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SPT Special Peaks and Passes

Friday, July 1, 2022 | Stefan Sykora | Europe / Italy

The Night before the Tour Starts - Welcome to Vienna
Welcome Briefing. Yeah, we‘re all so excited to go for a run. Tomorrow will be the first day of riding.

Riding Day 1 - Vienna to Fohnsdorf

First coffee break at Kalte Kuchel. We get out Vienna and hit the first sweepers. Such a lovely ride.
We get lucky, normally on a weekend you'll find up to 300 Motorcycles on this parking lot. We had a privet one, nice conversations with lokal riders and a pretty refreshment dink on a bench.
A visit at the pilgrims village of Mariazell. The biggest Churchbell in the Steirrmark, over 5 tonnes. The Baroque Dom with its gothic main building is worth a visit. So we did.
Just to give you an idea how massive the architectur is......
driving, driving, doesn't matter what you drive, but you have to do it. That's the only way to get better....Red Bull Ring "Österreichring". Even Michale Schumacher won a race down here and we were lucky to have a coffee and watch some guys - they really wanted to know......

Riding Day 2 Fohnsdorf to Gmunden

Photostop at the worlds famose Erzberg, One of the hardest Enduro Race wordwide.
Some of us making new friends. James with company Mr. Woodhead
And also friends of Mr. Woodhead came to say hello. At an old "rechslermeisterei" in Hallstadt.
No wonder that it’s been an Idol for Disney and also it’s been copyed by Chinese people. You’ll find it in the province of Guangdong at the city of Boluo. But nothing’s better than the original
The view from the lake to the town Hallstadt
We found something very interesting on the way to hour Hotel. A Museum, run by a privat society who do love all sorts of stuff.....but take a look yourself......
A Puch Ice Speedway Bike form 1956. 1,7 HP and runs about 40km/h. Now we have bikes with 170 HP, I just wonder way the don't run at least 400
A submarin from WWII
Steyer Ambulance from 1932 - Austrian Power
DUKW Amphibians Truck from America, brand new from 1942. A light weight, only 23 Tonnes
Frank`s into the bigger the boys, as bigger the toys.
So guys, time to go. We still got some miles to do. The last sweepers of the day and there we go......foot`s waiting.....
It’s dinner time after a stunning day of riding. We hosted in the Hotel Schwan directly at the lake in Gmunden. Guten Appetit

Riding day 3 Gmunden to Salzburg

The Tourguide must have forgot something - not clean enough. Frank doing the last polish and Shelly giving directions. There you go....that`s my boys
Little coffee break on the Postalm Pass, 1300m / 4265 feet`s getting spooky. We`re on the way to the Eagles Nest. Up, with the bus on the mountain road, right through the tunnel and up the elevator......
....we`re getting closer.....well done Mr. James, that's Rock`n Roll.....
What's next....First we take Manhattan than we take Berlin
If you don't know, you have to try. "Germknödel" What you think, James?
It's good to know that this lovely piece on earth, now stands for peace, freedom and joy.

Riding Day 4 Salzburg to Kals

Just a few miles outside of Salzburg we stop to say goodby to this lovely city. From Gaisberg you get a stunningly view to the valley and Salzburg.
Welcome to the highest place in Austria. The Edelweiß Spitz on the panoramic road of Großglockner. We`re up to 8215 feet above sea level. Breathtaking in any way.
On the little tower of the bikers point you can read and see a lot about the history of Motorsport on Großglockner, starts from 1935. And big surprise, at this time also women got to race on motorcycles.
Shelly and Frank enjoying the 360 ° view - wow nothing more to say
On the way down from Großglockner. We almost done it. The long and winding Kals
That's happy bikers, rock`n roll buddies
The last two turns before a nice surprise.....
Even if you could do more and more, there comes the time where you want a break......
Haaa.....what`s better than getting of the bike and stumble into a boot beer? A big thanks to Sven who get us such a cool surprise.
....exactly, nothing. That just makes a day complete.
Dinner Time at one of the most beautiful places in the Alps. The hotel Gradonna Mountain Resort got everything you can ask for.
Well, now it's boys time......Mr. Frank "Corleone" made an offer you can't refuse. He invited us to have a cigar and so we followed the call.

