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Christopher Columbus Tour (CCC 1102)

Thursday, October 13, 2011 | Markus Hellrigl | Europe

It's getting cold in the Alps, winter starts to move in - but there are corners on this globe, where there is still summer! Southern Spain is one of them. We are allready at day three of the Christopher Columbus Tour. Taking off in Malaga we experienced a few things so far.

- great weather

- great riding

- great food

- a great punch of people riding together with

Our rest day i Sevilla turned out to be a walking day - but it was absolutly worth to give the bikes a break and explore town - including the Tapas bars and Flamenco.

On day three we crossed the border into Portugal, looking forward to the days to come.

Ian likes his paela

Part of our group in Ronda ......

......exploring Sevilla.....

......and tapas

Portugal! Great roads, oak tree forrests and on our first day in this beautiful country Cabo de San Vicente was the big highlight. The most southwesterly point of its barren face, created by the Ocean and strong winds. We were lucky - a calm and perfect day to visit the cape. By the way, if you head West, the next shore you would reach, would be America - quite a long swim!

Cabo de Sao Vicente

Ian and the last Bratwurststand before America.....

......and Barbara got her proof

Great roads through oak tree forrests

Santiago do Cacem to Lisboa - an easy day! Rolling through oak forrests, later on following the coast to Troia, we finally reach the ferry to Setubal - a lively little town, overlooked by strongly reinforced castle. Cabo Espichel, located at the end of the peninsula south of Lisbon gave us a quiet brake befor we hit the bustling capital of Portugal.

At the fortress of Setubal

Is anybody out there? (Cabo Espichel)

..almost there (Lisboa in the background)

Restday in Lisbon! The group explored town and got to the result, that there is too much to see. Some started their excursion allready last night - so they got to to see the town's night life as well. All in all - a great place

Hard Rock Cafe

The following two days were at least as good as the past ones. Leaving Lisboa we crossed the Vasco da Gama bridge in fog heading east, back to Spain. Walled towns, fortifications, oak forrest and farmland compained us on our way through the Alentejo. And all over sudden, right before our lunchstop in Evora the tour guide set his right signal and turned into a cart track. We couldn't take our bikes out there, but we got the chance to race the tourguide and even pass him.

Late in the afternoon we crossed the border into Spain at Puerte Judya and cruised through the Estramendura towards Zafra.

Fog on Vasco da Gama

The race is on....

Today was a very good one! Curves and curves and curves interupted by a coffee stop and Scott's excellent picnic. We got to Cordoba early, so had the chance to see the old part of town including the Musqita

il gruppo

Everything finds an end, so did this trip. Riding through the busy morning traffic out of Cordoba we got pretty soon on the freeway to leave a pulsating, beautiful town behind us. The country side changed, thousands of olive trees covering the rolling hills stretching out to the horizon made us believe that Spain is one of the main producers of olive oil. The roads on route 2 became more narrow and twisty and close to Malaga Markus' group hit probably the only road in Spain, that is not subsidized by the EU - a series of potholes with some asphalt patches in between. But the scenery was outstanding!

The night was party night, stories and pictures were shared, everybody would have stayed for some more riding with new friends in a great area.

Olive trees as far as you can see......

.....just another great road

Sitting on my desk and looking out of the window to snowcapped mountains I better enjoy the tour's photos bringing back memories of a great group. Thank you very much!

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John Williamson
Monday, November 21, 2011 at 02:49

It’s been one month since we finished the Christopher Columbus Tour. While we try to get back into the reality of home and work after having been on an extended trip, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t take some time to think about our fantastic motorcycle trip, tell someone a funny story, or take a look at a few of our photos.
In addition to the new Edelweiss World Tourer Riding Cards that we previously received, we received a very special package in the mail the other day – the Christopher Columbus Tour Photo Book that we purchased at the end of the tour. What a great souvenir that will always be a good way to remember the trip, and it’s a nice way of sharing our adventure with our friends, family and co-workers. The photo book turned out great! Thank you to Markus and Karin and anyone else that helped put the book together!
Thank you once again to Markus, Ramon, Scott, Karin and Viktoria for all of your hard work to make the tour such as success! The trip was fantastic – it’s really hard to put into words how special it was. And best of all, we had a great group of riders! After spending so much time with such a nice group of people it was hard to say goodbye, knowing we probably will not see each other again. Let’s hope for the best, and maybe we’ll meet up on another Edelweiss trip some day.
In the meantime, we are already planning our next trip with Edelweiss Bike Travel. Be safe on the road, and cheers to everyone!
Our photos from the trip are posted on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/williamsonsonthego/sets
John and Barb Williamson, Maple Grove, Minnesota USA
Warncke, Enno, M.D.
Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 21:59

