem
traditional maroccan lunch in Khenifra
What a view right before we reach the Hotel.
Christian enjoy the view
you like it Martin?
the reservoir of Bin el Ouidane

Day 5: Bin el Ouidane to Marrakesch

Miss Morocco - Angela one of the three tour guides of our Morocco Tour from Edelweiss Bike Travel


Rollercoaster – Wide Plains – Rollercoaster



Here we go again – another day in the beauty of Morocco

The day started as it ends yesterday!!!

As a breakfast we served our guest a nice winding road through the middle Atlas where we had a lot a fun towards the Ouzoud Falls.

Ouzoud Waterfall himself is 110m tall waterfall witch is surrounded from mountains and in the middle of this valley there have been our road.

For me a day on a bike can’t start better than this.

Afterwards we crossed the flat plain witch has been covered with farming land and a lot off local’s which has been taking care of several sheep herds. If you think that New Zealand got a lot of sheep!!!

Morocco can compete for sure. Later, the Route went back up on a nice curvy road where got another fun section. 

The final of the day has been like other big cities – it is mostly flat and a lot of straight roads into town, but in our case we had 30 C on top.

The last challenge of the day has been the ride into Marrakech to the Hotel. The traffic over here can be a real challenge and as soon as you come closer – heaps of scooter trucks crossing our way and traffic rules are not anymore excysting. If you are not used to it, it feels like you are on another planet.

But hey there is nothing what can stop our bunch off riders over here.


Well we are now in Marrakech where will stay the next 2 day´s and tomorrow we take over the town!!!



So let´s see what tomorrow brings


Angela, Thomas and Axel

Welcome to the Ouzoud Falls.
Some Snacks along the Tour for Robert
What would be Morocco without the Scooter Dudes!!!
Doesn't matter where you are there are always some on the road
The view along our ride, and that's the direction where we will go in 2 Days

Day 6: Marrakech - the city of crazy traffic and a Medina you never forget


A day in the heart of Marrakech


Surprise surprise, we are not on the bikes today!!!

The reason why is quite easy we are discover Marrakech. So if you are o this Tour we give you the opportunity to ride if you like to but you will miss the heartbeat of Marrakech – The place where it looks like traffic rules are not excysting and a place where you always make the best deal of your life. So, what does it mean:

First we slept a little longer and we met at the reception at 9:30 to take a Taxi to the center of Marrakech. The ride to the start of our Guided City tour was for sure adventures because here is somehow everything different!!! If you got a 2-lane road!!! That means more than less there will fit 3 cars side by side and if possible 2 scooters and some bicycles. Sounds impossible but I promise you the Taxi riders will proof it.

After this little adventure we went on through the City of Marrakech.

The Medina of Marrakech is one of a kind – all the little shops in the small alleys, the butcher on the street food places, the smell of the spices and the sound of the Medina is unforgettable. Just look at the pictures of the day! As you can see one day of not riding a bike means not it is boring. If you need a souvenir? That is. A good place to start with collecting some traditional memories like carpets and many other thinks what you might need or just like to have. The walk through the town was a moment on this Trip what you should miss. Just to mention some Highlights of the morning: Djamaa el Fna, the "Square of the Beheaded, snake charmer, water sellers and many places/ shops/ Artists we have seen. This morning is for sure one off this Tour what will last forever in our minds.


After a nice lunch we all went back to the hotel to recharge our battery’s to be ready for our second adventure of the day: Marrakech at night!!!

We went once out again and first we had a nice dinner close to the Medina before we enter the night market life of Marrakech. 

The difference of the morning and the evening has been maybe 3000 people on the same ways where we discovered the town at the morning. Storytellers and musicians popped out of nowhere and the Market was just covered with them. At night it is like a total different city as in the morning. Everybody gets out on the street and will bring this town even more to live.

I could write more but today I just le the pictures speak for them self!!!


