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Mediterranean Alps Extreme (4SA2201)

Friday, May 27, 2022 | Holger Homann | Europe

Col de la Bonette, 2802 m high

Welcome day

After our briefing we had a great dinner down in St. Paul

And everyone is eager to start this tour

Vence - Valberg

Balcon de Mescla - Grand Canyon du Verdon

Okay, here we go!

We have Marcella and Cesar from Guatemala, Stephen P. and Stephan R. (not relatives from the US, and Sean from the US and Holger from Germany


Lac St.Croix

At the or above the Gorge du Daluis!

What a beautiful and challenging day!!!

Our cool Marcella! You want to ride that what we rode on a back of a motorcycle?! And she is taking pictures while her husband Cesar is chasing us! Yiehaaa!

Valberg restday?!

It started as a beautiful morning...

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..in the Gorge du Cian

And then this. Get on your knees and pray first

We fixed the tire puncture

up and running again!

At Madonna d'Utelle

Entrevaux. Unbelievable what they built in the 14th century!

And it ended as a beuatiful day!

What a challenging ride, 300km on remote, narrow and twisty roads!

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Valberg - Vicoforte - the long way round or il quattro colle!

Col/ Tunnel de Tenda closed, replan: Going North, we have to get over the Montagne Maritime in order reach Vicoforte in Bella Italia!


Col de Champs 2.087m

Col d'Allos 2.247m

Col de la Bonette (the highest Alpine pass in Europe (however disputed with Col d'Iseran)), no matter what, 2.802m high!

Col de la Lombarde 2.350m

and in the afternoon, adding some spices from our originally planned tour

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Plan fulfilled

What a great ride!!!

Arrival at the Sanctuary... opposite of our hotel tonight

Our dinner place in the monastery... like home, of course, I know )

Vicoforte - Rapallo

... Inside the sanctuary. Just amazing! And one feels pretty small on this world

Scenic change. We just entered Liguria from Piermont. And we all (the tour group) can tell you that nobody expected these great remote roads out here

Just shortly before Genova.. Can you imagine!?! You are in the middle of nowhere!

Stephen and Cesar..

Preparation for our Italien highway adventure...

Arrival at the old Castello in Rapallo

Rapallo - Cinque Terre

We woke up in the morning and saw some clouds in paradise..

Stephen, Stephen and Sean went for a ride to Cinque Terre, UNESCO world heritage, where they had lunch in Vernazza.

Marcela and Cesar were the night before in Portofino, now theyt ook the motorcycle to Vernazza as well. Enjoy our restday!

Our lovely couple Cesar and Marcela!

Cinque Terre

Sean on the roof top of our hotel

Cesar and Stephen exploring the bar...

...and we had a great and funny evening! Super!

Rapallo - Finale

What a blast today! Challenging twisty roads all day long!

In between we had to put the rain gear on, but more to protect us from the spray wash of the tires..The water came down the mountain, flooding the roads, though great riding!

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This guys got the atenna ride certificate! Yiehaa!

Sanctuario di nostra Signora della Guardia

Cuba Sean at our our last coffee stop today, the group said that they never had that much coffee in their life before

Ride, coffee, ride, repeat..

Our dinner in Finale

Finale - Vence

Rolling thru the alleys of Zucharello, this cute medieval village...

remote roads...

...and remote passes!

(we promise that on our Mediterraeanean Alps tour!

Monaco down there ... and one can hear the Formula 1 qualifications ongoing, sounds like a bee nest

Our farewell dinner in St.Paul - what a great and tough tour with lovely people!

Thank you very much!

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