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The Viking Experience, CVE2201

Friday, July 1, 2022 | Ted Goslinga / Axel Gert Schneider | Europe

The 4 Angels of the Viking Experience at Dalsnibba
Fjærland On day 8

Day 1 - Arrival day in Oslo

All bikes waiting for their riders and passengers !
The First Briefing of the tour with Ted and Axel
Here we go - highly motivated and ready for the tour- our group of the Viking experience

Day 2 - First riding day - Oslo - Vrådal

So what more can somebody wish for? Blue sky, clear air, forests, fjords , lakes, nice people? We had it all today. Starting with a mixed group from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany and Israel, wr started this wonderful again after an absence of more than two years. 
Riding through the beautiful area of Telemarken we did see  it all and the tour had just began ! We also visited the famous stave church in Heddal and the ship locks of the Telemarken canals

great day , completed with an very nice dinner

Morning briefing by tourguide Ted
The famous stave church in Heddal
On the door of the shipslock in Ulefoss
Foto stop along one of the Telemarken canals
The Vikings!
Beautiful environment!
The Van Team

Day 3: Vrådal to Sola

What a day - Jörg is reflecting after a good picknick
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Welcom on Day 3 


Well, what should i say - Today it was Norway at his best!!! A sunny day with nearly no traffic and a route where you will dream from for the rest of your life. It sounds like more is not posibble --- but it realy was like that. But let´s start with the morning - We started with great breakfast and than we had as usual our morning briefing where we already gave our groupe a little hint that somthing is going on today and we will have a suprise. After the briefing we jumped on the bikes and so we went along the lakes on curvy roads with a stunning view and if you would ask me witch one has been the beste - i realy could not give you a answer. After leaving the valleys of the telemark - the landscape changed quite quick - the trees changed and instead of them there where bushes and the landscape was covered by black rocks. And now it was Time For Ted - becaus he was waiting with a picknick on top of a pass on a lakeside. 

If you look at the pictures you know now why Ted got the nickname: master of picknick

After this breathtaking lunch it was also time to move on to the highlight of the day - it was time for the famouse Lysefjord. - for me one of the places where should be if you are on a tour over here.

All in one, the complete day of riding was made for the hall of fame of our persanal memories.

And now i would say we let the pictures speak for himself.

It was a great day of riding and even if it´s still bright out here it is almost midnight so we should go to bed and recharge our batteries for the next day.


See you tomorrow



Hugo sneaked out a sandwich from the hotel in the morning is not knowing that he won't need it
Picture Stop !!!! Along the way - but actually it is hard to decide where you stop because Norway is breathtaking after every turn you could stop and make a picture - you should come over if you don't believe this
First Coffee on the way to Sola
How nice is Norway !?
Carol is ready for take off on this breathtaking day and ride
Mike is watching the herd of bikers and makes sure that everything is okay
Checking the water and thinking may if we should jump in or not
The Master of Picknick - Known as Ted
I think Ted did a great job - if you look at the faces
Lysefjord - 27 Switchbacks down and 27 up and on Top a tunnel with one as well but for us no problem
What else do you need to be happy

Day 4: Rest Day in Sola

Preikestolen – Preikestolen -Preikestolen


did i say Preikestolen?


Today was the day of days - the weather was good - few tourists and - a motorized group that wanted to go up one of the most famous stones in Norway.

Breakfast today at 8 o'clock and then we started in the direction of the Preikestolen - but before that a small ferry and whoosh di whoops we were in the parking lot of the Preikestolen. Now it was time to move because the ascent is a really sporty one which can only be mastered with hiking shoes. No sooner said than done and off we went with Ted up hill and dale - but definitely more stone. As the saying goes, the more strenuous the ascent or the challenge, the greater the reward!!!! Well, we won't soon forget the day or the mountain. The other part of the group had treated themselves to a well-deserved day at the hotel and also explored Starvanger. The rest of the day here in Sola offers something for everyone, because if you feel like going to the beach!? no problem right in front of the front door a sandy beach - what more could you ask for. Tonight we're going to eat in the hotel's restaurant, which yesterday spoiled us with an excellent entrecote. I would say: The day was a complete pleasure, even if it was sometimes questioned during the ascent to the Preikestolen - including me


