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Alpine Miracle Tour (RTV1902)

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 | Tom Friden / Peter Kuhn | Europe / Italy

Day1 Seefeld - Echtal

The tour is starting and we roll down into the Inn valley and reach the Mieminger Plateau. Along the valley of the river Inn we turn into the Ötz valley, another mountain valley and famous skiing area. Long before the road was completed in 1969 people used the Timmelsjoch to cross the mountain range known as the Ötztaler Alps. The "Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum Crosspoint" with its 196 vintage bikes invites us for a visit.
On the other side of the pass is Italy - Southern Tyrol - famous for two things: appels and wine! Both grow fantistically in the warm and sunny microclimate. Via Ultental, a remote area, and a small, windy passroad, which was completed in 1998 we climb up Mendel pass. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking view over the vast valley Etsch and a mountain range of the Dolomites, called "Rose Garden", our last highlight for today before we reach our accommodation for tonight.




Weather is perfect on our way to the Timmelsjoch.
A lot of beautiful bikes can be admired in the highest Museum almost on the top of the Timmelsjoch.
What a view and what a weather, quit lucky we are.
Mission accomplished! We made it to the top of our first mountain pass the Timmelsjoch also called Passo del Rombo.
Leonel and Marisol on the way down from the Timmelsjoch.
Look who we met on the way down, another tour guide colleague.
A lot of impressions to talk about at our last coffee stop of the day at the top of the Mendelpass.
Look at this amazing view over the Etsch valley. It's amazing.

Day2: Eschtal - Cison de Valmarino

Today we will ride through a 300 million year old coral riff, the Dolomites.
Once grown at the bottom of a sea, it dominates today the rugged and beautiful peaks of the Dolomites but not only the peaks of the Dolomites are today‘s highlight as the roads that lead through these mountains are fantastic and unique in the world.
On the other side of the Dolomites we reach the famous Prosecco area around Valdobbiadene, which gives our dinner a sparkling touch.


The first stop in the Dolomites for Italian Coffe
Sidney withe the peaks of the Palle di San Martino in the back
Will is arriving on his very first Dolomites pass road, Passo Rolle and would like to go down and up again
A little bit later we arrive our slow food lunch stop Cant del Gal
and they served us delicious pasta
some Mototalks before we started riding again
The fantastic road through the Valle de Mis with the smal and impressive tunnels
in the end of the Valle...
...Lago del Mis and..
...the next fantastic Coffe was awaiting us
and here we are in our cozy villa were we rest for the night

Day3: Cison de Valmarino - Bassano del Grappa

Prosecco and WWI are the themes of today. Valdobbiadene stands since centuries for the best Prosecco. Especially the Glera-grape which is cultivated here for producing the Frizzante. The "Prosecco die Valdobbiadene" stands out for best quality and taste. Mount Grappa, situated between the Brenta and Piave river, 5.325 ft high, is the southern most mountain range of the Dolomites. Monte Grappa was one of the severest battlefields in WWI. The Military Monument commemorates 12.615 Italian and 10.295 Austrian soldiers. Bassano del Grappa welcomes us in the afternoon. The city on the river Brenta has a long and touching history. Founded by the Romans, belonged to Padua, was under Venetian occupancy and Napoleon was here. The symbol of the town is the covered wooden pontoon bridge, which was designed by the famous Italian architect Andrea Palladio in 1569.

that's how we like to start a perfect riding day.
What a view at our first photo stop in the morning...
Some nice little roads up to mount Grappa.
The fog hides some locals at work....
Wow, what a view we got at mount Grappa, could it be more beautiful?
Blue sky and switchbacks, that's what we call a perfect match.
All lined up at our well deserved lunch stop.
Perfect riding weather we have so far, not too cold not too hot.
Countless switchbacks we have seen so far and still looking for more...
Bill at work...

Day4: Rest Day Monte Grappa ride & Venice City Tour

During our rest day we split the group, while one part of them travel by train to nearby Venice to visit the lagoon city, the other part still wants to collect a few hairpins at the Monte Grappa.
on the smal and twisty road up to Monte Grappa
Joop and...
Gery have fun with collecting
and on the top we have been welcomed by a fantastic few...
...back to the Dolomites
Those ceilings are just incredible...
Wet greetings from Venice
You are not in Venice if you haven't tried an authentic venetian mask.
The streets of Venice.
Wow that's how a good day comes to an end.
As you can see, dinner was delicious.

Day5: Bassano del Grappa - Verona

That a large pepper mill.
Homemade pasta, they were so delicious.

Day6: Verona - Gardona Riviera

Day 6 takes us along narrow and steep roads to the motorcycle paradise around Monte Baldo and Lago di Garda.
The highlight of the day are streets that are sometimes as wide as a car and lead us through rugged cliffs and green gardens along the Adige Vally.


Quick group picture before the day starts.
Here we are, ready for another amazing day.
Coffe at Passo Fittanze and a look at the geoligical map of the area
what a great view at the pass
but on the other side the weather was much better so Sidney could speed up a little
Joop and Gery enjoy the ride from curve to curve
the balcony were we are allowed to enjoy our delicious lunch
ups where does the second Leonel comes from
the beautiful Aldige Valley
second corse fantastic pasta
our sweethearts at Monte Baldo
Sidney started the downhill
good by Monte Baldo
at the bottom we took the ferry to cross Lago the Garda and Marisol started dreaming
Joop is just enjoying the place and would like to stay a little longer
yes Sid its time to reach the hotel

Day8: Bormio -Seefeld

Everyone is happy in the morning because the weather for our last day looks great
Lago de Livigno what a great scene
waiting in front of the Munt la Schera tunnel to Swiss
enjoying the first stop for coffe on Ofenpass
flying to the top of Umbrail Pass
looking forward to the downhill of Passo Stelvio
Marisol loves the alpine wonderland
the sunken chirch tower of Lago di Rescia
on the bridge to the fantastic...
...Gacherblick platform
the view back to the upper Inn valley
Side tries to sleep in so he does not have to go
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