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HAT 230A High Alpine Tour

Sunday, October 1, 2023 | Axel Gert Schneider | Europe

Welcome to the High Alpine Tour - I would say that looks like a plan

Welcome to the High Alpine Tour


Lars and Axel


Today is the Day 
We will kick of this Tour today with our:

Welcome Briefing and the Handover of the Bikes

And the most important thing for Lars and Me is – To meet our riders


In the next days we will ride on some of the greatest roads of Europe and on top we will ride through 5 countries. Roads like the Grossglockner high alpine road and at least 12 Passes in the Dolomites and a must do called Passo dello Stelvio and and and….. will be our playground. We will start and finish our tour here in Erding close to Munich and from there we will go south and if you like to know more about our tour and what we have seen – well than return to the Blog each day and maybe you see what is missing on your bugged list.

See you later

Lars and Axel

The bikes are allistic ready for the handover

Day 1: Welcome Briefing and Handover of the Bikes in Erding

Our master plan

Day 1: Welcome Briefing and Handover of the Bikes in Erding

After a warm welcome of the Group we started right away with some paperwork to get rid of it so that we can enjoy the tour as much as possible followed by the welcome briefing where we went through our time table and the most important thing – the introduction of the route!! Last but not least everybody got his key for his chosen steal horse to set it up for our journey. 

Last bullet point has been our first dinner together where we had already some nice chats and of course some nice biker stories has been told already.

I would say that has been a great start and well tomorrow we clutch out to take on the Grossglockner high alpine road.

So time to go to bed 

See tomorrow

Lars and Axel

Our steel horses for the tour
Let’s do it and get the briefing started
The first highlight of the tour is the birthday of John
And afterwards we started our welcome briefing

Day 2: Erding to Lienz

Day 2: Erding to Lienz

Highlight Of The Day:

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

But before we had to leaf Germany and crossing the border to Austria to get to the moment of the day. The way out of Erding was quite simple and the ride through the countryside is a perfect start into the tour to get used to the bike and the traffic rules here in europe. Along the way down south we stopped on one of the well-known lakes of Bavaria – The Chiemsee- for an coffee and enjoyed the view. With the sun in our faces and a big smile on mine, because Austria is for me home sweet home, we enter the border to Austria where the alps welcomed us with a stunning view + good weather + nice roads. It was just great and then we had to recharge our bodies with some good local food before we went up to the Grossglockner. I could write a lot about the ride up and down there but on the end, you have to see it. And that why here some pictures from these day where you understand what I mean.

Tomorrow we will ride to Bolzano and the Theme of the day will be: Rollercoaster Day – Why that you will here tomorrow!!!

See you

Lars and Axel

Day 3: Lienz to Collalbo (Klobenstein) What a day !!!!???

Day 3: Lienz to Collalbo (Klobenstein)

What a day !!!!???

It is rollercoaster day!!!! We started our ride at 9 in the morning and if you would have seen what we did – you would like to pray that this day never ends!!!

We had a fantastic weather and the moment after we enter the boarder to Italy and we took the road to playground – called the Dolomites, that has been the moment where memories have been build up which will stay forever.

Around 260 km what we did today and each of them was remarkable!!!

Some of the magic places of today has been:

Lago di Misurina, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Passo di Falzarego (Falzaregopass) (2105 m), Passo di Valparola (Valparolapass) (2197 m),Passo Gardena (Grödner Joch) (2121 m)

Even if we would have been just ther it would be enough to fill a book with breathtaking pictures and memories from stunning roads.

I got to say that was a really nice ride but on Top Lars surprised us with a Picnic o to of a pass. What else could you wish for on such a great day!!!?

For Me – There are nothing what I could wish more to have a perfect riding day.
And Now some pictures which will proof my words.

See you tomorrow for part 2 of the Dolomites  

Lars and Axel

Day 4: Collalbo (Klobenstein)

Day 4: Collalbo (Klobenstein)

Dolomites Part 2

Welcome on day 4 our Tour and we did it again we went out on our Rest Day to discover the other side of the dolomites. Riding here is a placer and a must do for every motorcycle fan!!!! So, what have we done we went out as yesterday at 9 and we went out of Bozen towards the first pass – Passo de Lavazze and we are lucky because we are on the way during the week and so we had not as much traffic as usually here in the Dolomites. With the sun in our faces and highly motivated we went on towards Passo Rollo – Passo Cereda and the narrow roads on the Passo Duran. In between we needed some energy and hey if you are in Italy you must go out to get a Pizza!!! And so, we did. After Lunch it was time to move on and we took on the last Passes of the Day – Passo de Fedaia and Passo di Costalunga and finally we are back where all began in the morning. It was a full day of riding and now we will need some food to have enough power for tomorrow.