Riding Day 5 Kals to Cison di Valmarino

Good by beautiful Kals, see you again.....
Fist stop at Staller Sattel where we had to wait for the green light. It's a one way street open every half hour to run down or up the pass. Good break to take some photos and look around the beautiful nature.
Welcome to the dolomites.....Dagny and Bill enjoying the view.
A man like a mountain and his lovely princess. Maggie and James in front of the Falzarego.
If you're looking for a strait`re at the wrong place. We`re here to hunt for switchbacks.
Yeah....rolling down the line.....we`re having great fun.
A little break at Valle del Mis to take some photos and memories of this marvelous county.
.....and of course a coffee too. Getting ready to take the last pass of the day. Passo San Boldo, built into a vertical rock face in just 100 days during WWI. Five hairpins and six bridges to go down. A masterpiece of construction.
Dinner Time at "I Giardini Segreti di Villa Macello Marinelli" in Cison di Valmarino. A place like an fairytale.
That` s what I call an appetizer.....Italien Food.....for me.....the best in the world and I`ve seen some places

Rest Day 6 & 7 Cison di Valmarino - Venezia

My new buddy, since we had breakfast together, he follows me wherever I go. That`s loyalty.
One of the things you should do when you're in Venice. Take a ride on a Gondel. Bye Bye guys, see you later.
A little snack and off we go again.
Coffee at Piazzo San Maco....
....or some refreshments, typical Italian style....
A little walk around the tiny alleys and look who we found.....
That's what you do......kiss under the bridge of Ponte dei Sospiri.....means love for a lifetime.
Our lovely hostess and host from Cison di Valmarino. We felt like being home. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, with best regards to Sirina and Loris
The 2nd night we got a special event organized just for us. A place outside the Village of Cison, you can find a farmhouse and they welcome us for dinner.....but have a look yourself....
That's Marcelo, our driver, chef, entertainer and waiter. What a great man......and he can cock.....mmmmmh
....deep fried Zucchini with sesame breading....
.....Tomatos in diffrent variations, from salat to stuffed to grilled.....what ever makes you happy.
The dinning room, so lovely prepared just for us.....
Our hosts at the farmhouse. Silvia and Marcelo with Dagny
sitting by the fireside with some live music and good conversations with the locals.....

Riding day 8 Cison di Valmarino to Riva del Garda

First Stop of the day - Monto Grappa. It feels like your climbing Mount Everest with the bike......
What a beautiful color play in the morning. And also the fresh air and stunning view. Wow, really breath taking.
Lunch break at Bassano del Grappa. As the name said - the home of Grappa. But as we`re on the bikes, there is no Grappa for us ....... at least not until we park the bikes for the night.
What a nice surprise, Bassano just organized a children's concert for us on the Ponte degli Alpini....

Rest Day 8 & 9 Lago Del Garda

On our rest Day, there was much to do. Some of us discovery the area, some were fixing things and some were hanging out and enjoying the "dolce far niente"

On the way to the Bastione di Riva, a nice landmark you can walk to in about 20 min.
Oh look at the view, isn't it marvelous? Frank`s definitely in.
The girls found a new hobby. A good coup of Coffee can lead to funny action.
A nice panorama of Rive Del Garda
.....and another cup of coffee. Even for a man like a mountain, that's a big cup.....Mr. James Universe, yeah buddy you rock ....

Riding Day 10 Riva Del Garda to St. Moritz

We had an early morning start and everything went down so smoothly till we get to the Swiss border......
Rinding in good weather conditions, everybody can do but only the hard ones do it when's raining cats and dogs.....just a few minute after we left Aprica Armageddon started....up at 7591 feet on Bernina Pass with 58 ° F....rocking.....
We made it. Dinner time at the hotels restaurant....welcome to Schweizer Hof in St. Moritz

Riding Day 11 St. Moritz to Seefeld

Ready for take off....last day of riding. We start as we finished the day before. Rain, clouds but good mod.....
Warm up, first switchbacks of the day....yeah we made it. Umbrail Pass, the highest in Switzerland with 2503 m / 8212 feet.
But before we`re rolling down to Italy again, there's something you have to try. You can't leave Switzerland without trying the chocolate......Lindt and Sprüngli.....mmmmh
Up on Stelvio with it's 48 Switchbacks....are you ready for some Rock`n Roll?
A little stop at the sunken church on the Reschen Pass.
And a last stop at Kauner Grad on the platform where you can look all over the valley.
No, it's not the last supper.....but our last dinner of the tour in Seefeld, Hotel Hochland. One laughing and one crying eye.....
Ok guys, get yourself last shot, please. Great to see that we all had a blust. What a fantastic tour......thanks so much.......
And here we go......good bye and hope to see you soon on our next trip....wherever it may be.
Keep calm and ride on......
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