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ANC1901 The way to the North Cape

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 | Michaela Achatzi / Domenico Schiano Moriello | Europe

Tromsø !!!!!

We made it!!!
After 3333,3 we are so glad and happy!!!!

Day 13, Enontekiö -Tromsø

The last riding day of the tour has arrived, again with blue skies and pleasant temperatures! We were very lucky with the weather during the whole tour! Simply amazing! So, we left our hotel and rode mostly westwards (for a long part along the border between Finland and Sweden) until we reached the coast again. From there, it was not a long stretch before we finally reached the beautiful town of Tromso. Have a safe flight back home, folks, it was a great tour and it was a pleasure to see that people coming from many different places of the world can gat along so well!!!

Safe rides!!!

Welcome briefing
We also entered Sweden, but just for a picture stop
Some directions...
A walk through Tromso before dinner
Goodbye Norway!

Day 12, Lakselv - Enontekiö

After spending many days by the coast, it's time to explore a little bit the inland of this country! Some kilometres of tundra, through the Sami (the "natives") region until we reached Karasjok, their capital, where we could learn more about their culture. Next stop was in  Kautokeinö (also the names sound different here!), where after lunch we visited the famous local silver store. Finland was getting closer, and after crossing the border we quickly reached the hotel where Michaela was awaiting us with a well deserved boot-beer!

Arrived at Karasjok
A Sami house
Picture stop
Typical tundra vegetation
Fortunately not much traffic...
a too big Italian on a too small Motorcycle
Our lunch stop
The silver gallery
Entering Finland!
Goodbye Norway, see you tomorrow!
Since the bikes are perfectly parked...
... we deserve a boot-beer!
Time to collect the empty cans!

Day 11, Alta - Lakselv

Today it was the day everybody was waiting for, we reached the northernmost point of Europe, the Mecca of every motorcyclist of this continent: North Cape! Latitude 71°10'21", above us only the Artic Ocean!
A long ride, but also another day of fantastic sceneries, where we had to pay attention to the many raindeers that could cross the road at any moment!
Now we are happy and satisfied in Lakselv, but the tour is not yet over: keep on following us!

We made it to North Cape!
Beautiful ride along the Porsangerfjord
Warning sign...
Getting closer to North Cape
We made it! (To the parking lot!)
Trolls are everywhere in Norway!
Finally here!!!
Somebody had a more tiring and difficult journey...
The North Cape cliff, 300 metres of altitude above the Artic Ocean
North Cape again
Raindeers again...
... and some seagulls!

Day 10, Storslett - Alta

Another step completed on the way to North Cape, today it was quite a short ride so we can have some rest for tomorrow! We left our hotel and just stopped for a Picture&Cafe along the way. Before reaching the beautiful town of Alta, we visited the Alta museum, famous for its ancient rock carvings. Some of them are around 6000 years old!!! How could people survive the winter in this region so many years ago??? Amazing. We also had lunch in the museum and then reached the hotel in time to have some tyres changed, the asphalt here really eats the rubber!!! And now, after a good dinner, we are ready for tomorrow!

Finally we could spot some reindeers!
Picture stop, of course...
In the Alta Museum
Incredible how many ancient rock carvings you can spot in this area!
Of course this is a Unesco World Heritage site
Also a beautiful landscape!

Day 9 Harstad - Storslett

Tovay we left the Vesteralen islands and went back to the mainland, even if here it is difficult to know when you are on an island! So many great bridges and tunnels make it very easy to move around. Our first stop was at the Polar Park, where we could also have a coffee break, and then we moved on to the Malselw waterfalls, where every year during the winter thousands of salmons swim upstream... and where we simply had lunch. From there, we continued along the coast and could admire the majestic Lyngen Alps before finally reaching our hotel, located up high and overlooking the coastline!

At the Maselv waterfalls
Lunch time
beautiful neverending dusk!

Day 8, Svolvær - Harstad

The temperatures have cooled down a lot, but the weather is still veey good! After leaving Svolvaer, we had to use a ferry to the Vesteralen islands but, as we reached the pear one hour earlier, we went for a Little extra loop on the Lofoten!  

Reaching the other side, we visited the Hurtigruten (known as the Norwegian Coastal Express) Museum and then, after lunch, we started cruising to Harstad. 