So see you tomorrow here and here more about the way to Bergen




At the Bascampe before we went up to the preikestolen
The mood is good - the batteries are fills up - let's do it
The Boss (Carol ) having a good time
the first reward for all the climbing
Norway the place to be - I would say
Jörg known as the Maschine - he walks and walks and walks
Carol and Joe the have known what the want, and today they wann end up right here and they did
ROLAND - a other machine man like Jörg - unstoppable - I think they cheat in the forms with there age
Time for a snack after this breathtaking hick up - To all of you well done - Axel
Good night from SOLA

Day 5 - riding day Sola to Bergen

Day 5 of our tour and to briefly describe the day would sound something like this:


start clouds or fog - tunnels that go under water - bridges - tunnels that lead under water - ferry - waterfall - tunnel - waterfall - tunnel - tunnel - waterfall - very long tunnel - a lot of waterfalls no matter where you look - tunnel - big bridge - rain - welcome to Bergen.


That's how you could describe the day and I'd be done - but that wouldn't do the day justice!!!! because this day was another dream day - the start in Sola, well it was with ground fog and could be better but still better then the weather forcast - there have been 100% of rain showing up on the screen - after a view kilometers thr road lead us through Starvanger where there wasn't really anything going on on sunday morning - you could say quite nice - done - but then we went on towards the ferry where have been on our way some tunnels that led us around 100 m below the sea surface - so that we finaly came out on the ferry terminal to get a ride towards Bergen. Anyone who knows us or follows us here - it is clear that we don't just want to drive directly to Bergen, but rather enjoy the day to the fullest. So we went first to the Langfoss waterfall and then to the Låtefossen waterfall plus Hardanger fjord and his world-famous bridge - what more could you want!???? We want more, and that is winding roads in a fantastic setting and that was in abundance today - it was a mix between the flair of south tyrol with all the apple plan pockets and the sheer power of nature in norway in the form of waterfalls. Just a dream!!!

And by the way we enjoyed the road´s and the tarmac was giving us such a good feeling - just unbelievebel!!!!

I think we all love Norway 

Sadly but true after the last coffee stop, it was time to put on rain gear because the rain front that had been expected since the start had now reached us. Well, the bit of rain on the last kilometers of our longest day so far wasn't a problem for us either. Yes and now? now we will spend 2 days here in Bergen before our journey continues.


What a brilliant day - even if we leave the motorbikes at home tomorrow because we are going to explore Bergen, I am already looking forward to the next day of riding, because it is a really great group and I´m looking forwrd to the next riding day 

let´s put it this way - less Bla Bla - is more fun on the road  



so now it's time to search for pictures - which  one will make it into the blog

- see you again tomorrow here - with new impressions of our tour -




The Boss is ready so we should start the ride
3 Angel for Axel - getting ready to get back on the bikes
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Filesize: 44 MB
Mother Nature takes our breath away
Along the way our view - how we see Norway from now on
The answer - I think for everybody here on tour - as the land of waterfalls and tunnel wich lead you from one breathtaking place to another
Hardanger bridge
There is always some to see on the road to the left and right

that's actually what makes our trips so special Strangers who have the same hobby - drive fantastic roads together and become friends when i look at the faces of our group I would say we are a brilliant mix


Good night everybody from Bergen ( Time where the picture has been taken 11 pm )

Day 6 - Rest day Bergen

Entering Bergen’s old part of the town

After having a long riding day yesterday and a nice dinner, everybody was pretty tired. So all had a nice sleep in this morning and a good breakfast. After that most of the group joined a relaxed walk around the city center. The weather was also cooperating so all together a super noce rest day in Bergen

Some massage for the ladies - keeps them away from the shops
As we said - we get in touch with the Locals
That’s a secret message for one in our tour
Starbucks time
The famous Bryggen in Bergen
3 ladies wich are almost on the way to have a look what the may need from the shops

Day 7 - riding day Bergen to Fjaeland

Are you ready for day 7 ?


That was our day - a mixture of tunnels ( long tunnels and very long tunnels), waterfalls and beautiful roads, all along numerous lakes and fjords. It was just indescribably beautiful and the best thing about it - petrus loves us!!! No rain and fantastic roads that made our hearts beat faster. Sometimes it's really hard to find the right words because even we as tour guides have to deal with such days first, because even if we've driven here before, it's an impressive landscape every time!!!! I can promis even if the days go by so quickly at the moment, because of the numerous impressions! - None of us will forget this tour for sure!!! 

In short: it is and remains a pleasure to drive here in Norway. 

And should I tell you something!? For the next few days it will continue like this.


 Now we have earned a shower after this ride and then we will meet for a fantastic menu where the owner of the hotel will welcomes us with a few stories about the regions to set the mood.

