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Pure Alps Tour August

Friday, September 9, 2022 | Helmut Wonisch / Julia Marie Joy Hamm | Europe


Welcome to our tour

From Seefeld over the Stelvio to Pontresina

Everybody's getting ready to rock ´n roll!
only 7 motorcycles... who's missing on the picture?
There he is. Our Urs from Switzerland!
Gacher Blick: Michael, Urs and Sam are free from giddiness
The pittoreque sunken church in the resia lake
Michael and Jamie had a hard day. Now they enjoy Brunos Sausages on top of the passo Stelvio.
Just WOW!
Meanwhile... Julia has two wheels too much for her taste. But this way it's easier to transport everybody's luggage. And in the end the view is still amazing!
Beauty of nature...
Pontresina: turn right!
After a great day we enjoy a delicious dinner at the Hotel in Pontresina!

Pontresina - Brunnen

The route of the day! Switaly. Switzerland with a touch of Italy.
Let´s do this!
Our first stop at Malojapass.
Passo dello Spluga, here we come!
Three, two, one... gone.
Have you ever had a nutcake from Switzerland? Sooooo good!
Especially with a thick Italien hot Chocolate! At Passo dello Spluga we get it all!
At Passo di San Bernardino we put on our rain gear.
A little fluid sunshine coming up...
Pizzatime and a lot of happy faces
The most beautiful ride...
In the afternoon our dearest Urs from Switzerland tells us the story about Wilhelm Tell in Altdorf! Thank you so much!
This is our fantastic group. Urs, is from Swizerland, Robert from Canada and Elfie, Dave, Sam, Jamie and Michael are from USA. Not to forget, our Tourguides, Helmut from Austria and Julia from Germany.
Trying hard to explain the "Teufelsrad" at Munich´s famous Oktoberfest.
I hope the little bread crumb was not getting sick on the spinning plate...

Brunnen - Zermatt

What are we up to today, Helmut?
We took the ferry to cross lake Luzern
Meanwhile... Could there be any better place to prepare tomorrows trip?
Julia prepaired a wounderful picknik.... it was not only chocolate....yummi
When sport students prepare picnics, there's most likely a lot of salat included
Picnic with a view!
Doesent it look like a heart?... Fantastic
This is the mother of all mountains: THE MATTERHORN

Zermatt - Lugano

Mike, Jamie, Sam, Al and Julia took took the gornergrat train early in the morning.
Mike was most excited to get closer to the Matterhorn. He's been talking about it all day long
Seems like there's something to see out there...
Alright, I understand.
When you have great weather like we have today, you can see the reflection of the Matterhorn in the Riffellake. Beautiful!
Hi Al!
No words needed...
It's Mike's dream to climb the matterhorn one day! Today he did some practice.
A little bird told me Julia wants to join him for this adventure.
If Julia is missing... check the next chocolate store

Lugano - Madonna die Campiglio

It's worth to wake up early and have a run/walk at the lake just when the sun comes up. Beautiful!
Yesss we had fun.
Passo Vivione. One of the smallest streets in the world. It looks more like a oavement than a regular srreet.

Madonna Di Campiglio - Bolzano

Hi Al!
Team class clown getting ready for the ride!
Team Potter is looking forward to all the upcoming switchbacks, too.
And Mike is studying the route of the day! What are you looking forward most to? The Monastery! San Romedio. Yes. That impressive building is worth a visit!
But first we visit the castel in Stenico. These old walls are to mythical and cool!
Then we get to enjoy the view over Lago di Molveno.
We made it up to the very top of the monastery! 131 steps. Can you see who's hiding in the shade behind Julia?
There's something fascinating about rain.
It brings people closer together Great! Perfect time for a group picture!

Bolzano Restday

after a wounderful ride through the Dolomites, we need a rest...
... or a short nap.
While Helmut is going for a stunning riding loop around the Dolomites with Robert, Sam, Albert ad Urs we decide to have the most amazing view over the Adige from the sky. Mike, Jamie and Julia go paragliding with Fly42 close to Meran. Awesome!
How was the flight?
Strolling through the market of Bolzano. What a sea of color!
When you are in Bolzano you should not miss to visit the iceman! The museum is awesome and the story behind "Ötzi" just unbelievable.
The pizza in the center of Bolzano was excellent and we had a great evening with lots of storys to tell.

Bolzano - Seefeld

Julia draw a beautiful picture again...
..... and the last ridingday startet.
b e a u t i f u l
if you are happy and you know it...
Robert seems to enjoy the day as well!
A big colorful mixture of motorcycles and characters!
Little break at Passo del Rombo!
Today we get to see plenty of animals...
Hi ladies! Enjoy the walk!
Al, Dave and 78 horsepower
The last stop of our Ultimate Alps Tour 2022.
Last, but not least. A delicious cup full of happiness... hot chocolate ad a fantastic view!
After we visited the Edelweiss Garage in Mieming we enjoy our last dinner.
So may great memories we get to carry back home! What a week!
Julia and Helmut make sure everybody takes a little something back home
It was an unforgettable tour!
Thanks to everyone who made this week so special!
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Felix G. Huber
Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 10:13

Welcome to the Joy&Heli-Show! Have fun and "Rubber Down"!!!! Super pics by the way ... CU Felix
Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 22:59

Matterhorn, how impressing . Maybe the next aim for my wife and me.
Julia Marie Joy Hamm
Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 01:09

Hi Martin!
The Matterhorn is definitely worth a visit!
We went up with the Gornergrat rack railway to get the most beautiful view at the Matterhorn!
Sunday, August 28, 2022 at 12:01

Isn't it hard to keep the speed limit?
Helmut Wonisch
Monday, August 29, 2022 at 09:17

Hi Martin
It is easier than you might think... there are so many curves and there is no need to be to fast for dynamic riding.
Sunday, August 28, 2022 at 11:58

Swizerland, how beautiful
Gregor Schütz
Saturday, August 27, 2022 at 17:52

Hey Modultour-Kollegen, coole Tour und coole Fotos
Helmut Wonisch
Monday, August 29, 2022 at 09:18

Hey Buddy.

Das ist eine wunderbare Tour. Danke Dir!

lg und immer schön sitzen bleiben


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