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Anthony Fairweather


Tours I will be leading: Best of Europe tours

Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: I love discovering new places and passing that joy on to other people is one of the things I do best!

Favorite destination: Switzerland and the French Alps - tiny twisty roads with nobody there save a few goats and amazing food ...

What I like: Early mornings in the mountains, empty roads and the growl of a Ducati!

What I dislike: Bitter almonds - I detest them!

Hobbies: Travelling, skiing, rock climbing, 20th century history and cooking

My favorite bike: My Ducati Monster S4R. Not the best touring bike out there but a huge amount of fun!

His name sounds very British indeed, but Anthony was actually born in Austria, in Salzburg to be precise, back in 1981. After his birth he immediately started travelling. Due to his father‘s job he was frequently taken out of school to go spend a month or two in some far away country, a theme which has carried through to his adult life. His professional career includes working as a translator for a chemical clean-up project in the Czech Republic and hotel concierge in San Diego, California. Recently he returned to Austria where he splits his time between ski instructing, working as a paramedic and riding his bike. Anthony started his new career with Edelweiss in 2013.

Tony Fairweather

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