Is this Norway? Really?!?
Good morning from the Lofoten islands
Yummy breakfast
A white remote beach, so beautiful!
The verry for the Vesterålen islands is coming
Goodbye Lofoten
Photographers in action
Titanic picture
At the Hurtigruten museum
Hurtigruten is a Norwegian cruise, ferry and cargo operator.
A nap after lunch
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Das 7, Bodø -Svolvær

The Lofoten islands are a real paradise and we can't miss.them! There are many ways to reach these islands, but of course we chose the most scenic one: a three ours ferry ride from.Bodø to Moskenes! Lunch break was on the ferry, and in the afternoon we had a lot of time to explore the islands... since the sun never goes down!!! 

Goodbye Bodø
Our ferry to the Lofoten
The Bolivians are very tired.

But not so Ahmad
With sandbeach in the north
A walk through Svolvaer after dinner

Day 6, Sandnessjøen - Bodø

We have reached the deep North!

Today we finally crossed the Arctic Circle, so we are officially in the "deep north", where the sun never goes down during the summer and never appears during the winter! Why is that? Well, it was perfectly explained during the briefing!

It was a long riding day, we reached the Arctic Circle around lunchtime and then, before reaching the beautiful town of Bodø, twisty backroads took us to Maelstrom, where we could admire the power of Nature at the strongest tidal current in the World!

The beautiful modern bridge on the road 17, a few miles after leaving Sandnessjøen
We have reached the Arctic Circle!
The Gang
Latitude 66°33'
At Maelstrom, to admire the strongest tidal current in the World
The current was really strong, look at all those whorlpools!
Last picture for today

Day 5, Overhalla - Sandnessjøen

Impossible to get lost today, just follow the road 17! So let's go! But that is not just a (beautiful!) road, it includes three ferry rides! This remote area of Norway, with its forest (beware of mooses!) and beautiful coastline, really amazed our senses! 

Briefing about to begin
the “Gang” leader needs a break
Arrived in Sandnessjøen, where a street artist from Naples left a beautiful mural!
Peter’s nice t-shirt
Briefing for tomorrow...

Day 4, Trondheim - Overhalla

Our first group picture!

A great change today! After leaving Trondheim and taking the ferry from Flakk to Rørvik we reached a more remote area of the country, full of small villages and little farms, how beautiful and picturesque! We reached the Atlantic coast in Vingsand and could enjoy a delicious Fish Soup at a local restaurant. Only fresh local fish is served there! After lunch, time for some pictures and then we slowly reached Overhalla, another small village, where we will spend the night. Stay tuned


First ferry!
The ferry ride can also be very enjoyable
Picture stop before reaching Vingsand, it was really hard to find the best spot to stop! It's so beautiful everywhere!
Time for drone flying
A delicious fiskesuppe (fish soup) for lunch!
Vikings are coming, let's run away!!! Still around 100 km to Overhalla!

Day 3, Sunndalsøra - Trondheim

Today's ride was shorter and more relaxed than the one of yesterday, but not less beautiful! After around 70 Km of untouched landscapes, we reached Oppdal where we had our first coffee break. From there, we starded heading northward and reached Meldal, a former copper mine (now there is also a museum) where we had a great lunch. After that, nice winding roads along the coast slowly took us to the beautiful city of Trondheim, the former capital of Norway!


We wait patiently, the road was closed.
Also a very cozy place in the shade.
A shady place is very valuable and pleasant today.At 31 degrees in the sun.
A real rare gem: Aprilia Motò 650
A walk through Trondheim
The famous and beautiful Cathedral of Trondheim
Trondheim is so beautiful

Day 2, Alesund - Sunndalsora

Let's go! What a perfect weather to start the tour, blue sky and pleasant temperature! After leaving the hotel, we stopped at the famous Aksla viewpoint just above Alesund, ant then continued until we reached the Rose Church. Riging along the beginning of the Geiranger fjord, we soon reached Valldal where we could start smelling strawberries! A late coffee break to try the famous strawberry cake and then we were ready to face the most famous mountain road of Norway, the Trollstigen! After a lot of highlights concentrated in the morning, the afternoon ride was less intense!

Trolls are watching you!
First picture stop at the Aksla viewpoint in Alesund
The beautifully decorated "Rose Church"
The beginning of the Geiranger Fjord
This area is well known for the strawberries
The Gudbrandsjuvet waterfall
Trollstigen, today's highlight

Day 1, Arrival in Alesund

Everything is ready for the Adventure North Cape! This epic destination is the northernmost point of Europe where it is possible to reach by road and it's a "must" for many motorcyclists especially in Europe! And, before reaching it, some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world are awaiting us! Follow us!!!

A beautiful view of Alesund
Walking through Alesund
seagulls chatting
Briefing ready!
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