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RTS2301 Sicily to Rome

Thursday, May 4, 2023 | Thomas Fellechner / Julia Marie Joy Hamm | Europe / Italy

Welcome to Italy


Welcome to Italy, perhaps the really "real" Italy as some say. We have a great trip ahead of us. We will visit great places and dive deeper into the history of Sicily and mainland Italy. We will experience countless curves in the backland of different provinces. In the end we will be able to admire the "eternal city".

stay tuned.

Jule and Thomas

Day 1: arrival day

Jule is making sure that the bikes are in perfekt shape
Jule gives us important information on our welcome briefing
sleep well guys, tomorrow we will start

Riding Day 1: Catania to Agrigento

romans,greeks and turns


Today is our first riding day, we are already a little excited. So we start in the best Sicilian weather. On the fastest way we escape the traffic in Catania. This means first of all a few km of highway. What is not so bad, so we have the opportunity to let the first impressions of the landscape on us. And can have a  first lock to the snow-covered Etna to our right. After a few kilometers we leave the highway and find ourselves on small roads with hardly any traffic in the backlands. In the middle of nowhere, the small town of Radusa is waiting for us. There we drink our first official cappucino of the tour. Typical Italy, after a short time a policeman comes to us, not to give a ticket but to admire our bikes. And to show us pictures of his "sweetheart".

Some curves later we reach the highlight of the day, the Villa Romana del Casale. World famous for its mosaics. After a more than one-hour tour of this special place, we strengthen ourselves, typical Italian with Caprese and antipasti.
In the afternoon, in addition to beautiful roads, we also experience the adventure of refueling in Italy

We still have some time left and drive directly to the Valley of the Temples to round off our impression of the diversity of this region. And this is only the beginning.

Jule and Thomas


human Flipchart Thomas
the Snow covered Etna in the backround....we will come back soon
ready for the first Cappuccino?
typical Sicilian village
one exampel of a Mosaik in the Villa de Casale
and again...who invented the bikini?
turns, corners, curves
how much people you need to fill up in Italy
to much
valley of Tempels
no words
have a good night

Riding day 2: Agrigento to Cefalu

50 shades of green

After a lovely and rich breakfast in our beautiful hotel (should I eat the pistacchio- or almondcream stuffed fresh croissant?)  we are ready for the ride! Today the most lovely small and curvy roads await us! And also very important for a successful day of riding: little to no other vehicles on the roads. Perfect!

The little sizilian village Cianciana invites us for a coffee break on a lovely balcony before we continue our journey to Prizzi. The landscape surrounding us is breathtaking. Wheras some of us expacted Sicily to be rather dry and golden brown, the nature end of march surprises us with plenty of colors! No idea how many shades of green exsit, but you can find plenty of them here. As well as flowers and blooming trees. Purple, red, blue and pink. And when you open your helmet for just a moment you get to sniff the fresh air. 

Of course we have to stop at the famous street sign of CORLEONE to take some good pictures! This and many other villages got ruled by the Mafia... got or still get? Who knows. Have you seen the movie "The good father"? You should!

For lunch Thomas surprises us with a delishious Picnik. And we by far ain´t the only one in th forest park. As today is a national holiday in Italy, Anniversario della liberazione d´Italia, we are sourrounded by plenty of families enjoing their day day together. It smells like BBQ, music and laughter fills the air. What a very special athmosphere! 

Last but not least we enjoy some gelato, cannoli and espresso in Caccamo. Refuling takes less than 20 minutes today with 10 bikes and just one working nozzle... that´s a record!


What a beautiful morning!
Getting photobombed by a black SUV at our first coffee break in Cianciana.
Posing ain't no problem for Lenny! He's been on magazine Covers before. I'm not joking.
Yes, a ride up to Prizzi is definitely worth it!
Photo stop at CORLEONE.
What a special atmosphere we get to experience! The forest is full of happy families, barbecues, kids playing around and there is music in the air.
Thank you so much for the delicious picnic Thomas!
These yummy fruit we got from the family on the neighbor table, after they took plenty of pictures with our bikes.
Life is tough, don't you agree, Ralf?
Great company, a good joke and the beautiful view. What else would you need?
... un caffé per favore!
What Justin is looking at?
Italian Car Parking Style.
Front-bum.... Back-bum... Front-bum...

Riding day 3: Cefalu to Taormina

Turns, storys, turns,...


A new day in paradise awaits us..... well let's see. It can't get any better than this, can it? Curvy it should be today, we were told. That's what it was the last few days. And some Interesting places we have already seen too.

We leave so in the morning Cefalu and ride a few km along the coast. What a start into the day. After a short time we turn away from the coast into the mountain regions of Madonie and Nebrodi. Our first stop is a small town called Castelbuono. It is incredible how small and narrow roads can be. Here there are donkeys instead of big trucks to pick up the garbage. We admire the namesake castle and strengthen ourselves with a coffee. After that, the party really gets started. We drive up to the national parks. Countless curves and good road conditions, prepare us a varied and special riding experiance.
We finally reach Sperlinga. Where we can admire a fortress from the Norman period, built into a rock. The climb is strenuous but the view is breathtaking. Further, felt 1000 curves later we come closer and closer to Mount Etna. It goes just as winding down again, towards the coast, as it went up. Our destination today is Taormina a city that is not considered one of the most beautiful of the island for nothing. And yes it is curvy and yes there are amazing things to discover away from the usual tourist places.

