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BOI 1903 The Best of Italia

Sunday, October 6, 2019 | Michaela Achatzi / Axel Gert Schneider | Europe / Italy

Dream Team

Thank You All for This unforgettable Moments from Michaela and Axel ( Gru :-) )

Axel ( Gru - thanks for the nickname )


Hey everybody

Michaela and I would like to thank you for this tour with you.

But much more for the numerous entertainments.



Where should I start:

Moments like the first time highway, the first nicknames (Balu, Chiquita .....), Bills corner or passports they ..., all the ice cream what the one or better someone has eaten, „ the little walk" through rome, the Van adventure,


We could add so much here but most importantly for Michaela and me: is the moment when we have been back in Rome - putting off the helmets one last time and the faces filled with joy and smiling smile. The smile that you only have when you have experienced something !!!


And i would say we did!!! even if it was on or the other time a challenge - we enjoyed and mastered it.


Thank you from Michaela and me for this great time.


Those who are still traveling enjoy it and hey do not forget the daily pasta


Hope we see each other again on tour.


See you soon, your tour guide team




Michaela and Axel (Group )

Day 9 - Pienza to Rom


Hello on the final day to Rome


Today it was a last time on the bikes to Rome.


The last morning briefing the last time to bring luggage in the van. Yes, it was time for the thoughts of the thoughts. Impressed by the impressions of the last few days in Italy and the whole experience it was to be seen in the faces: Too bad that it is already over. Now that we have grown together as a family and the numerous conversations with each other. 


So a last ride have to be done so today we went together again with the motorcycles to share one of the most beautiful passions in the world - motorcycling !!!!!



So after the briefing in the morning we went to the bikes and we headed for Rome. On the way back to the place where everything started. We lead on small winding roads, through the always impressive new landscape of Italy. Which made the farewell more difficult. Highlights like the old town Orvieto graced our way. Another impressive day came to an end and our family reached Rome. Once there, there was the famous boat beer. Once opened and seated on the terrace of the hotel, there was the last day point - bike return. During this time, our little Edelweiss family sat together and the moments that were experienced were revived in numerous conversations. What a pleasure for Michaela and me - all the experiences the hearty laughter is the reward for our work. Now it was time to check in and get ready for the last dinner together. Today there is no pasta !!!! We finished our tour in a great pizzaria around the corner, which made us with wine and good pizza the successful completion of our tour.

The last masterplan to draw on our maps
Along the wine fields on the way to Rome
Our little family

Day 8 -Siena to Pienza

Master of the Pick Nick - Michaela

Welcome to day 8 of our trip.


Today our tour started as usual with our briefing on the terrace of the hotel with a great view of Siena. What no one knew today there should be a surprise rising in the future !!!!


It was picnic day


But before, we went on beautiful roads towards Abbazio to explore the first highlight. At the top of the Benedictine castle we enjoyed an unbelievably beautiful view, Inside as outside - because the the little beautiful church was just breathtaking. Since Michaela left us early in the morning to go shopping for the picnic, it meant for me today: watch the time that we arrive on point by the picnic stop. So we drove on, through the impressive Tuscany.

The landscape with its old palaces yards, and the numerous vineyards led us closer and closer to our highlight - the picnic.


Arrived at our picnic the eyes were big, as Michaela received the small new Edelweiss family with a delicious lunch. Just delicious - Thanks Michaela also from me !!!!


After an extended lunch, the option to go directly to the hotel or to Montalcino has to be decided.


The decision was quick made, because this really warm day let us looking forward for an ice


So back on the bikes and go. Arriving in Montalcino, we explore the city and it was a tough test for one or the other! Why: Well the numerous wine shops and small restaurants were very very inviting. After a nice walk around we went on to Pienza.



Which received us with her charm and gave a roof over our heads until our last day's drive.

Goodby Siena
Siena view
it is hard du stay away
Welcome to Pienza
What a pleasure - in the hart of Pienza - really good Music followed us through town
Smale shops in old buildings reflecting the charm of the town
What a view from the porch frame the Hotel in Pienza

Day 7 - San Gimignano to Siena

Good Morning San Gimignano


Today we decided our trip starts at 11 o'clock to explore the small town and on the other hand we had still to go to the motorcycles because it is one of few cities where you can not drive directly to the hotel. Arrived at the parking lot there was our daily briefing and off we should go. But today our support van had other plans so that we changed the plan shortly and Michaela drove off with the group and I (Axel) convinced the bus to go back to work. Well everyday got the potential for a new adventure ;-


When the van returned to working duty we met at Lunch not too far away and the little family was reunited.



