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Andalusien Tour ATS2301

Saturday, April 1, 2023 | Axel Gert Schneider / Thomas Fellechner | Europe

Day 7: Ronda to Málaga
Axel`s Picnic... a masterpiece
Day 5: Arcos de la Frontera to Ronda
Day 5: Arcos de la Frontera to Ronda
Day 3: Granada to Antequera 
Day 2: Málaga to Granada
Let´s do it - Let´s start the Andalusia Tour

Andalusien Tour 2301


Welcome to Spain with Thomas and Axel


Today is the Day – Where we will meet our Riders and the most important thing:

!!!!Our Riders will get the Keys for the Bikes!!!!

So what is the master plan today: Well, we will meet at 4:30pm and then we will have our famous welcome briefing and the handover of the bikes. In the welcome briefing himself we will dive into the world of Andalusian and will explain our riders what we will see along the tour.

So it is almost time to meet, so if you are thinking about this tour!? And you like to see and read more! Well, than stay tuned and you will see every day what we have been done.

Thomas & Axel over and out 

That’s us - Thomas & Axel
Your Guides on this Tour
Welcome Briefing

Day 2: Málaga to Granada

Let´s do it - Let´s start the Andalusia Tour

Granada we are comming


 So that's our first day of riding. A good mix of winding mountain roads and more relaxed passages, our first stop of the day offers us a great view of Malaga. Of course, a relaxing coffee in a mountain village can not be missed. then we went back to the coast where we could enjoy our lunch with sea view.
In the afternoon we were especially thrilled by the mountain road of the "Sierra de Tejeda".

What a great start of our tour

the officaly first coffe of the tour
What are you talking about?
Andrew on his 1250 RS
view @ the lunchstop
Gustavo is doing yoga after lunch
our pack Mark, Luiza, Gustavo, Garry and Andrew

The Charm of Granada

Tonight, we are staying in Granada and if you are here – you should discover this nice little city before you go to dinner. So here some small impressions of the history where everything started with Christopher Columbus and the Kingdom of Spain in 1492


Granada Cathedral
Monumento a Alonso Cano
Plaza Isabel La Católica

Day 3: Granada to Antequera


Welcome back at our Blog and welcome to a day of wonderful riding and Alhambra Sightseeing. 


Welcome back at our Blog and welcome to a day of wonderful riding and Alhambra Sightseeing

If you are once in Granada, then you got to go to the worldwide known paradise of Alhambra. It is the historical footprint of a time where the Arabic people have been in charge of Spain. The name himself stays for “red castle or vermillion”. Even if you are not interested in history!!! This place is just different. We spend 2,5 h in the fortress and Gardens what they had begun to build in 1238.
I put it this way – It was impressive !!!!
After stepping back in time it was time to move on and we dived into the land of olive trees. Doesn’t matter which way you look / which valley you ride through, there are everywhere olive trees. As a bonus we cached up with Thomas at lunch – and he have been our chef and made a wonderfool Picknick for us. The rest of the ride was just a pleasure with heaps of curves. Well, and now we are in Antequera in a very nice hotel what is a highlight as well – if you like to know why – you got to come on this tour.

And now we get to go for dinner, so see you tomorrow

Thomas and Axel

The Alhambra in the morning
Look at the details
beautifull gardens realy worth to visit
Carlos our Guide explain Mark and Andrew what too see here
Luisa and Gustavo
View over Granada
After leaving Granada we are back in nature
It’s Picknick Time With Thomas
Swing baby swing
Olive trees everywhere
Photo crash made by Axel

Day 4: Antequera to Arcos de la Frontera

In the heart of Andalusia - olive trees, white

villages and dreamlike roads - welcome to

day 4


After a hearty breakfast, we start the day a little later today. Our first stop of the day is a viewpoint in the middle of the El Torcal National Park. Fascinating limestone formations accompany us on our way up to the viewpoint. After we had strengthened ourselves later with a coffee, we continued to another viewpoint and of course into the Garganta del Chorro. One of the natural attractions in Andalusia. The rest of the day is all about the White Villages. Thypical for Andalusia and worth a closer look. For lunch we stop in Setenil, where the houses were built in an impressive way in the rocks. After a few detours into more of these sleepy little towns, we stop again in Zahara. Probably the most beautiful white village. We enjoy a last coffee before we leave for Arcos de la Frontera. Our destination today.

That has been day 4 and tomorrow? For that you got to come back 

Thomas and Axel

El Torcal national park
what a beutifull sart for this day
view from the terace of our first coffee stop
Mark and his 900XR
Garry and Andrew hope you enjoy the view
Gargante El Chorro
Lunch @ Setenil, a very unique place
Lunch mjami!!!
view down to Zahara
an typical spanish mountain village 2 lane road
Mark, Garry and Andrew in Zahara
the beauty of the white villages
Gustavo and Luiza
Olive Trees where ever your eyes will look
Happy Iberico Pig´s
Cork Oaks along the way
Welcome in Arcos de la Frontera
One of the white Towns in Andalusia
Monumento a la Semana Santa
Hornacina De San Pedro
The small streets give this place a special flair
Mark explain us the menu

Day 5: Arcos de la Frontera to Ronda

Andrew found a new friend on top of the rock


Through the land of Bulls to the Rock of

Gibraltar and back up into the Mountains of



Good Morning Good Morning Everybody!!!!