Jule and Thomas

Who needs Instagram? If you wanna get followers, get a Tourguide like Thomas!
bye bye Cefalu
Mecklin and one of 6 trash disposal donkeys
The pack infront of castelbouno
the fortress of Sperlinga
view from the fortress of Sperlinga
a small museum in the fortess tells more about agriculture in former times
The Etna from a riders perspektive....look at this landscape
what a riding experiance

Rest day 1: Taormina

Climbing Mount Etna 

What to do on a rest day? Option one: checking out the pool, option two: shopping and sightseeing in beautiful Taormina, option three: a day at the beach... or why don´t we just go motocycling again? Great idea! From the terrace of our hotel we can already see our destination in the distance, lightly covered with snow, steaming slightly. Mount Etna!

After we passed several little villages we get to ride on beautiful curvy roads with great grip! A quick coffee stop in the forest, before we hit right into the lava fields. Fascinating!

Surprisingly we ain´t the only one who had the great idea of visiting Mount Etna. We enjoyed the mostly empty fun road when all of a sudden, arriving at the top of the vulcano, a bunch of people appear. However they made it up here, luckily not on our route! Some of us try the famous Arancino for lunch. So delicious!

In the early afternoon we get back to the hotel in Taormina and have enough time to visit the lovely place packed with plenty cool shops where you can find unique suveniers or a new pair of shoes, right, Justin?

We end our day gathered around a long table in the Pizzaria, sharing the best stories of the day and many laughters. Hard to believe that four days ago we were still strangers. One of plenty things we have in common: The love of ice cream! A midnight gelato is the perfect end to a successful day!

Jule and Thomas 

The most beautiful weather awaits us on our restday in Taormina!
Pool or volcano? Chill or ride? That's the question...
The answer is rather clear!
Such a pity the bikes had to stay downstairs.
Lunch break at Mount Etna. Have you ever tried Arancino? It's one of plenty Sicilian specialities.
Blue sky and empty roads...
After a beautiful ride we still have enough time to explore the history of Taormina.

Riding Day 4: Taormina to Tropea


 Farewell, adventure, sea view


So today it is, the day of farewell.
but wait a minute, the tour is not yet at all to end..... righ,t today we just say goodbye to Sicily and start the 2nd section of our tour. The mainland is waiting for us. But before we check in on the ferry, Sicily shows itself once again from its best side. No less than one of the best motorcycle routes of the island it should be today.

So we start as usual with the descent in the direction of the coast to turn shortly thereafter in the mountainous backcountry. It almost seemed as if the access to the motorcycle paradise was blocked. As typical Italian, some locals cleared a sign aside and assured us "that's okay" we decided without further ado to try our luck and were not disappointed. There was an almost perfect endless combination of curves, hairpins and views waiting for us ... Dreamlike. The first coffee of the day we have really earned

Countless curves, some highway and a very Italian traffic jam situation later we reach the ferry which brings us to the mainland.

Once there, we enjoy a "gelato" on the beach in Scilla, and tackle the last km of the day.  Again and again we are rewarded with great views of the coast. A little later than usual we reach the hotel.

This day was a small adventure and will remain in our memory for a long time.

Jule and Thomas  

this is what we almost did the whole morning
behind every curve you could stop to take a photo
perfect conditions to ride
Rick and Susi enjoy your coffee
"the bear" lets the impressions sink in
"italien style" Burger
not the worst place for a nap, right Mecklin?
a ferryride has somehow allways something special
mainland we are come
Christine and Roland
Salah what are you thinking of?
Pierre and the rest of the pack enjoy their first "gelato @ the mainland"

Riding Day 5: Tropea to Maratea


Coastal roads and the city of art


After our breakfast we climb up the italian boot northway. Today no navigation system is needed. As long as the sea is to your feft hand side you are on the right way!

We pass by many small viallages, enjoying the beautiful wide view and the fresh salty sea air. At noon we arrive in the unique place called DIAMANTE. Ever since 1980th artists from all over the world travel ro this little village and perpetuate themselves in the streets. The result: A huge public open-air art museum! "Where do I find the art?", someone asked when we arrived in Diamante. Just open your eyes and walk through the streets. It´s everywhere! You will be impressed!

Before we continue our journey we enjoy a wonderful lunch, right at the beach. 

In the afternoon we visit the statue of redeemer of Maratea. The statue can be seen from far ahead and finally arrived at the statue we can also enjoy the most beautiful view from up the hill!
We had to take the bus for the last kilometer. And let me tell you this: Neither the bus, nor the driver looked very trustworthy. But we made it up and back safely!

