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BOE220A - Best of Europe

Thursday, September 15, 2022 | Mike Woltering | Europe

What a bunch of great people to be on tour with!

Welcome to Erding and the guided city tour of Munich

Welcome to Erding!
The old looking but "newly" build townhall of Munich.
Up, up, up, up.
Worth going up, up, up for this beautiful view over the Marienplatz.
Little welcome briefing to start the tour with.

Day 1: Erding to Rothenburg

Beautiful first day of riding.
Serena and Steve at the Limes.
Some original Bavarian Obadzda for lunch.
There are so many picturesque little old towns on this day. Just awesome.
And there´s always time for some ice cream. Happy Nancy and Jason.
The highly recommended tour of the nightwatchmen in Rothenburg.

Day 2: Rothenburg to Heidelberg

Off we go again...
.. to explore some new places.
The Ettal monastery with Paul and Steve.
If anyone is still looking for his prince, here you got the chance.
Great picnic prepared by Ana.
Stunning view over the river Neckar which will later lead is right into Heidelberg.
Howe about a cable car ride down from our hotel to the castle of Heidelberg?
Speaking of which...
Good night Heidelberg.

Day 3: Heidelberg - Ribeauvillé

Uh, isn´t this an amazing view to wake up to and start another day on the bike?
Princess Jen is enjoying that view either!
Serena is so "blessed" to be on tour with her father
Thanks to Jason no one could take the right of way sign serious anymore
Time for a coffee stop.
We had a little company a lunch.
Welcome to France everyone.
Rapunzel, rapunzel...

Day 4: Rest day in Ribeauvillé

Entering the Haut Koenigsbourg.
What an amazing castle.
We also visited a memorial of WW1 where French and German troops fought like 2 meters apart from each other in those trenches.

Day 5: Ribeauvillé to Schaffhausen

Let's go you guys. Nancy is ready.
Serena was sooooooo happy when Nancy lend her her heated jacked for that cold day up on the Kandel mountain.
Time for some cuckoo clocks and black forest cherry cake.
Some cake in the making.
You´re never to old for some things.
Another great picnic.
The Rhine Falls are like the European version of the Niagara Falls.

Day 6: Schaffhausen to Warth

Hello there...
Coffee stop at the Indian and Victory dealer with his private collection in the basement.
Potential new bike incoming here Steve?
Swiss traffic jam.
Jen and Steve enjoying the cloudy view to Säntis mountain.
Some fun riding towards our next hotel.
Did someone go shopping at the coffee stop?

Day 7: Warth to Erding

Little rain here at Plansee but still beautiful.
The backyard of King Ludwig II. hunting hut.
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