Die Christopher Columbus Tour ist leider viel zu schnelll zu Ende gegangen, kurz: Eine Tolle Tour durch Andalusien und Portugal bei bestem Wetter und angenehmen Temperaturen, morgens noch kühl, tagsüber hochsommerlich warm. Es gab viel zu fahren und sehen, Städte wie Malage, Sevilla, Lissabon, Zafra und Corduba liegen meist nicht auf der typischen touristischen Guideline für die südliche iberische Halbinsel, daher waren die Etappenziele besonders interessant gewählt. Tolle und sehr kenntnisreiche Führungen durch Marcus- der uns (fast) nie in eine Sackgasse manövriert hat, nein wirklich tolle Routen und Pfade waren zu entdecken. Scotti und Ramon haben ihren Teil zum Gelingen der Reise für alle souverän beigetragen. Alle Mopeds waren alle in astreinem technischem Zustand, Fahren und Straßen sowie die gewählten Distanzen passten perfekt. Die Hotels waren, zum allergrößten Teil sehr stilecht und von gutem Komfort, ausgesucht.
Außer der Motorradfahrerei war die Gruppe selbst das Highlight, Deutsche, Brasiliianer, Amerikaner und ein Lette aus Riga in Kombination mit richtigen Öschterreichern- naja- auch Tirolern- war super. Jeden Tag tolle Gespräche, keine Gruppenbildung, immer alle vor Ort- gemeinsam. Da wäre ich schon bei den einzig echten kritischen Punkten angelangt: Schlaf viel zu wenig, Nächte meist etwas lang, Bier gut ausreichend und die Tour zu schnell zu Ende. Ich hoffe, ich werde Euch alle mal wiedersehen, aus diesem Grunde bin ich im nächsten Jahr bestimmt wieder dabei, vieeleicht mit Scotti Baja California oder mit Marcus in Griechenland, wenn dort noch keine Anarchie ausgebrochen ist....und Ian, hope to see you on a HD in Virginia next year!
Euch allen Danke für die tolle Spanien- Portugal Tour 2011. Edelweiss hat eine Supertruppe an den Start gebracht- wenn die Sache mit dem Schlaf nicht gewesen wäre....
Enno Warncke, Harrislee, Germany/ Deutschland
Brian and Debbie
Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 21:21

Thanks to all ( especially the tour guides) for making this a wonderful vacation. I especially enjoyed the fact that a diverse group of riders could come together, overcome language barriers and have such a good time. We will cherish our time together and look forward to seeing you again soon. We will hopefully see some of you here in CT for a ride.
Best regards,
Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 18:53

I just read that The F.........G SUPER COP. The one and only Mr BALLS UP BLAKE must of filled up with the wrong fuel ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and another ha ha ok anther ha ha.
O dear and he so laughed his head of at me. What a ****. Stick to the coffee and doughnuts in the future!!!!!!
Fond memories
Diesel Dave retired.
Monday, November 21, 2011 at 15:10

Hey Dave!
Long time no hear!!! How are you? I keep thinking of our Morocco tour last year and wish I could turn back time! Hope to see you again someday! Take care!
Agars (ex_KGB)
Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 11:48

Cheers everyone!
First tour of mine with Edelweiss, and I am pretty sure not the last one (waiting for more info on Greece). Thanks to all for having such wonderful team and its not just words, its all emotions that are still pretty hot inside of me. Even after 2 days since its over the one who are still in Malaga are talking about the days together, happenings, details. Great appreciation to our tour guides! Being part of team they really put an effort to have all together with our own culture and experience.
P.S.Thanks Georg for having such expressive nickname of mine). Certainly I will use for other tours and be eagerly waiting and "watching" you in Greece. Stasi gets it to)
Georg Erhard
Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 02:43

I forgot, hopefully EDELWEISS will not face problems with the reports, our KGB-Officer Aisgar has sent to his headquarter,.
Georg Erhard from Bremen
Georg Erhard
Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 02:25

On this tour, Blake, the best bloody fuckin super cop, was our DIESEL DAVE, some will remember. It was again a fantastic tour. So our super cop and me booked already the NORWAY Touring Center for 2012, but only if Schnuckiputzi is participating, the beautiful girl in the middle of the fourth picture. And I will go again to Greece with Markus, I missed it this year. Somebody of the bloody management dropped the Greek Tour this year.
I don't want to say some Scheiss
I like to go with EDELWEISS
The group was super, all sympatic people. Thanks god that we had Jim. He set up the reasonable speed in the group he was driving.
WE will meet us again somewhere sometimes
By the way, thanks to our tourguides, they where great, especially to the tourguide, the Austrian.
Georg Erhard from Bremen
Jim Canedo
Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 03:51

Hey, Georg, thanks for the kind words about my "reasonable speed." I didn't want to kill myself on my first ever motorcycle tour after riding for only one year. It was a pleasure riding with such experience riders.
Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 00:20

What a wonderful tour! Great riding, great group, great food, great weather, and all headed by an awesome team from Edelweiss Bike Tours!!! Ending the riding day with the traditional ice cold boot beer tops it off. Thank you Markus, Ramon, and Scott! This is the best vacation I have had in my life. Sadly, we only have 3 days left of riding before we return to Malaga. However, I am looking forward to my next tour!


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