Let´s do it – Today we tried to get a close look at the famous Bulls of Spain. If you think about Spain – almost 90 % thinking on Bull fights and the Bull run through the towns.
The roads to the Bulls are small and narrow and if you not from here, you would not find the roads where we are riding. The theme of the first bit of the day is for sure: The Countryside of Andalusia. After passing the Bull farms we went of to the border crossing – because we had lunch in England – Yes, England!!!! We are in Gibraltar and that belongs to the British empire. And when we are here – we got to see the Berber Apes of the Rock. For that we switch our Bikes to a small Van and of we go to the Top of the Rock.

The history of this place is based on the legend or better a saying. On one side, it says if the apes are gone – Gibraltar will be back in the hand of Spain and the other is Solid as a Rock – because after the British empire have been taking over this place it had never been taken over again from any empire. The defense of the Rock is outstanding and even in the WW2 nobody tried to attack this place. In those days if you like to visit Gibraltar you got to ride over the airfield of the airport to get in. This place is different. And as you can see it was an unforgettable ride up there.

After we get back to Spain it was time to ride to Ronda – the place where we will stay for the next 2 days and one of the famous motorcycle roads of Andalusia. This was such a fun run up there and you saw it in the smile of every face that this roads has been like the cherry of an ice cream – breathtaking – fantastic – unbelievable.

That has been our day 5 which we will not forget!!!!

Thomas and Axel

First Stop at Ebalse Guadalcacin
The famous Bulls of Spain
We're going high - 426 m high is the Rock of Gibraltar and a lot of history to be explore
What will this monkey think about us?
What a moment for Hunter!!!! The famous Apes of Gibraltar
The Airfield what you have to cross when you like to see Gibraltar
The explorers on the Rock of Gibraltar
View from our hotel today
Impressions from Ronda
the world famous bridge between the two rocks where the city is located on
Ronda famous for his toreros

Day 6: Rest Day in Ronda

Motorcycle heaven around Ronda,

magnificent views, breathtaking roads


Today is a rest day, which of course does not mean that we do not take the opportunity to ride a motorcycle. Not only Ronda itself is worth a closer look, but also the mountains around it. The locals themselves come to this area to ride motorcycles. So it can't be that bad .  Our day starts a bit later than usual. Already shortly after Ronda the first curves are waiting for us. The landscape changes constantly and the roads are varied. From small mountain roads with tight curves over a narrow bumpy road which leads us through dense cork oak forests, to well-developed country roads with loooong curves, everything is there. At noon Axel surprises us in the national park of Puerto de las Palomas with a picnic. The last km to the hotel are characterized by a spectacular view and a road that will remain long in our memory. Our trip ends early enouth to have enouth time to enyoy Ronda.


Thomas and Axel

good morning Andalucia
Curves, corners, sweeps all day long
view from the coffee stop in the morning
cork aok trees before lunch....sorry for the Road guys
Gustavo and his V4 Multistrada
the roads in this national park are awesome
Gustavo, Mark and Andrew
sharing like in a family
Look at this, the view, the road. this we will remember for a while
Gerry and Andrew....dressing up for tomorrow
the bridge again. This time In the evening
Garry goes Budha
Thomas, Andrew, Garry and Mark
Maybe some traditional ham?

Day 7: Ronda to Málaga

Andrew and Garry - our new Top Models on Tour - Theme of the dress today: Spain

Welcome to the last day of riding


the Ronda Rollercoaster


What a riding day!!!!!! Welcome to the final chapter of this tour. Today we have been riding from Ronda down to the coastline and back up to Ronda and then guess what down to Málaga. This Day was just fantastic – better is not possible. The road are incredible and the Groupe had such fun on this roads. I put this way we disserved it, and we enjoyed it and we would like to do it again and again and again!!!!

Today has been the road the highlight of the day and the landscape was all along the way breathtaking. If you have not been on the roads around Ronda you will definitely have to put it on your bucked list.

The other Side is that this day is our last riding day of this Tour and there will be always mixed feelings. On one hand you like that it never stops and on the other hand everybody is looking forward to flying back home to their families. But hey the End of a Tour is just before the next one starts, and, in this case, we are quite sure that we will see our riders again on another Tour.

Now we are back at the place where everything has started just 7 days ago – so the last thing what we will have today is the goodbye dinner. And even if we will split up tomorrow, we are looking forward to here from our costumers – what has been there favorite moment!?

Thomas and Axel got to pack up as well and if you like to here more about our tours – well, we are soon again on the road and soon together in Island.

So see you on another Blog 

Thomas & Axel over and out

This was a real pleasure to ride with you

Thomas & Axel
The Boss of our Tour
Can we do it again - riding down from Ronda - No Garry and Andrew!!! But we got some more curvy roads for you I promise
Gustavo the Ducati V4 Torero
This smile in the face, is the result of an awesome ride today
A last view point over Miras to the coastline and then is gone be time to return the motorcycles.
our heros are back "home" Andrew
Gerry,.... nice dress be the way
Luiza and Gustavo
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Michaela Achatzi
Monday, March 27, 2023 at 16:47

Hey Axel and Felli

Nice Group
Have fun with sun
See you


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