Today we received the road with beautiful, winding roads that let forget the delayed start quickly. After strengthening in a small restaurant along the road, we headed back to the road and the trip to Siena became a dream for motorcycle riders' and there was a large portion of panorama. Because this breathtaking region was just a pleasure in every way. What can I say!? Whenever you think you have seen many beautiful streets, our trip has always one to put on top of it.

Day 6 - Florence to San Gimignano

Goodbye Florence and hello San Gimignano


The batteries are charged and ready to start.


Today we went from Florence to San Gimignano. First of all, let's go to the Autostrade - Pisa here we come !!!!



After a not too exciting ride on the highway, we reached Pisa at 11 o'clock. Thus, our first highlight went off with the exploration of Pisa. And how els could it be - the Leaning Tower of Pisa was on our list. So we dived into the world of Pisa a city that is shaped by students(40000). After a short historical excursion with Michaela and Me (Axel) and the answer to the question why is the bell tower leaning?

We decided to enjoy lunch in the charming city of Pisa. After a refreshment we went again in direction to the parking where we got ready to go to the coast of Pisa.

Once there, we found soon a nice place to check the quality of the water and take one or the other souvenir photo. Now it was time again to hop on the motorcycles and take the last kilometres to San Gimignano. San Gimignano is a  beautiful medieval city surprised us right away with the first few on town- because the medical city got 41 of the oldest skyscraper. Once there, the search for a parking space was opened and after the success we went to the hotel. On the way there, San Gimignano pulled us right away into his ban. The small winding streets, the wine merchants on small bistros made the way to the hotel considerably.

Once arrived In the center, Michaela had already prepared everything so we got the keys. So lets go to the rooms and take a refreshing shower after a a quite warm day. So now we will go and explore San Gimignano after the meal and maybe some of the nice wine restaurants.


A day marked by Pisa comes to an end and the next day is already waiting for us with beautiful roads through the Chianti area to Siena.



See soon here

Do dry exercises on the move...........

... and it works
the leaning tower
waterproof ????
John touch the ocean...

Day 5 - Florenz

Good morning Florence


Today there was a break for our loyal companions (Our motorcycles)


That did not mean that the day should be boring. Florence offers some ways to make yourself happy with food - I just say Steak al Florentina !!!! or you can also make your wife very happy !!!!

because a happy wife - a easy life

So Florence has one of the best shopping in Italy, whether gold or silver or should it be a new purse no problem there are lots of designers which make your wife happy. Incidentally, you will always and everywhere find a small place to satisfy your appetite big or small - Meat or Vetarien- but beware there are many sins possible.


A great city enchanted our Edelweiss family with their charm and will take care of here today until tomorrow.


Tomorrow we will continue, where the journey will guide us to Pisa and a little bit further.


What exactly i- you will find out in the Blog on Day 6



Until then have fun in Florence

Day 4 - San Marino to Florenz

What a day

It's time for the doctor !!!!!


No, nobody is sick. Today we went to the hero of Italy - Valentino Rossi.


But first.


High above the roofs of San Marino, our Tour went from San Marino via Tavulli to the Strada Panoramica to Forli. Arrived in Forli, we went on to Florence. As a Short overview about the Tour where we have been today.


We started with fantastic weather and a great view over the small Repuplik San Marino. Once started, we went  already through sleepy little villages, over the ridges of the region towards Valentino Rossi city. Arrived at the Moto GP hero coffee, we had the first coffee stop of the day with the legendary number 46 on our cappuccinos and one or the other Suvenier was on top of the stop. After we enjoyed the sun at Rossi´s place we went over narrow roads towards the coastline which received us with a fantastic view over Gabicce Mare. We took advantage of this and the opportunity - so it was called out - time for lunch!!!!
An author could not have created it better. Great views and a terrace high above the coast. In addition a fantastic pizza. Simply pure Italy.


