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RTS 1803 - Sicily to Rome

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 | Ted Goslinga / Domenico Schiano Moriello | Europe / Italy

Goodbye bella Italia!

Day 10, riding day Pompei - Roma

What a great ride! We left Pompei and headed to Naples to admire one of the most iconic landscapes of the country, the Bay and the Vesuvius on the background. Then we headed to Sperlonga, one of the prettiest vilages of Italy, where we had lunch, and then tiny backroads took us almost to Rome, where we (of course!) had to face sone traffic before reaching the hotel.

Thank you to a wonderful group for a great time together!!!

The coast of Naples with the island of Capri in the background
On the way to Sperlonga
The beach of Sperlonga
Amelia and Teresa
Tiny streets in Sperlonga
Lunch time
Carpineto Romano
Last coffee break...
... and last photo stop
well done folks!

Day 9, rest day Amalfi Coast

A very bad weather forecast did not stop us... and we made the right choice! The weather was not the best possible, but thanks to that the Amalfi Coast was not too crowded, we could ride through Positano and have a good break in Amalfi before coming back to the hotel. And only then it started raining quite much... so we decided to stay in Pompei for dinner and have a great neapolitan pizza!

Picture stop overlooking Positano
At a local ceramic factory
The imposing cathedral of Amalfi

Day 8, riding day - Maratea to Pompei

Our day started with a nice climb upon the mountain where the big statue of Christ the Redeemer was overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea. A spectacular view from up there. After descending to the coast we stopped for a nice coffee and a sweet pastry at the seaside. Then time to go up further north towards the temples at Paestum and a great picnic at a buffalo mozarella farm. The last part of tour ended up in Pompeji where we met our local guide Antonella who guided us through the incredible excavated city of Pompeji. A nice dinner at the hotel and the day was done again. Great time together!!

Up to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Matea
Beautiful view from here
At the old Roman temples of Paestum
Le chef Domenico at the picnic
Milagro taking a beauty sleep
John and Milagro at the Buffalo mozarella farm
Adorable little buffalo’s
At the incredible excavated city of Pompeii
The old amphitheater ( well known from the Pink Floyd movie ‘Live at Pompeji’)
The Vesuvio vulcan
the entrance to our hotel

Day 7, riding day - Tropea to Maratea

The longest ride of the tour so far, finally with great weather! We left our hotel and, after a picture stop in Tropea, we rode along the coast until Amantea, where we stopped for a coffee and gelato! Then we were ready to hit the Sila mountain roads, a real rollercoaster that took us to Altomonte (where we had a delicious lunch!) and then back to the Thyrrenian coast. Another break in Diamante, famous for its murals and the spicy peperoncino, and then we entered the fantastic coast of Maratea!

In Tropea
John trying a Piaggio Sì, a very popular moped in Italy in the 80s and 90s.
In Amantea they make a delicious gelato!
A perfect lunch spot
Beautiful view in Altomonte
Diamante, here a mural dedicated to Obama
on the promenade of Diamante
Last picture stop for today!

Day 6, riding day - Taormina to Tropea

We have made it to the continent! This morning we left Taormina under pouring rain but, after a few kilometres, the sun came finally out and we crossed the strait of Messina with a wonderful weather. A good lunch break in Scilla, where we met another Edelweiss group, and then some thrill to reach Tropea (the main road was closed and we had to use some "not perfectly maintaned" backroads)! But we made it in time to enjoy a drink by the pool before dinner...

the ferry is coming
one Edelweiss group
two Edelweiss groups!
bikers meeting in Scilla
time to relax by the pool

Day 5, rest day in Taormina and ride around Mount Etna

We could not see mount Etna this morning, so many clouds around the biggest volcano in Europe and high chances of rain, but some brave riders decided to go for the rest day ride anyway! And we managed to complete it, sometimes through clouds and fog, but without getting wet! Well done, and then in the evening we also went for a walk and dinner to Taormina, the pearl of Sicily... what a beautiful place!

First coffee break at Rifugio Brunek, Etna north
The famous Michele, who also lives here all year round
Picture stop at the lava flow from 2002
A flat tire... and of course it happened to the only bike with a tube!
Lunch at 2000 metres of altitude
Etna is definitely a beautiful ride, with any weather!
A walk through Taormina
Why don't we have dinner on that terrace?
Yes, good idea!
Raining again, but our dear Richard bought umbrellas for everybody!