That was Marrakech at his best with

Angela, Thomas and Axel

Day 7: Marrakech to Ait Benhaddou



From the Marrakech plains to the green Atlas Mountains and then down to the little Grand Canyon before Aït Benhaddou


What a nice riding Day!!! First of all, it was short on kilometer (arround190km) but this 190-kilometer got everything what you dream off when you think about Morocco.

The way out from Marrakech was almost a piece of cake because we had not that much traffic. Well and then the fun started with an unbelievable nice Road up to the Atlas Mountains. The goal has been the pass of Tizi-n-Tichka. After we get warmed up Angela gave us the hint that this section would be good for a free ride – what means that Thomas went up the mountain and everybody could go his own speed and stop as much as they want for pictures. As we all cached up again at the coffee you could see the fun what they had on the face of everybody. The chats in the coffee have been not only about the ride, it was about everything the landscape what have changed, because of this impressive mountains, the souvenirs what have been presented along the road – but to be honest – the ride has been the main thing.

What a nice ride. On top Thomas and I stopped for a pass picture to capture this moment and Angela took care of the lunch and the guide which has been showing us around at the Telouet Kasbah. This historical place has been as well in some Hollywood movies and the story behind Dar Galoui was verry impressive. The valley of Oued was our Grand Canyon Moment on this Day as you can see on our pictures.

The Grand Final has been Aït Benhaddou where we stopped once more to get in touch with the history of Morocco and Hollywood. This has been our Day 7 and we Tour guides get the feeling that might be one of the favorite days of our riders. But we will see this Tour got some more highlights and maybe some are better than this.

So tomorrow we will move on and we are ready to create some more memories.

Angela Thomas and Axel – Over and Out

Donkeys and mules are still the number one means of transportation here in Morocco. Especially so in the country.
Cindy and her 750GS a dreamteam
The whole pack reached the top of the Tizi-n-Tichka pass
Nice view out of the Kaspah
Our guide Achmet
always good to have an nap after lunch
Our maroccan grand canyon moment
The world famous Aït Benhaddou

Day 8: Aït Benhaddou to Boumalne Dades

Moroccan Hollywood meets the riders of our Morocco Tour


Today the highlights were the Atlas Film Studios and the George du Dades.

The ride itself went along Morocco's old trading routes showing us a mindblowing landscape. The mountains in the distance, running parallel to our road, same as the small villages along our way delighted us with their unique colours of orange and red. Morocco simply bewitched us with its charming nature, with its flair, its unique mix of culture, and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. It is hard to describe the impressions on a day like today - you need to see and feel it here in real life. This is why we let the pictures speak for us instead.

First thing in the morning we visited the famous Atlas film studios. Following the studios, our next highlight was the picknick Thomas prepared for us in the Gorge du Dades. The canyon itself clearly is a must-see if you travel down south in Morocco. The road that runs through this gorge is simply a pleasure for motorcycle riders. All the riders in our group where overwhelmed by the beauty of the rock formations that we saw on the ride in and back out. It was a wonderful finish bevor we went to our African style hotel.

Angela Thomas and Axel, and I guess our riders as well are hungry – so let´s go for dinner and see you tomorrow.

At the entrance of the Atlas Film Studios
Hopping from movie set to movie set
Esperanza and Gilberto
Amber and the Butterfly's
Robert and Jim @ the "historic" battlefield
Amber is on a mission - no shopping!!! - we have been allowed to go in the barn where they got the all the animals for the movies
Our picnic @ the "gorge de dades"
Robin infront of the, in the Motorcycle world, maybe most popular view of Marokko.
Peter & Robin better known as Team KTM
On the way out of the Gorge du Dades
The landscape is one of a kind over here - sometimes it is quite hard to keep on riding, because there are so many places where could take a picture

Day 9: Boumalne Dades to Merzouga / Erg Chebbi

Out of the mountains, around the corner, and into the desert

Morocco has so many different facets to offer to its visitor, that every day gives you a number of different impressions and experiences. Today we leave the High Atlas mountains with its magnificent gorges behind us and continue further south to Morocco's part of the Sahara desert - the Erg Chebbi. If you thought that our day of riding found its end at the parking lot at the hotel, you are only partially right. We may have been stopping to ride the motorcycle for the day, but some of our group changed vehicles and continued to ride a camel into the sand dunes and even further to our desert night camp.