So another dreamlike day comes to an end and well if you like to see more – then come back tomorrow to this blog of the Viking experience 

The boss snd me on the Tvindefossen waterfall- one of the highlights today
Even the tunnels up here are impressive
The place to be for tonight FJAERLAND
Location is checked by Jörg - and thumbs up - it is a nice hotel - typical Norway in anyway
Aperitif in a breathtaking surrounding
Dinner Time For our Viking Group
Catching up on the porch is a good place to reflect this day of riding

Day 8 - riding day Fjaeland to Gairanger

The 4 Angels of the Viking Experience at Dalsnibba

From Fjærland to Geiranger


A picture book day for motorcyclists - it started with a fantastic breakfast where no wish was left unfulfilled - then it was off to the motorbikes as usual. But this time only briefly, because the Norsk BreMuseum was the first highlight on our to-do list today - and it was really worth it!!! what and why, well, you have to come on tour to find out! Well, after that there was a small photo stop to have a memory of the glacier that presented itself mightily high above the road. Well, we tunnel fans have first covered a few kilometers underground. As is well known, there is light at the end of every tunnel and in this case one that no one will forget!!!

I just say Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark - the place to be - sun on our face and the coolness of the shadow on top a dreamlike road that enchanted us and numerous fjords. And every time you thought it couldn't get any better then you came out of a curve and the landscape was to fall in love with again. If someone asks me which part of the day was the best, then unfortunately I can only say: from kilometer 1 to 245.


Finally, there was a bonus - Dalsnibba the highest viewpoint in europe over a fjord and Ørnesvingen Viewpoint.


What can I say, a day to fall in love with! I would want to drive it again straight away with the entire team that was there today.


Now it's time to see if one or two good pictures can underline my lines.


See you tomorrow - our last day of driving


A good Start in the day means you need good breakfast and so we did in Fjaeland
First stop at the Norsk BreMuseum - not only nice from the outside
The meeting of 2 legends - both are very quick if they have to
In the museum we get I touch with the history of the ice of Norway
Mike and John what a team
This is just the start of our day
Sometimes you are lucky if you got a construction work going on and you got to wait in this surrounding
My BMW S 1000 XR and tour guide bike - it deserves to be on the blog because it did a fabulous job
Next stop - Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalparksenter
Are you ready for the - Dalsnibba -
Yes we are - cameras are ready and Todd and Axel to -let´s make some great shots from up here
We got tunnel we got sun we got rain we got very nice roads on this trip and to make it Komplet now we got as well snow - we did it all and it is just great up here in Norway
Jörg known as the Maschine- he rides and rides and rides
Even if it's my last day of riding with the group - im in a good mood and actually I would like to keep on riding with all of you
Our wild bunch of riders high above Gairanger
I can not speak Spanish but two real patrons for me
What a view
Love is in the air
Paparazzi number 3
You like to know on wich roads we riding - this is our answer
Almost at Gairanger
Ørnesvingen - I would say - this view is just great
Water is here in Norway everywhere - even in front of our hotel
We deserve some drinks after a good day of riding

Day 9 - last riding day Geiranger - Alesund

How awesome it is to wake up with the sound of a running waterfall and a stunning view on the Geirangefjord and the mountains feom your own hotelroom? That must be a great beginning of the last riding day. Today we aill visit the famous Trollstigen with its beautiful switchbacks and the Trollveggen a vertical rock face where the base jumping was first done. 

And then, under a clear blue sky, we rode the last leg of this beautiful tour to the end point in Alesund. And with a very nice farewell dinner we said goodbye to each other

We hope to see  you all again at another Edelweiss tour. 
All the best,

Ted and Axel

See you all again and all the best!!
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Laura Resendez
Friday, July 1, 2022 at 14:27

Thank you for everything Axel and Ted, what a great trip! We really enjoyed every ride, break, hotel and activity!
Myriam Gómez
Friday, July 1, 2022 at 13:26

Wonderful adventure! Axel and Ted, thanks for giving so much for this experience, you did a wonderful work. A trip to remember for ever!. See you next time!
Carla Loney-Tindall
Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 00:14

Axel and Ted this blog is fantastic. Thanks so much for diarizing each amazing day.
Michaela Achatzi
Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 00:29

Hi Ted and Axel

Have fun
Best wish Michaela
Axel Schneider
Friday, June 24, 2022 at 00:04

Danke dir und du auch
Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 23:24

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