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Tour of Tuscany - BIT1803 - Mann soll aufhören wenn es am schönsten ist

Saturday, September 22, 2018 | RAY / Ursula Peter | Europe / Italy

Day 8: San Marino - Florenz

Another beautiful morning. We started out for another great riding day over the Passo di Muraglione.

best coffee place on tour
Passo di Muraglione and a lot of Italian motorcyclers

Day 7: Loop Day San Marino

The beaches of Gabicce Mare and Pesaro connected by the Strada Panoramica high above the Adriatic coast offer great views and awesome riding. Marco Simoncelli`s hometown Coriano, with his memorial and museum is on our way as well as the race track of Misano.

Our lunch place is located high above the Adriatic Sea. We will stop in Tavullia, Valentino Rossi’s Italian hometown, at the "caffe dello sport" to take a picture from his "ranch" and to  drink a cappuccino topped with the "46". 

San Marino is known as the oldest republic in the world, San Marino offers breathtaking views, charming cafes and little shops that will catch your eye.

Day 6: Assisi - San Marino

we headed out today with sunshine in the valley. After a short ride on the highway we climbed high above Lake Trasimeno. Twisty roads brought us to Cortona. Lunch in "Il Grillo" was an experience. After a coffee in the Renaissance town of Urbino we headed to the oldest and tiniest republic in Europe - San Marino.

high above Trasimeno Lake
Rod, Ron, Gloria and Dan
Besides the tourists, not much has changed here since the Middle Ages. The view through the gaps between the houses, down to the plains and fields is magnificent. We wonder if the people who lived there 600 years ago could have appreciated it as much as we do.
“The town on two hills”, this is the meaning of Urbino in Latin. The Renaissance town is unique in Italy and of an extraordinary beauty. Since 1998 on the World Heritage List. The visitor should take a look at the Palazzo Ducale - the Duke’s palace – which showed the rich and demonstrated power. It is the birth town of Donato Bramante, Raphael, the most famous Renaissance Painter and last not least Valentino Rossi was born here.
Mike enjoys the view to the Adriatic Sea
Jeff is busy with the drone
Krisanne and Mike
what a sunset over the Montefeltro Mountains
a real Octoberfest beer on the top of San Marino in the Falcon`s Nest

Day 5: Assisi - Monte Sibillini

 Experience the beauty of the Monte Sibillini "Tibet of Italy". Monte Vettore - the highest peak in Monti Sibillini - stands at 2476 m. In May and June, infinite expanses of wildflowers blanket the Piano Grande - the great plain surrounding Castelluccio. A day filled with curves and highlights. 

Norcia is birthplace of St. Benedict (480 AD), founder of the Benedictine order. Visit the Basilica de San Benedetto. Norcia is known in the world and in Italy as the capital of pork and wild boar products, which you will be able to taste upon our stop. Norcia is still suffering heavily from the earthquake 2016

a coffee in Norcia and some shopping to support the people at least a little bit

the city of Norcia is famous for its wild boar products and lentils
on the way up to the "tibet of Italy"
uiii - whats that? We took some time to let the drone fly
Rising bare and forbidding in the lower south-west of Le Marche, and stretching into Umbria, the stark Monti Sibillini range is one of the most beautiful stretches of the Appennini, well known as "Tibet of Italy".
Castelluccio - also heavily hit by the earthquake

Day 4: Siena - Assisi

This is a riding day at its best! Hopefully you are well rested. We leave Siena with a lot of new impressions. Only a few miles down the road we are overwhelmed by new ones. To the average Italian tourist, an itinerary that includes Siena, Montalcino, Assisi sounds like a cultural overkill. Tonight these names will have a different meaning to us. The riding is spectacular here!

Through the Crete Senese we touch the Via Cassia, a former Roman North/South main road. We turn east to the thermal spa of Bagno Vignoni. The water of this health resort has been well-known since the Etruscs. 

The spot is perfect for an “Edelweiss picnics” with all the Italian specialities in the middle of the impressing Tuscan nature, high above d`Orcia Valley.


some say maps are not important anymore
briefing time
picnic time
Bagno Vignoni - the whole market place is a thermal pool

Day 3: Loopday Siena

It is - or it was - the only tour of Edelweiss were we stay 2 nights in every hotel. This offers a lot of possibilities. One would be to stroll around town - it is considered to be one of the most beautiful in all of Italy. Sit down at the Campo, the square, and live the Italian way of life with an espresso. There are vast shopping opportunities as well as sights to be admired.

For those wanting to ride, the area around Siena is ideal to be explored by bike. If you like, go back to the Chianti region, or try the south. This part is called Crete, a wonderful landscape, formed by erosion.

we went south and San Galgano, a mystical place, was our first stop in the morning
the Canadian Boys - Sam, Darren, Ron and Russel
in summer there classic concert in the ruins
not Russel Crowe, not lovely Russel in New Zealand - this is our lovely Russel
Ron and his Africa Twin
Bob and Sam
Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore
Tuscany at its best
Piazza Il Campo

Day 2: Florenz - Siena

Our destination for today is Siena - the town on three hills, famous for its annual horse race the “Palio” in the city center. It’s time to enjoy the sunset with a glass of original Chianti wine.

We leave busy Florence behind, and start to enjoy riding the winding roads of the Chianti area. This region seems like it was made for motorcyclists, with its small villages inviting you for a coffee break along the way. 

 Welcome to Bella Italia!

everybody is busy copying the map
ready to go?
the Chianti - beautiful

Day 1: Guided City Tour Florenz

Jeff and Debbi came with us on the guided city tour. Florence the cradle of Renaissance, the pearl on the Arno river has a lot to offer. Here some impressions...

no queues at San Lorenzo and the Medici Chapel. The tombs are originals from Michelangelo - the Dawn and the Dusk, the Morning and the Evening

Ghiberti`s "Gates to Paradise" at the Baptistery next to the Duomo

Jeff and Debbi in front of this amazing cathedral

awesome lunch, awesome location

Mr. David - maybe the most well-known statue on this planet

Ponte Vecchio

Santa Maria Novella

in the meantime the trailer has to be unloaded
the bikes are ready to go
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