Angela, Thomas und Axel

Our day started by riding into the Thodra gorge near the city of Tineghir.
In Marokko, very often, you find these three words written against the mountains. Literally translated they mean: "Allah (god, so to say) is the only/true king"
Different in appearance to yesterday's gorge, the Thodra gorge is as beautiful. The steep, giant rocks at the entrance are very impressive.
Everyone enjoyed their free ride in and out of the gorge
Ken and Amber in action
Christian, Gilberto and Esperanza were curious and rode a longer distance
Time for a desert lunch.
The "chef" of the day, Axel, was preparing an absolutely delicious picnic for the group of riders.
Looking at the sand and the camel in the distance automatically awakens the adventurer in you.
After we have been riding for a while past the Argan trees in the desert area, we reached the city of Rissani not too far away from Merzouga, our tonight's destination.
At the hotel in Merzouga, the group split up and we had 11 adventurers getting ready for the desert night. First, of course, we were being introduced to our camels
Thomas - always friendly and welcoming
One of our camel guides
Cindy and Jim on their first experience with the camel
Gilberto in the background is very much looking forward to spending the night in the desert.
Half way through the ride, we took a break to see the sun setting over the sand dunes.
Thomas Cool
Play video Download
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Have you ever done something like that?? Snowboarding down the sand dunes was totally fun !!
Play video Download
Filesize: 2 MB
It took a little to convince Amber, but she made it !!
Cindy had fun, too !!
Finally, the sun was setting and we returned to our camels to ride the last stretch to the desert camp
Arrival at the camp
What a great surprise our delicious dinner was

Day 10: Erg Chebi

Once again, relaxation was on the program. After we have enjoyed the sunrise in our desert camp, we went quite comfortably on the camel back towards the hotel. Some spent the rest of the day at the pool reading a good book. Others, instead, were seeking more action, and naturally, this was provided also. In the afternoon, whoever wanted to, could take a quad tour through the dunes.

Angela, Thomas and Axel

Adventure sanddunes
Kathleen, Robin, Peter and Thomas

Day 11: Merzouga to Fes

Welcome to day 11

A switchback in orientation - back north again 


A long riding day comes to an end in the city of Fes. So today we can check the 480 km long ride off our bucket list. 

What sounds long at first was no problem for our bunch of riders. Along the way we had some nice highlights like the Vallée de Ziz, which is well-known for its date palm orchards and the Legionnaire’s tunnel. For quite a long stretch, the route itself ran on top of a high plateau. At an altitude of 5000 feet we got some nice sections of twisties to ride too.

So altogether, this day has been a potpourri of impressions again. Now that we are riding towards north means also that we are getting closer to Spain again, and that pretty soon this journey will come to an end. But we still have three more days to spend here in Morocco. Before that, though, we got some nice day´s like tomorrow when we will discover Fes.

Angela, Axel und Thomas

Goodbye Erg Chebi & we are on the road again
Tiger & the kids
What ever he have showed them they have been impressed
At an altitude of 5000 feet the landscape is never boring
Vallée de Ziz which is well-known for its date palm orchards
Along the way there has been some nice sections with twisties to ride
Our Morocco Gang of 2023 after 380 km and still hungry to ride more
the Legionnaire’s tunnel
Home sweet home for 2 nights - Fes

Day 13: Fes - Chefchaouen

Closing the circle


Closing the circle.... Which in our case means we're back in Chefchaouen. The place that already accommodated us at the beginning of our trip and has inspired. From the direction of Fes we take of course a different route than at the beginning of the tour. And what can we say it was spectacular. Once again, the landscape changes fundamentally. we drive through an area known as Moroccan Andalusia. Fantastic views and countless curves make this, our last day, in Morocco unforgettable.

