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Touring centre Alps

Saturday, August 19, 2023 | Jan Van der Jagt / Axel Gert Schneider | Europe

Our bikes are ready!
We are staying in the typical tiroler town off Seefeld. Well known for wintersports, hiking and off course riding motorcycles!

Discovering Innsbruck

Early in the morning, it's not so warm yet, we are having coffee next to the Annasäule
The Innsbrucker Dom has plenty off gold inside...
Up into the mountains! First we take the funicular train: a simple and therefore effective way to go up and down diagonal but stay horizontal
After 2 more cable cars we arrive at 7400ft high
With a beautiful view on Innsbruck and the Alps

Riding School at the Touring Center Alps

The Goal of our day - a nice ride through the Backyard of Seefeld

Riding School at the

Touring Center Alps


Good Morning Good Morning and welcome to the Riding School.

Today we kick of this Tour of with some theory and practice. What does it mean: After a good breakfast we cached up at the Lobby and went straight to the bikes. Next stop has been our practice place where we started though with the theory about riding curves like hairpin, improving of breaking, how to counter steer and many more.
And after all this theory it was time for some practice and so we did. I started with Kevin and Marv with a nice little warm up before we took on the all the theory where we went through before - to do it in real.

It was nice to see how quick they managed all this Tasks. And as you have seen at the drawing our last bulled point of today has been a nice ride through my backyard around Seefeld. 

So my part of this Tour is already over because I just joined to do the Riding School so from here on Jan will take over will be the guide for the rest of this nice Tour. Well, I got to say thank you for this great day to Marv and Kevin, it´s been a pleasure to ride with you and I hope we see us again – one day on a Tour.

See you next time 


Some Challenges what we did
And hey it could happened to anybody - so we practice also to pick up a heavy bike like these
There some Lines what you can ride out there - But if you keep in mind: Starting Wide Ending Tide - it helps a lot in the Alps - And what we like to say with it - well for that you should come on the Riding School
Marv and Kevin picking up quit quick so its almost time to go out for the ride

1st riding day: King Ludwig's Castle

The first coffe stop, in Ettal, next to the famous monastery
After a short ride we arrived at Ludwig's Castle. It has beautiful gardens!
Exactly at 12:00 the big fountain was switched on, just for us
Waiting in front of the castle it was a little bit warm...
On the north side of the castle a gorgeous waterfall
After one off many mountain passes we stopped for the view and a pipi
During dinner we celebrated Rich' silver jubileum. He has done 5 Edelweiss trips and hopefully will do many more!

A relaxed riding day around Innsbruck

Coffee in Kuthai and enjoying the view
Free roaming horses and cows. And beware of their droppings!
And how about this view! It doesn't get boring riding thrue the Alps
Lunch at the Oilers69, what a cool place!

A long ride to the Queen of the Alps: Stelvio pass

What a day, what a day! After doing the beautiful Passo di Resia we entered Italy!
In Glorenza, the oldest town of Italy, we had a well deserved coffee
Another highlight was the sunken Church tower
Quite some bucket lists were tikt off after going up The Stelvio pass. If you've done that you can ride! And everybody did really good!
Off course we had the famous sausage from Bruno!
Brent was enjoying the view
And what a view it is!
To think we came from there!
After doing Passo dal Fuorn we entered Switzerland

Ötztal, Timmelsjoch, motorcycle museum and much more!

Birthday boy Paul got a nice present
The Stuiben waterfall! What a power!
Little kids were climbing over the waterfall
How romantic...
On top of Passo del Rombo (Timmelsjoch)
What a beautiful ride, both going up and going down!
Our visit to the motorcycle museum was very impressive!
So many unique bikes, countless
A short rest down the Passo del Rombo
Sandy is jodeling!
And the fun wasn't over yet: Jaufen pass ( Passo Giovo)

The Zillertaler panoramic road. And more...

The Zillertaler panoramic road is soemthing else, narrow, exciting and what a view!
A happy tourguide at Achensee
Ending a tour is always a little bit sad, but not before we have a great farewell dinner with well deserved cold drinks!
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