Because tomorrow we will have a real Highlight Day and it got something to do with a lot of switchbacks – So stay tuned for tomorrows Highlight Day of the Tour

Lars and Axel

Day 5: Collalbo (Klobenstein) to Pontresina

Day 5:

Collalbo (Klobenstein) to Pontresina

The Day of The Days

On this Tour

Let´s do it again!!!! It is 8:30 am and we rolling out!!!

First target on our to do list is the medieval town of Glorenza (Glurns), where we stopped for an coffee which we needed before we take one of the famous passes in Europe and actually the World – Passo dello Stelvio (2758m high) with 48 switchbacks up and 39 on the way down. What should I tell you look at the pictures and you know what we have done. On top we had lunch at Brunos well known sausage place and I can tell you it was great!!! After some shopping we went on towards the next famous pass – Passo di Gavia (2618m high) and again it was breathtaking from the weather down to the road. All in one I got to say I had never ever such an empty road on Stelvio and Gavia. It was a pleasure to do it.

Later on we took on the last pass – The Berninapass (2328m high) and now we are in Switzerland for one night and I guess we will sleep very well after this riding day.

And tomorrow we will go back to Austria

Lars and Axel

Tag 5:

Collalbo (Klobenstein) nach Pontresina

Der Tag der Tage

Auf dieser Tour

Let's do it again!!!! Es ist 8:30 Uhr und wir rollen los!!!

Das erste Ziel auf unserer Liste ist das mittelalterliche Städtchen Glorenza (Glurns), wo wir uns einen Kaffee gönnen, bevor wir einen der berühmtesten Pässe Europas und sogar der Welt befahren - den Passo dello Stelvio (2758m hoch) mit 48 Serpentinen hinauf und 39 auf dem Weg hinunter. Was soll ich euch sagen, schaut euch die Bilder an und ihr wisst, was wir gemacht haben. Oben angekommen haben wir in Brunos bekannter Wurstbude zu Mittag gegessen und ich kann euch sagen, es war großartig!!! Nach ein paar Einkäufen fuhren wir weiter zum nächsten berühmten Pass - Passo di Gavia (2618m hoch) und wieder war es atemberaubend, vom Wetter bis hin zur Straße. Alles in einem muss ich sagen, dass ich noch nie so eine leere Straße auf dem Stelvio und dem Gavia hatte. Es war eine Freude, das zu tun.

Später nahmen wir den letzten Pass in Angriff - den Berninapass (2328m hoch) und nun sind wir für eine Nacht in der Schweiz und ich denke, wir werden nach diesem Fahrtag sehr gut schlafen.

Und morgen geht es zurück nach Österreich.

Lars und Axel

Day 6: Pontresina to Warth

Day 6: Pontresina to Warth

Goodbye Swizerland – Hallo Lichtenstein – And welcome back to Austria

Today we started out at the Hotel and just after some kilometers we went up the Albulapass (2312 m). I got to say, today it was a little fresh out there in the morning but later on when we went through the valley of the Lenzerheide it changed quite a bit. In the middle of the ride we had to ride through several little villages before we came to our lunch place at the Heidi Dorf. Finally we crossed the border to Austria and from there on we had again some curvy roads which we needed after all this little towns. And now we are in Warth we sleep one more night before we go back to Erding where all began.

That has been our day 6


Lars and Axel

Day 7: Warth to Erding

Day 7: Warth to Erding

One more time

For the last time we went back on. Our bikes and enjoyed the ride out of the alps to Erding where all began.

On the way out of Austria we enjoyed as much as we could all the curves before we got into Germany. Highlights like Castle Schwanstein and the Starnberger lake has been on the way and now we are in Erding where we will have our last dinner together. A nice tour is over and we build up some memories which we will keep forever in our heads.


Thanks for the Ride

Lars and Axel

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