Angela, Thomas and Axel

View over Fes
all coffee`s are closed because of Ramadan so Ken take a rest on his bike
Cindy on her 750GS
Maroccan Andalucia, beautifull
Angela our Tourguide today
Esperanza and Gilberto
This is also Marocco

Day 14: Chefchaouen to Málaga

Our way home

Our Tour comes to an End – Today we are

going home – Malaga here we come


Unbelievable how quick the times has been slipping away. It feels like yesterday that we had our first briefing – and now we got to go back to Malaga. All in one we can say this Tour has been a great!!!! All the riders fit verry well together and we became a family. Yes a family – everybody was taking care of each other all the time and all the challenging Moments, like the traffic in Marrakech we managed together as a Team / Family. It was a pleasure for us Tour Guides to guide this Groupe through the heart of Morocco.

The day himself was a nice last ride through the mountain range of the lower Rif Mountains. With some nice curves as a goodbye present from the Tour. The challenge of the day was for sure the border crossing to Ceuta where you never know how long it will take to get out of the country. But we also managed this. After the ferry ride we landed in Algeciras and from there it has been another 2 hours to the Hotel in Malaga.

Well, that has been our last ride of this Tour.

But before we went to the last dinner, we cached up at our Van for a nice get around with some beer and wine. And of course, it was also the Moment where we chatted about what we have seen and all the favorite moments what we have been through.

We can tell you this group was awesome!!!
The Tour Guide Team like to say thank you for this great ride with you!!!!!!


Angela Thomas & Axel

It was a really warm day !!! And Dave found a nice place to cool down
bye bye Africa
Some moments of our tour - where we have been
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Mark Zaremba
Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 22:01

Morocco, the land of contrasts! The stunning photo's, together with this great blog confirm the statement you can read in every single travelguide book. I'm reminiscing about my own holidays over there. Great you had a beautiful time together!

Perry Cogburn
Friday, March 17, 2023 at 15:49

Hey Axel, say hello to Christian Noll for me. We rode together a couple of years ago on Eastern European Delights.
Axel Gert Schneider
Saturday, March 18, 2023 at 01:30

No worry’s
I went just to him and he never forget you
Michael Göbel
Thursday, March 16, 2023 at 20:28

Hello Cindy and Jim,
I hope you enjoy the tour, we have a great time on round 2 of the Canary Island. Have a look at our blog.
Ride safe and always blue line!
James Voss
Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 12:47

Hi Michael!
We are having a fabulous ride and enjoying the Moroccan countryside and people. The riding academy really helped us refresh our skills and we continue to improve with these exceptional tour guides!
Your Canary Islands tours looks wonderful. Maybe we will return there one day to ride those beautiful islands!
We hope to ride with you again!
Christy Hill
Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 12:00

Wow!!! What an incredible trip! Love the pics and info. be careful. Y’all are crazy…so have crazy fun!
Cindy Barnes
Thursday, March 16, 2023 at 19:44

Having a wonderful time. Great people, wonderful guides and beautiful country!!
Michaela Achatzi
Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 22:45

Hallo Angela, Axel und Felli

Großartige Tour und tolles Wetter
Habt fun
Ich kann’s kaum erwarten im Herbst auch wieder eine Runde in Marokko zu drehen
Friday, March 17, 2023 at 00:07

Danke Michaela,
freu mich schon auf Japan!
Bis bald, Angela
Ted Goslinga
Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 07:42

Have fun, the three of you! Always great to be in Morocco !
Angela de Haan
Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 21:51

So true Ted !! Me too, I am looking forward to coming back to Morocco each time


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