Get your motorcycle ready for the 2016 riding season
1. aprile 2016
Spring is here

Get your motorcycle ready for the 2016 riding season

If you live in a warm place and are able to ride your bike year-round you don’t need to read this. But if a cold winter interrupts your season year after year you probably know what the best day of the year feels like: the day of awakening, when your bike finally quits hibernating and you take it out into the sunlight. It feels incredibly good!

Based on our tour guides’ vast experience, our guide Tom Ritt has put together a list of important to-dos before you head out on the road. Once you have ticked off the to-do items, enjoy your first ride of the season. Take care and ride safe.

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Pyrenees Tour

Tour of the Pyrenees


JUNE 26 - JULY 3, 2016
SEP 16 - SEP 23, 2016
SEP 25 - OCT 2, 2016
8 days vacation, 6 riding days starting from $3,900
Total distance: 605-884 miles

Tour Highlights
Abbey Santa Maria de
La Seu d’Urgell
Andorra la Vella
Gorges de Galamus

Alpen und Seen

Alps and Lakes


JUNE 5 - JUNE 11, 2016
SEP 12 - SEP 18, 2016
OCT 10 - OCT 16, 2016
7 days vacation, 5 riding days starting from $3,090
Total distance: 450-750 miles

Tour Highlights
Castle Herrenchiemsee
Lake District
Eagle's Nest
Hoher Dachstein

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