Day 4, riding day: Cefalù - Taormina

Wonderful weather in the morning until Castelbuono, and heavy rain approaching Mount Etna; then sunny again in Taormina! We had a bit of everything today, and Sicily amazed our senses! Leaving Cefalù, as soon as possible we left the busy coastline and headed to the Madonie mountains, reaching an altitude of around 1000 metres above sea level. Castelbuono, Gangi, Sperlinga... rural Sicily is incredibly beautiful, and many (not all...) roads have also been recently paved! Enjoy the pictures!

Before leaving
In Castelbuono
Milagro and John
What a beautiful square for a coffee!
Let's ride into the Madonie mountains
a view of Gangi... and the weather looks like it's going to change soon!
In Sperlinga
Samba club!
an important church!!!
Abdiel and Amelia on the top of the Sperlinga castle
a simple lunch
Scott and Maria
Leandro and Teresa
Another picture stop
We have reached Taormina!
Last picture stop in Forza d'Agro, famous because many scenes of "The Godfather" were filmed here.

Day 3 - Riding day - Agrigento - Cefalu

What a blessing: a complete dry riding day!. Even with the sun out from time to time this was a perfect riding day!

First dealing with the detours in downtown Agrigento we found our way out and headed direction north. As soon as we passed the city limits the rush of the city fell away and the traffic became less and less. And soon we found ourselves on the nice twisty backroas of the hinterland of Sicily.

A nice coffestop with , as always, good Italian coffee, in a a smal local coffe bar filled up our caffeine level again and we followed our way to Corleone, a place of birth for several mafia bosses as wel as the name of the ficitive mafia boss, DON Corleone in the movie the Godfather. And of course we had to prove that we have been there!

A nice and extensive lunch in an old trainstation was a very pleasant break of the ride. And then there were a lot of curves again waiting for us (as well as some roadcontruction sites and detours...!

But the reward was very good: we stayed in Cefalu at a gorgeous hotel right at the northcoast of Sicily with a splendid view!

A fantastic dinner followed our welcome Prosecco and we could look back at a nice day !

John and Milagro
Abdiel and Richard enjoying sunset in Cefalú
we found Don Corleone....or at least his bike!
Wonderful hotel at the seaside
fun at a great dinner!

Day 2 - riding day Catania to Agrigento

Weather forecast was not really good for today, and actually during the morning we had some rain, but then the sky slowly cleared up. Anyway the heavy rain during the night left its marks, some roads were quite dirty and we had to pay a lot of attention! Not too bad though, we completed our first riding day without issues and we could enjoy a visit to the ancient mosaics of the roman Villa del Casale and the even more ancient greek temples of the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento. Now it's time for a good dinner, stay tuned!

Let's put rain gear on after the first coffee break!
A beautiful 1700 years old mosaic at the Villa del Casale
Group picture, and the sky looks better now!
Abdiel at the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento
At the Concordia Temple, one of the best preserved ancient greek temples.

Day 1 - Arrival day - Catania, Sicily

With the saying in the back of our head: “ what falls today doesn’t fall tomorrow”  the entire group arrived today with heavy rainfall and thunderstorms throughout the day. But like good motorcyclists always do, they made the best of every situation! So: umbrellas out and into the nice city of Catania, rain or not! And in the late afternoon we gathered together for the welcome briefing of tourguides Ted and Domenico and for handover of the motorcycles. After all was done, it was time for a welcome drink and the welcome dinner. 

welcome briefing
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Jorge Rodriguez
Friday, October 26, 2018 at 18:52

Tour was a fantastic experience. Motorbikes, routes, visited sites, hotels, foods, tour guides and co-riders. Happy to have met you all. Great memories. Cheers
Maria and scott
Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 21:59

Best vacation ever, truly we will never forget our new riding friends and the 2 best guides Dominico and ted!

You made our dream come true!

Maria and scott
maria teresa natel de almeida gomes
Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 11:51

Tks Domenico and Ted!
What a wonderful tour!
Domenico Schiano
Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 19:35

Thank you Teresa! Enjoy your stay in Roma and regards to Leandro too, it was a pleasure meeting you!
Judi ODonnell
Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 18:28

Wow looks like another fabulous adventure! Following this one with great interest as my husband and I are considering it for fall of 2019. So inspired by these photos and all the excellent riding!
Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 19:37

You are very welcome Judy. It is indeed a great tour! Hope to see you next year!


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