After strengthening, it was now time to go back down to the plain and take a short stretch of the highway to turn off in Forli.


Once off the motorway, our tour went on in the direction of Florence through the mountains and on a track / road that spoiled the heart of the motorcycle riders in every second with countless curves.


At the top there was the last coffee before we came to Florence and reached our new home for the next 2 days.



An eventful day comes to an end and Florence city will not have to wait long for us, because tomorrow we will explore the city, but this time for a change without motorcycles.

Well well time to recharge the batteries for the next day

good morning San Marino and goodby
Doctor i need a coffee please
Lunchtime view - just look at this
Autostrada time
well so far everything is good the toll station is working
well not anymore - lets back up and trie the next possibilty -
problems like that do not interrupt our happiness on bike - so the one or other rider get some bear hug from his wife
Florenz is not so far anymore
last koffee stop with a breathtaking view just 30 km away from Florence
you see the sticker ?
Sunset while we riding into Florenz

Day 3 - Assisi to San Marino


Welcome on day 3 !!!!


Our journey took us today to San Marino.


After a good breakfast in the beautiful city of Assisi, Axel set out on a journey to Marino.


Our topic of the day was: winding roads in the heart of Italy with picturesque medieval places along the Road to  in our new hotel the Grand Hotel San Marino.


The day started in light rain, which we read of, after a few kilometres. Our first highlight of the day - enjoying a breathtaking view over Lake Trasimeno with a good espresso in the hand. After enjoying the view, we went back to the bikes to enjoy the curves of the backyard of the Lake, via Cortona to Trestina to Citta di Castello. On the way we were impressed by the sight of many small, almost untouched by time, exiting cities like Cortona. After the enjoyment of the curvy roads  it was now time for Lunch !!!


So it went to the restaurant Il Grillo, which received us with a fantastic meal.

Typical Italian cuisine served with the warm charm of the owners. Simply delicious !!!!


Now we had 100 km ahead of us that did not disappoint us at all , because it went on with small country roads via Apechio to Urbino the birthplace of Raphael. Another coffee and the goal in mind we went on to in San Marino. Where we spend the night before day 4 will welcome us with his highlights.



Thanks for the Great Ride

Michaela and Axel

Day 2 - Roma to Assisi

the stars on tour
Motocycle-Lemmings at work
Lunchtime music
the sky on fire
Assisi by night

Day 1 - Welcome to eternal City - Rom

The bikes are prepared for you,
ready to start?

City Guided Tour Rome and the first Moment of our new Edelweiss Family

Vatikan City

Welcome to the heart of Italy


Welcome to Rome


It's Saturday and one by one our first motorcycle enthusiastic members of our tour arrived at our Hotel in Rome or better at the heart of Italy.


After the first adventurous traffic experience in the caps through  Room, I (Axel) greeted the first guests of our guided city tour and took them to a small typical Italian restaurant to discuss the next day.


Once there, we used the time to discuss the highlights and the master plan of the next day (The City Guided Tour Rome)


After a restful night and a good breakfast, we went strengthened towards the center of Rome.

The first Place on our To Do List was: Vatican City a must have while you are in Rome.


Impressed we continued over the church of the angels castle towards Piazza Navano and to the Pantheon. Now it was time for the first good espresso and, of course, time for the first Italian ice cream.


Now our tour continued on to ta famous Fontana de Trevi and went on to Spanish Steps of Rome. Just besides the weather was a dream. Before we continued towards Piazza Venezia it was time for a refreshment. And how should it be when you are in Italy? The first pizza panini and co. After our refreshment, it was time to discover the - The Coloseum !!!!


In the footsteps of the famous Romans we explored the Coloseum and you could see that, the impressive construction made one or the other speechless. Impressed by a city of history, we went back to our hotel where the rest of our new Edelweiss family had arrived. 



So welcome to to the briefing of the tour with Michaela and Axel.

Always on the first day we have a briefing where we give all the informations about our Tour and the most importend Moment is the Hand over of the Bike´s.

Brave as our new Family has been, everybody got the keys of his bikes and you cut see it was like chrismas !!!

All the big boys got here new toys and in This moment a new Edelweiss family has been born!!!

For now i like to let the pictures speak for himself and we see us again here after our first riding day.

Piazza Venezia
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