"Where is the art?" someone asked... just open your eyes. It's everywhere to be found in beautiful DIAMANTE!
When you are riding a motorcycle, are your thoughts going wild or do you just think of nothing at all?
Great food, with a great group, a beautiful view... what else would you need?
Christine and Roland are always ready, when the rest of the group only arrives. So is it true Germans are always on time?
In the afternoon we change the vehicle, to get up to the Cristo Redentore!
It seems like Ralf did not understand, you must not ride up with the motorcycle... or just not accepted it.
Seems like those smiling folks ain't afraid of heights, because....
... neither the vehicle nor the street itself are very trustworthy.
If the person who designed this shirt has been to Maratea before?

Riding Day 6: Maratea to Pompeii

and again, curves, stories, curves


The day begins as the previous one ended with a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea and the steep coast of Maratea. Contrary to all forecast`s it is dry this morning.... and we are confident that the weather will hold. After we have ridden along the coast for the last day and a half, today we will head back into the mountains.

After a short briefing we start. First along the coast, the road is perfectly developed and awaits us with beautiful views and tight curves. After a few kilometers we turn off into the mountains. Unlike on the coast, there is hardly any traffic up here. Countless curves later we stop in a small town for a coffee. No idea where we are but it is very Italian up here. The way down towards the coast is similarly spectacular as the way up. Once again, the Italian roads show their best side.

Back on the coast, the highlight of the day awaits us. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Paestum. We enjoy our lunch within sight of 2500 year old Greek temples. Yes, you read correctly "Greek temple". And yes we are still in Italy.
After we had enough time to discover this special place we ride the last kilometers to Pompeii. We notice that even the highways in Italy are curvier than some roads in the USA. 

how italien a picture can be?
Is that your morning Yoga routine, Thomas?
the costal road in the morning
what a start into the day
our first stop of the day. A little village in the middle of nowhere
greek temples @ Paestum
Paestum ist a wide open and large area. Unbelievable what was possible 2500 years ago
the "bear" is taking a picture of the photographer
Rick and Mike.... hmmmm that's interesting

Rest day 2: Pompeji

A 2000 years old "beware of dangerous dog"-sign for illiterates.
No matter the weather, we are having a great time with our guide Antonella!
The grey cloud does not hold back the intense red poppy to enchant the landscape.
Interesting statues to be found in Pompeji. Out of some reason I think this one is not 2000 years old...
Impressions from napels
Castel Nuovo
Galleria Umberto I
Piazza del Plebiscito
Thanks Ralf, for the wine

Riding day 7: Pompeji to Rome

Happy wet dogs


We tried hard to convince the weather forecast to change it´s mind, but it´s stuck with it: Rain all day! During our daily briefing in the morning we can already hear the raindropps pattering on the roof. The decicion is clear: We rather skip the mountains and chose the direct way to our hotel in Rome. Greetings to some motocycle companies out there: If you advertise  your cloth to be waterproof, please make sure they are! Some of us end up feeling like wet dogs. Yet we are happy wet dogs. It is only liquid sunshine! And the SPA and the bar get closer and closer!



Where do I turn on the windshield wiper again?
Who cares? It's just fluid sunshine!
At least we have cookies!
Because sharing is caring!
Talking about whose rain gear is really waterproof.
How many people can we fit in an elevator?
At the dinner table we shared our best moments with the group! These smiles perfectly sum up our adventures!
Harder than any challenging switchback... saying goodbye after 10 magical days!
We were the greatest team!
Thank you all for the beautiful days, full of motorcycling, curvy roads, funny jokes, exciting stories and so important: being there for each other at any time! You were a unique group!
Julia and Thomas!

Guided City Tour speciale;-)


the scooter gang


After we said goodbye to our new friends last night with a heavy heart. For one man, there is still a small adventure on the program. Salah and Thomas set off to discover Rome.... And there is a lot to see. Salah has visited Rome before so we were looking for pictures to refresh his memory. And since we are now times discoverers, we have thus swung another time on 2 wheels and explored the city. After we had refreshed our memories we let the day end with a small shopping tour. 

the scootergang, in the backround the colosseum
the vatikan, a shame that we could`t get closer
castello di angelo
Piazza Na-vona a long time ago this was a arena
Salah infront of the Pantheon
inside the Pantheon
trevi fountain
Salah shows of with his riding skills again
The typewrighter
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Rick Murray
Wednesday, May 3, 2023 at 09:45

Thomas and Jule,

Susie, Mike and I are driving back to Lake Como after leaving Rome early this morning. To break up the monotony of the drive, I read the blog of our adventures to my traveling companions. It brought back a lot of great memories so two thumbs up for all the after hours work y’all put into the blog! Safe travels to all and hopefully we can meet someday again on a curvy road under a blue sky!
Julia Marie Joy Hamm
Thursday, May 4, 2023 at 11:28

Hi Rick!
We had such a good time with all of you! Writing down those great moments and memories was more fun than hard work. Feel free to share the blog with all your friends and family!
We are looking forward to seeing you again on one of our other tours!
Make sure to tell your wife about our E-bike tours! I am sure she'd love them!


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